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Monday, March 11, 2019

Monday -IHN

May the Blessings that come with Monday arrest you whilst on the hustle...Amen!

Enjoy the rest of the day and stop


Hello Stella, I'm bv Chidinma ...... Here wishing to gracefully grace the face of ihn today. Loving me and all about me

Good to love yourself Chidi,Nma,Chi;Dinma,Idi...your name abbreviation is



I Am thankful for Life
I turned ** years. Don’t mention it. Lol. Kisses.

Happy **th Birthday...LOL


When You Try To Fix What's Not Broken

Sometimes, what we call or see as punishment from God is actually His vote of confidence in us, playing out.

No earthly father who's worked hard to build a legacy, would give the most challenging assignment to his weakest child - no matter how much he loves the child. He knows it will destroy both the child, and the legacy.

No commandant sends a soldier into battle at their most vulnerable point. S/he will look like a fool. Because lives will be lost and a war will be lost - unnecessarily.

If you're assigned somewhere by God, it's because He trusts and has prepared you to handle it and everything that comes with it - including the rigours of the role.

Human beings are the ones that assume that promotion is synonymous with a plush office, penthouse suite, and a fancy car. Sometimes, the role into which we are elevated might come with perks. But there are times when we get sent on assignment to what looks like the worst places on earth, and we think a mistake has been made so we try to change it - many NYSC candidates who say they're bornagain Christians are sitting on this table. We want the banks, multinational firms and oil companies in the big towns only, because that's our estimation of being blessed. Since we can't see the future, we fail to understand how much of it we jeopardise by trying to fix what isn't broken. God will not willingly send you into something you're not prepared for.

 So if He knew there's a position in your future that will require you to have certain skills, which He has actually arranged for you to acquire during your NYSC programme in a particular location, only for you to go and tamper with it - He will find another way to ensure you acquire those skills. One of the ways this might happen is that you will go round in circles after NYSC, doing jobs and suffering unnecessary suffer that you weren't even supposed to - but will give you the skills you need in a future role that you're not yet aware of. Some people would have gotten married sooner than they did - if only they trusted God and went where they were sent. Their spouse or a connect to their spouse was waiting in NYSC camp, but they had to be as smart as children of the world and work their posting to somewhere else. When you finish, you'll have no choice but to go around in circles. 

The thing with God is that if you need to repeat a class or re-enroll on a programme, He will make sure you do it. Moses had anger issues; the first time we saw it was when he killed someone in Egypt. He went on exile for 40 years - meaning the children of Israel were in bondage 30 more years than their appointed time. Only for the anger to be the same reason he wandered around with the Israelites and didn't enter the Promised Land.

What wo/men see you going through and call divine punishment from God (for a so-called secret sin), may just be evidence of your enrolment on God's Probation Programme playing out. He may be training you for a future you know very little or absolutely nothing about. There are some kinda rough play God doesn't play, so that you will not get to the place of your promise and disgrace yourself. While you're going through it and people are mocking you, God may just be saying, "I trust this one to stay the course". If you know what's good for you, you will complete your training in peace. 

There's no Olympics medallist or sportsman/woman who has never grumbled, or felt like their coach or trainer was just sent to torment them. There's no good lawyer or doctor who didn't feel like dropping out, or who didn't ask themselves "Who sent me message?" at some point during their training. But sometimes, we're too distracted by others who don't even know where they're going in life, we're too distracted by what they have to say about our lives or our trajectory. Too distracted to genuinely seek the face of the God - to ask Him, "How far?" When we pray, if we pray, we're more interested in asking Him to solve something He may not even see as a problem. When you're in physical training or start going to the gym, your muscles are supposed to be strained and you're supposed to feel some pain - that's not a problem at all. That's what is supposed to happen. 

If you just got into second year at university, you're not meant to already know everything on the second year syllabus. Even if you studied during the holidays to get a headstart, even if you grab new ideas fast; for the most part, the information should be new to you - else you're in the wrong class.

