Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Series -Election Settlement


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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Iya Ibeji Series -Election Settlement

Hmmmm,Iya ibeji should be renamed Iya

She says

''This election brought memories of what happened to my friend over 8 years ago....My friend is married to a man that likes politics, and makes lot of noise politically, if you know what I mean.

So one politically active year, one of these barely known political party nominated him as their Gubernatorial candidate. This guy made so much noise, he would write articles on social media and local newspapers condemning the sitting governor who was also contesting.

The governor was advised to get the noise marker to his side. So my friend's husband was called for a meeting and he was told he would be given millions in 2 figures to step down and support the governor. As a matter of fact he was also promised an appointment in the governor's cabinet.

My friend was over the moon, she started making plans on how to spend her share. Before the D day when the cash would be handed over to him, you know politicians don't deal with cheques but cash. His party people advised him to negotiate further with the governor, that how could he have accepted the offer without their consent. The asked for millions in 3 figures.

Na so my friend husband looked at the governor in the eye and told him he want --- millions, the governor was so upset that he almost threw him out.. I was told that the governor was so angry that he almost attacked him physically.

The governor said he wasn't a force at all and that he had never liked him, that he only offered him the money based on party's recommendation. He said now the man won't see a dime and he guaranteed him he would win him in his local government.

That was how my friend's husband lost out, but he refused to go down without a fight. He sent people to beg the governor but it was too late. The governor's mind was already made up. My friend almost passed out. I can't begin to describe how she felt and what she did to her husband.

He lost the election and his party died that year.... he is out of politics now and has stopped making noise. I felt for him that year
, just one mistake and he blew it....

*You call it a mistake?I dont see it as such,thats how Politics is in Nigeria.All the parties that formed coalition to support another,what do you think happened?
And besides no true politicians ever gives up,if the party is doing,you port to another ........


  1. They pushed him to ask for more but he lost all instead. #greed

  2. lol i can only imagine the disappointment.

  3. Lol, Stella said ..."port to another".

    My take, don't count your chickens before they hatch. Life is full of opportunities; learn to apply wisdom in your ways.

    Another chance will come for him by His grace.

  4. Money was flowing right,left and centre in my state.I wish I applied as collation officer oo,my colleagues did and got 500k cash each!!! Some profs got 2mil.Politicians eeh know how to spend tax payers money sha.Its well

    1. My dear my friend got 300k as s collation officer. Then he said he also sold ballot papers. The way money was flying this election ehn.

  5. Lol... He had to send people to beg the governor that he wanted to do shakara for

  6. Even if he did not go back for more negotiations, that governor wouldn't have given him shishi
    And he would not have done anything.
    Dirty, filthy politricks.

  7. When à lizard assumes it's a crocodile.


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