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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Nigerian History

Traffic on the Carter Bridge, Lagos State (1963)

from Nigerian facts on Twitter...


  1. Orderliness!
    See cyclists lined responsibly
    See motocyclist on tie going to work honorably.
    See the vehicles lined responsibly?
    Nigeria was once a sane country.
    Can the British colonize us all over again?
    I can't see any hawker or irritating Latsma.
    There was no road safety then.
    The citizens valued safety.
    Today is a shame!

    1. Where did we go wrong? To think this was Nigeria at some point. God have mercy in Jesus name. Ame.

    2. I wish our independence was in 2017 or thereabout.

  2. When our country is still sane..

    1. WAS still sane.

    2. Abi o, we really need the British to colonize us again.
      See road organise like Uk.

  3. Nigeria was once a sane country

  4. Bicycle was bae then

  5. Can we just have the British back? Look at orderliness!!

  6. Alternative Facts31 March 2019 at 15:23

    We must be animals to think we need the British to recolonize us. Don’t we have sense as a people to know what is right and just do it? Nigerian is a very abnormal country. This is what we should have built on, just like any sane society. South Africa left us 40 years ago. Even Rwanda is fast leaving us behind. There’s no electricity, common electricity!.. smh

  7. You see those cyclist outside the Bicycle line were the men that gave birth to the unrulling sons of Jezebel Nigerians of today, they always fallout sha nii !

  8. @alternative facts that electricity own eh! Crazy!

  9. See people happily walking, no wonder our fathers are stronger in their days compare to now.
    This days how many people do you see on the side walk, even if you want to walk to or fro work to keep fit you will be ashamed because someone in the vehicle will see you and think you are trekking because you don't have money...


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