But when we come up against new situations in life, we panic and are more concerned with asking God to deliver us from something that may not be a problem. So, we whine about how nobody understands us and as we run around like headless chickens looking for solutions, we listen to people judge us over stuff they're ignorant about. You're a final year Medical student listening to a JAMBITE who was given Theatre Arts, judge you. Instead of being thankful that God trusts you, you start wilting like a wallflower. If it weren't so sad, it would be hilarious. Not everyone gets a Job situation (where everything is taken from us due to no fault of our own), but we tend to come close cos seasons and times are a part of life.

The probation and the promotion of God almost never look like what we assume they will. Or should. We sing about how Abraham's blessings are ours - we conveniently forget he waited 25yrs before he saw the physical fulfillment of God's promise. We forget that as soon as God said, "By this time next year", king Abimelech came and carried Sarah - to jeopardise the promise of God. You want Abraham's blessings, but small fibroid that's even operable, that a doctor says they saw - you start wailing, rolling on the ground, and contemplating suicide. You cry, "God, use me to reach people" but you don't want to go through anything. As in, you want to reach human beings but you don't want to go through anything that any human being has gone through or will go through. Joker! So that you can go and be mistaken for a slave or a bastard, then get yourself and others killed on the battlefield for no just cause.

And this is the crux of the matter - it's not about you. The problem with God is that He takes you seriously. When you're caught up in worship music or Bible study, so you start saying things and making promises, He actually takes you seriously. You ever noticed how that it's always when you've got a good word, that sh*t seems to break loose in your life? A child says, "Daddy, I want to be a doctor when I grow up" so many times and so feelingly that their father starts saving for medical school. Enrols them in science classes. No, you can't come back and say you'd like to drop out "cos I don't like 5am starts for residents". Erm, tough! It's not about you, you namby-pamby, selfish, entitled brat. There are people with real problems - they're called patients. It's not about your desire to be called "doctor". Or about the pay. Or your ego.

And that's what we need to understand - yes, God will give you pleasure in the assignment. But the reason behind your training or probation, the reason you're going to be promoted by God is not, has never been, and will never be about you.

Long but worth reading...



Yesterday my new babe came.very beautiful babe.see ass n boobs.i don craze finish. While kissing foreplay.this girl just release one kind loud mess.OMG.instantly preek go down.

I had to form sickness shap shap.i come discharge her immediately.i dont want to do with her feelings again .abi i get problem .I dont know wetin go happen when i marry o.

Hahahahahahahahahahaah please you people be posting funny comments at the appropraite posts nau...This really cracked me...So your spouse to be is not allowed to fart in front of you again=you never see chonchin....this is all part of the for better for worse oh.....Please deal with it...



Good Morning bvs.

This past weekend my brothers wife to be,came to his house.While she was in the sitting room i overheard her say to someone on the phone ''thank God my mother-in-law to be is dead at least I wouldnt have any unnecessary drama''.Her exact words.My dad and my sisters really like her so i do not know where that came from.

It shouldnt be my business cos i'm not the one marrying her but she mentioned my mum and it hurt me.When she was about leaving last night,I told her I heard what she said and she was shocked.She said she was sorry that she did not mean it offensively and I shouldnt tell my brother.

Well she shares the sentiment of a good number of Nigerian women so it's not really a surprise. I haven't decided whether to tell my bro or not but i believe he has to know things like these.I'm off to school jare.Have a nice day guys.

I saw this in the spontaneous post and was really really worried..Why would you want to tell your brother this?like its a big deal?it is not and maybe when you meet someone you want to Marry whose mother is still alive and you experience MIL drama then you would know what she meant..It is even something you should laugh over..If your mum was a nice person,she didnt know that and its left for you to tell her and leave her with memories wishing she had met her about to be late mum in law....

Do not tell your brother and pray that you run into sister in laws that will accommodate your flaws....



My landlady finally destroyed my holy relationship! Stella my gf broke up with me lΓ st weekend due she found out the landlady is 2month preg for me! she came two days to the presidential elections to spend time with me during the period before going at night I do go on my knee's and fire prayers so my phone won't ring at midnight(calls from my landlady's daug..) there was this day my gf met some food flask's in the kitchen and ask" hey J... this things are for who? I replied " ohh the landlady sent some meal down while you are away" with my hanged breath ohhh and she said I must " thank her"

Stella only for my gf to get to my landlady's apartment to do the thanking, the crazy mama said to her that I so love her meal + I also lick.. well plate too. whats that for? shade my gf? this is so annoying. na me go first give woman belle? ever since then my gf has been throwing this attitude she later read some of our chat's too before telling me on that day I over heard some neighbours describing me as young landlord. can this be someone has told them about my matching with the landlady?

 funny enough she mostly call me at night these days that she needs some cuddling by me so the bby can keep calm in her tummy . what's happening this thing na clear eyes? abi them jezzz or wash put for me? I think I need urgent transfer from there state before I run short of sperm from knacking ooo

Hahahahhahahahahhahaha so what did you say to your babe as she broke up with you?Dont you think its time you moved out from that apartment?Please continue to update us oooh...what of the Land ladys daughter?



I sent my security man to the pharmacy last night and told him to call me when he gets there so I can speak to the pharmacist.

He got there called my line and gave a lady his phone.

Me: hello, good evening,

Lady:good evening ma.

Me: pls I have yeast infection and want monisat...

Lady: eh? What? With a loud voice.

Me: pls do you have monisat?

Lady: what is that?

Me: is an anti-fungal cream and tap.

Lady: we don't have that one o!

Lady: but we have others

Me: mmmmm..... I want that one cos I read is very effective.

Lady: no be your private part dey scratch you? We get other good ones na... For your private, they treat scratching fast too.

This lady was saying these in front of my security man o! That point I became upset.

Me: are you a pharmacist?

Lady: noooo.... Let me call him

Cha! since last night to look my security man for eyes na case. I called her boss cos na my friend and asked her to train her staff well on what they call patient confidentiality.

I dont get can you have an infection and be doing home treatment?Go and see a doctor and do tests to know what kin of infection you have,it is probably 'claps'
Even scratching with your hand is bad....Forget gate man and dont make that mistake next time!!!



*A room self contained in marwa lekki.
550,000 naira annual rent.
"A room self contained in lekki phase 1.
Annual rent:450,000 naira.
*3 bedroom flat at orchid hotel road lekki.(new house)
1.8 million annual rent.
*4 bedroom duplex in lekki new house.annual rent:2.5million naira.


*Mini flat in Thomas estate
650,000 and 500,000 respectively.
*mini flat in lavalone hotel ajah
Rent:500,000 naira.
*4 bedroom duplex on Mobil road ilaje ajah rent 1.5 million naira.
*3Bedroom flat on Mobil road upstairs ilaje ajah annual rent:900,000 naira..
*3Bedroom flat in Thomas estate ajah rent:1.2millionnaie annual rent.
*3 bedroom duplex in silverpoint estate rent:
1.3 million naira.

INSTAGRAM: @castlekingshomes
Facebook:castlekings homes
NOTE:pictures of properties are available on request.


Car: camry
Location: lagos island
Price: 1.9m(negotiable)
Spec: american spec
Color: white


Birthday party packs for children..
Are you celebrating your child's birthday party?
We can help you with the gifts to give out to your child's friends.
Each pack will contain; crackers, sweets, waffers, Lollipops, plastic plates and cups, Hand bands, CAPRISONNE,Oat meal, Pencils..
Location; ABUJA
CALL/WHATSAPP 07037210981

Ola congrats on this addition to your business!!!



A makeup studio at the center of GRA, Benin city (a very busy place ) is up for sale at an affordable price due to relocation.

The makeup studio is equipped with chairs, tables, air conditioner, fan, television, mirror, shelf, etc... You don’t have to start buying anything to set it up , as it’s a functional makeup studio.

I can also hook you up with my existing clients if you are a good makeup artist too.

Then if you are new to the makeup industry, I can also put you through , so that you can easily be successful in the field.
If you are interested, call me on 08073600562



I’m in need of a room anyone is willing to sublet on Lagos island or Ikeja/Ogba axis, please it should be very affordable. The person/environment should be neat, I can’t stay in an untidy environment and also the person should be a real Christian with good character, as i’m one too.

Also if you own a space In your shop that you are willing to sublet to a makeup artist on Lagos Island or Ikeja/ Ogba axis, please also contact me. Thanks




I'd like to know from any BV who studied BMLS (medical laboratory science) and has relocated to either canada, UK or Australia recently, what process they went through. My phone number is 07018667375 and email is



Fedris garment is a new clothing store located at Eric Moore Surulere.we are in need of the following workers:

Store Manager

The store Manager is required to be adept at handling Microsoft Excel.
He or she is required to take stock of goods.

Resume by 9am and close by 5pm Monday to Saturday.
Should live close to surulere.
Expected income is 35000 -40000.
Interested Applicants should call 07035160245.



  1. May God come through for everyone facing difficult situations in Jesus name...Amen.

    Rant Post got me 😩.

    1. Happy birthday to the celebrants may God increase and multiply you guys.
      See cheap houses in lekki.

    2. What is going on in Nigeria? What is INEC trying to do with the peoples mandate? The whole state PDP are leading have all been declared inconclusive and suspended.

      In Kano after 43 local government remaining the last local government and PDP is leading with over 16 000 votes and it was declared inconclusive. The same thing happening in Adamawa with just one local government and the PDP is winning with 32,000 votes also declared inconclusive. The same with Sokoto, Imo, Bauchi, Taraba, and Plateau.

      The people of Kano has started celebrating PDP win in the state, chanting Ganduje barawo. Ganduje is almost gone.

      INEC shouldn't repeat the Osun treatment on these states that it is very clear of their winning. The world is watching ooh.

    3. Pls I need IELTS materials. My date is on 23rd this month.. pls help. or 07081570829. Thanks

    4. IHN is here. Happy birthday to the celebrants

  2. Replies
    1. Hehehe. That pharmacy story had me laughing out. Let's hope the security man doesn't have a licking mouth, if not, he'll help you spread the news in the neighbourhood.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Happy birthday Mills..
      Mr Landlady gbensher, why you too dey lie like this???

    2. The gateman story dey very funny

  3. My Ex lost the House of Assembly seat to PDP,  yaaaaaaaaayy!!   See, when you do clownery, the clown comes back to bite.

    1. Congrats Lucile, may you find your ground real quick .
      My little boy is going back to Mummy today and i have already started missing his wahala, how do mothers do this? I have not slept for straight 2hours since they came to be with me. I love kids but they are really stressful

    2. Lol @ perxian. I feel you πŸ˜‚
      Queen Amy, kids are a handful, we dey try oh. Their wahala no be here but they're still the loveliest. ☺

    3. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  4. Dear God, I’m ready for my miracle.

    I’m ready to pass the test. I’m ready for the final result. I’m ready to close the chapter of pain and loss. I’m ready to heal from my past heartbreak. I’m ready to close that door forever. I’m ready to put an end to the stormy days and the lonely nights. I’m ready for you to reveal to me the reasons behind my struggles. I’m ready for the blessings that you’ve kept me waiting for. I’m ready for the blessings that follow every hardship.

    I’m ready to accept your blessings. I now feel like I deserve them. I now have faith in you and your plans. I will be able to cherish the blessings you bring me. I will be able to appreciate the little things and be grateful for them because I know how hard it was to get them. I know how hard it was without them. I’ve learned not to take your blessings for granted.

    I’m ready for your miracle because I think I learned my lessons. I think I’m becoming the person you wanted me to become. I think I’m closer to you more than ever now. I know you’re my healer. I only run to you when I’m confused. I only talk to you when I’m sad. I’m ready for your miracle because I know you heard me and my prayers. I know you want to see me happy and I know you want what’s best for me and I’m ready for it. I’m the best version of myself these days and I am prepared to receive your best gifts.

    I know this is my year. I know this is my time. I know this is the part of my story where everything changes for the better. I know this is the part of my story that takes me to a whole new universe.

    Because you and I both know how hard the journey has been, how hard the past few years have been and how tired I am. We both know that I tried it all, fell down and got back up. We both know that things haven’t been easy or smooth. We both know that I almost gave up on myself and my life and we both know that I’ve used up all my energy and my strength to fight back and rise again. We both know that I only have very little left in me to fight or try again. We both know that anything more than that will be more than I can handle so this is where I leave it all up to you.

    This is where I surrender to your power. This is where I sit back as you fight my battles. This is where I raise my hands and tell you that I’ve done my part and I can’t do this on my own anymore.

    And I think, I believe, this is where you tell me that I’ve seen enough and dealt with enough and passed all your difficult tests so here’s my reward. Here’s my miracle. Here’s the blessings that will take all the pain away. Here’s the magic that happens when you have faith in me and allow me to finish your story. It’s always better than the one you had in mind. I’m full of beautiful surprises and I’m ready to unfold them to you one by one. _Rania Naim

    1. This is exactly my situation right apt! I'm ready Lord! God bless you for this piece, you spoke my thoughts exactly..

    2. Lord I am ready, ready to look back and thank you. I am ready and have learnt its you alone who is the giver or testimonies, hopes and joy.

  5. Chi-luv is that you? ? So your a bv

  6. broom way them call short been long before

    milla you are beautiful
    with the effect


    1. Danny Good afternoon.
      Pls answer me na.

    2. Wow! Danny wrote an epistle today.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  7. God please help me to get pregnant

  8. I need a good cream babes.
    Biko help!!

  9. That guy dey craze of no love her be that

  10. Happy birthday Milla
    To that Bv up there don't say anything to your brother let the issue be.

  11. I am not a sex freak but when I feel like doing it, I don't get satisfied... I prefer fingering to the main act!!!
    He dis flowered me and he's been the one I have been having sex with ever since... and I'm this kinda person that can go for as long as four to seven month without sex and during those period, we just make out.. how do I make him know I don't enjoy sex with him.... I have made him cum severally even without having sex cos I know how to get him but I haven't experienced orgasm for once...we would be getting married in few months.... please help a sister

    1. When you get married, i will advice you on how to reach orgasm.

  12. I want to love my husband and overlook his flaws but it's very difficult

    He lives like a low life Meanwhile, he earns well

    Choose wisely.

    1. You been blind?
      If he listens & loves you, he do what you always complain about.

    2. He has always been like that but you wanted to answer Mrs so bear with him

    3. In what way?

      Try and package him na

      Some people are poor in that

  13. in house news is here, thankful for the gift of life

  14. Olawealth, I love your entrepreneurial spirit. May all your businesses bring you success and where you may fail just take it as a sign to buckle up and do better.

    That guy complaining about fart, sorry o I can fart for Africa. You won’t catch me doing it in public or in front of friends but once I’m with my partner, I don’t have any other work. I’d announce its arrival and laugh my butt off at his display at the smell. Even I can’t stand the smell of my fart but wetin man go do 🀷🏾‍♀️.

    1. My Boo and i do farting competition and i do reserve fat for him

    2. I fart a lot too, especially when I eat Akara..My children are constantly complaining..
      One day I heard them arguing when they perceived a foul smell. My son said he was sure it was my fart, while my daughter said she wasn't

    3. hahahahahahahaha Annie, you got me reeling with laughter!

  15. wey my babe dey mess n i go dey hammer dey go.your love for her is questionable


    • Faith over fear
    • It’s cool to be kind
    • Hard work pays off
    • Count your blessings
    • You must believe to achieve
    • Good vibes create a good life


  17. Lady bug how far now?,

  18. Just finished drinking my Pepsi along with the cocontion rice I bought from a nearby buka... ok.. Nice kids gift pack @olawealth..

  19. ihn us here, bvs what can I use to unblock Fallopian tubes naturally before going for flushing?

    1. Better go to the hospital before you puncture or remove your fallopian tubes by yourself. I don't understand how Nigerian women play some kinds of play with their health and lives. Won't the flushing unblock the tubes? Madam, be guided before you create future prayer point for yourself.

  20. Please I need tips for UK visa

  21. Abeg which year be that motor

  22. I need something very cold to drink. The weather isn't friendly at all. A lady surprised me yesterday I swear. Big girls don't shout or make noise when doing their things. When you are big you are big. You don't form big.

    1. Teejay remember meooooo. I really want to stop begging very soon. God please pick my call. @Blessed Princess

  23. Good afternoon bvs
    I totally agree with Stella regarding the mother inlaw ish. Its up to you and the rest of the family to show her how wonderful your mom was, telling your brother would only aggravate issues. I never met my mother in lawbut from what i have heard about her i really wish i did! i have not heard a single bad word about her from my sister wives that met her! Either ways her first daughter has welcomed me with open arms from day one and i cant wish for a better inlaws.

  24. ihn has landed, this nipost people should do capturing for us, am tired of waiting since last year November

  25. Happy birthday @ Milla
    Age gracefully dear.
    You are beautiful πŸΎπŸ»πŸ’ƒ

    Chidinma,I love your jump suit.

    1. Wait until correct shit or piss catch you for dat jumpsuit, ya eyes go clear

  26. Stressful day @ school today

    Need a proper meal right now tired

    1. Just take a glass of water,you will be fine. @Blessed Princess

  27. Beautiful Drama free afternoon

    Happy relocation to everyone relocating

  28. Stella it's a big deal and I pray the lady wouldn't change negatively towards them in the future ... Like she said her family were nice to her from onset, so what does she want again? Hiann

  29. Good afternoon lovelies

    So I can not fart comfortably in front of boo, that's not a relationship then. We don't form oo, we even count scores. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Monday hustle, may God bless all we lay our hands on.

  30. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
    Thanks stellz...

    Oya ooo.. Make una they born they do birthday ooo..


    1. So Proud of you Ola......


    2. Congratulations Ola our pink lips bobo. God bless your hustle.

    3. Lmao I thought they said we should have kids we can provide for.Ola has changed it😁.Congratulations on the new business.

    4. I sincerely respect your hustle!!!

      You are a young man with a good head on your shoulders and I know you will succeed in all your endeavors. I pray that the Lord will lift you up and cause his face to shine upon you. Kings shall be your nursing fathers and queens your nursing mothers, the wealth of the gentiles shall be transferred to you in Jesus name.

      Go and prosper in all you set your heart to do.

  31. Good afternoon lovelies....
    Congratulations Olawealth, may God continue to prosper our businesses.

    Comment section lady, pls don't tell your brother. Character is like a smoke it can't be hidden for long.

  32. Thanking God for life. So for the past weeks I keep feeling guilty for running away but after listening to a sermon from a church in the new place I stay I had peace. The pastor said if you are having problems in your marriage try to make it work but please if it involves a life threatening situation please don't try to make it work instead take to your heels. I'm grateful I'm alive with my kids what about those who didn't make it out alive? Please if you are reading this and enduring beating please for the sake of your sanity and kids leave. It's hard but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I got my own strength from the stories I read here. It is well with us all. Peace.

  33. Good afternoon to us all.
    Happy Birthday to you, Milla , may God direct your path. Congratulations!

    Pretty Chidinma, howdy?

    May good customers locate all the sellers.

    Blessing God for the gift of life.

  34. IHN
    Beautiful Milla, happy birthday to you.

    God bless your hustles

  35. Lolzzzz Stella....
    I'm fine now Sha. Started applying the tap and cream same Friday. Guess it was caused by my tight spanx after few days that didn't let air flow in and out my of vaginal area, causing that area to be too moist resulting to little irritation in that rigion...... No abnormal discharge, pain, fowl or fish smell. Just the irritation.

    I will go for test Sha, period came today

    I have been keeping straight face with my security man cos he came back smiling like a goat.
    He is a good person, and like part of our family. Hard working, humble and cheerful.
    With time e go forget. But the shame no be here o!

    1. Lol. The lady at the receiving end should have been speaking on low tune, anyway the deed has been done. Again the Security man might not really get the gist. Please shake it off, it's nothing if you ask me. @Blessed Princess

    2. That rigion (sic.) needs to rest so that that REGION fit get air.
      Next time if e no get air, carry fan face am or hang leg for AC.
      Ya gate man like that market well well.
      Sdk don warn you, make you no dey send gate man that kin market inugo?

    3. πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚no vex

    4. Lol! @ Anon14:49, you no well... @ Princess thanks dear. I told him to give the pharmacist phone so I could speak to he or she so that he ( my security man) wouldn't understand what the drug was meant for.

    5. PeleπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  36. Please i want to advise a certain blogger that has something to do / thinking of having anything to do with a widower called charles in abuja to be careful cos he has HIV and Hepatitis and he spreads it. saw your call come in yesterday night.

    1. what were you doing there? I hope you never receive the blessing abi you wan enjoy the thing alone??

  37. Good afternoon all.

    Face of in-house so cute.
    Happy birthday to you Milla.

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ some bvs are crazy. So to fart is a crime to that bvs up there.

  38. good afternoon beautiful people.

    beautiful face of IHN.

    do have a beautiful and productive day

  39. Stella dearie,, thanks for using me as foihn today, feeling so loved. sis Inlaw that want to scatter upcoming wedding, please face your front. Stella has said it all

    1. Can we be realistic please?If you heard someone express such sentiment about your mother,how would you feel? Poster,your potential sister in law should have had the presence of mind not to say something like that while in your house,after all she could have talked to whoever it was any other time. I would feel terrible if I ever heard such about my mum.I'm sure to you it feels like someone is actually happy you lost your mum.Sorry you had to hear something that despicable.Please forgive her. Don't tell your brother, not because she deserves your discretion but because you would be saving your brother some pain.Talk to her and let her know that what she said hurt you,also tell her you wouldn't tell your brother.Then let it go.

  40. what business can one start with 3000 apart from zobo and earrings?happy birthday to chidinma and milly

    1. Can you fry early morning akara in front of your house? Get a big umbrella for shed, u can use coal pot instead of firewood. Buy beans, vegetable oil ,pepper, onions, seasonings, add a bit of crayfish to give you an edge over other akara sellers.
      you can start with two derica of beans

  41. Meanwhile I just went through Google, Stella why claps of all na? Sad face!!!! I'm married and hubby by God's never dash me sexually transmitted disease in the 10yrs of our married life. Lolzzzz.... Cha! SDK!!!!

  42. Congratulations @ OlaWealth
    More customers fall on you..
    Nice one..

  43. Bia Oga you called of a relationship because of ordinary fart as in mess, or ahuru? Ekwensu gbakwa aka. @Blessed Princess

  44. That brat wey dey fork landlady/daughter/girlfriend, na ihe ojo ka anyi n' ekwere egwu o;
    chai the degradation of women for Naija don finish be dat o; na three for kobo.
    And that itching toto lady, make you give that thing rest o inugo?

    When I talk am (before) say Naija girls dey pray make them MIL die
    Na the usual thunder them send give my smooth nyansh.
    Whosai, I dey gidigba, na true yarns I go continue dey yarn dey go.

  45. Ndi oma, good afternoon Bvs. Ijeoma, you look stunning. Have a great week my people.

  46. To the BV that wants to scatter her brother's marriage, you're the type of SIL we go to MFM for. Your mother is deceased, your brother's fiancee did not kill her and she didn't pray for her to die - unless there's something you're not telling us. She's expressing a sentiment that given what we even see on this blog, isn't that strange. Unfortunately, many MILs do things that are just evil. Those MILs are defended by their children with "My mother is a good person." Only very few people (like my husband) can admit that their mother is a disruptive, conniving, gaslighting troublemaker. At least your new SIL is not actually wishing your mother dead. Face your front, mind your own marriage or relationship if you have one, and don't attempt to poison your brother's mind against the woman he loves and has chosen to marry. So that you don't become her prayer point.

    Have you thought of showing her excess love, and making her your friend? Maybe volunteer to help with planning or paying towards the wedding, and mean it. I just wondered cos that's the kind of advice usually given to women who are married to men with troublesome mothers or meddling sisters. And now the shoe is on the other foot, it might be nice for you to try this method. You're welcome 😘

    1. Oh shut it!Only people with good mothers would understand why that poster is pained.
      Imagine if someone else expressed such sentiments about someone you loved but had lost,how would you feel?You come here and vomit such wicked epistle.Just get ready for your daughter in law to pound mortar on top of your head day and night at MFM because you seem like you are gearing up to be that sort of mother in law.
      You are welcome.

    2. Lol Kamikaze - even armed robbers and yahoo boys are genuinely loved by some people who know what kind of "work" they do. So, the fact that you don't like the sentiments someone expressed about someone you love, is completely irrelevant. What is wicked? I thought MILs should be tolerated at all cost? Why can't the new iyawo be tolerated, too? Chai, this one pained you sha. Lol @ comments about my DIL. Get your eyes out of your brother's marriage, get a marriage of your own & face your own life before his fiance sends you to where women who pray MFM prayers send witchy MILs & SILs. You're welcome, dear 😘 rotfl!

  47. Birthday celebrant and face of ihn may God bless you all. Business men and women may God show up for you guys. Amen. @Blessed Princess

  48. Ihn ti de. Our office gave half day to us today. In other news, my my friends are relocating to different countries with their husbands. See me here still single.Hmmm it’s well. I don’t even know when God will bless me atleast if man never show let me have a thriving career. Canada has always been my dream . Oh God do it whichever way let me have my dream job, be a billionaire, marry an amazing man, have great kids. I am not ugly just very introverted. My grandma still keeps crying saying as fine as I am no man has asked for my hand in marriage. Almost 30.... feel anxious. God do my own pls.

    1. Ask God honestly what He wants you to know, and stop panicking. Before panic makes you enter the wrong hands. Your grandma is not helping by crying. It's not fine face that sane people use as reason to marry.

      Not marrying before 30 isn't a crime or sin. Let me even ask you, are you even prepared for marriage? Or you want to marry as an escape from (what you see as) career stagnation? Or it's the urge for a pepper dem wedding that will shut down social media?

      Focus on what God wants you to do with your life, and your husband will find you. I used to think that was just a cliche till I got married. I married at 32 & have found out that everything I had learned from 16 years prior to then had prepared me for something I couldn't have anticipated. Something that I only accessed because of who I'm married to. If I'd been doing and focusing on other things that had nothing to do with my purpose, I don't think God would have let me marry my husband. He wouldn't even have found me; he would have seen me and assumed I couldn't be "it". And I won't lie - as fine and accomplished as people say I am, knowing what I know now, I for hear am if I didn't marry my husband.

      God might not tell you your purpose outright. He might just be leading you step by step cos we human beings have a way of assuming we can reach a destination He told us about, without His help. And depending on how many people are tied to your purpose & the gravity of their problem, God might decide they don't have enough time for you to be running off on your own. Sit still in the presence of God and seek His face. You might be surprised at what He asks.

  49. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  50. Good day all. Beautiful faces up there and a wonderful happy birthday to the pretty lady too. Olawealth,may God continue 2bless the works of your hands.
    The guy that impregnated hislandlady,are you for real?
    Sign out meme,so true. Today is almost gone and gradually this year is running to an end....

  51. I'm looking for a serious minded Jumia agent.
    As in very serious, not someone who will take days to respond and even when they respond it's like they are doing you a favour.

  52. Oh happy day...Be happy regardless of the situation of the country,circumstances or what people say about you bcoz only you can bring your self down if you allow what others say get to you..

  53. Beautiful Face of IHN and happy birthday Milla.

  54. Beautiful faces of in house. The mother inlaw ish.... I understand how you feel but don't tell your brother. Happy birthday Milla. God bless you

  55. Knock....knock.....knock... Una good evening ooo. How una dey?


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