Stella Dimoko Nigerian Teen Narrates How She Was Almost Sold For $30,000


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Friday, March 08, 2019

Nigerian Teen Narrates How She Was Almost Sold For $30,000

Two Nigerians have been arrested and charged with human trafficking after striking a deal to sell Blessing Obuson, a teenager from Edo state, for two million rubles (around $30,000)..

According to her lawyer, the suspects agreed to sell off Obuson to a police officer who posed as a client.

Obuson, one of the Nigerians stranded in Russia after the World Cup, has also narrated how she was forced into prostitution.
An estimated 1,863 Nigerians who came to Russia last year for the FIFA World Cup are still on the loose in the country, more than two months after their Fan IDs expired.

Dozens of them, who were young women have been forced into prostitution by the traffickers who brought them into the country under the guise of being football fans.

According to a report, Obuson thought the World Cup would be an opportunity to find a job when she flew into Moscow on a fan ID in June. Instead, she found herself forced to work as a prostitute.
Fan IDs allowed visa-free entry to World Cup supporters with match tickets, but did not confer the right to work. Despite that, Obuson, 19, said she had hoped to work as a shop assistant to provide for her two-year-old daughter and younger siblings back in Nigeria.

Instead, she said she was locked in a flat on the outskirts of Moscow and forced into sex work along with 11 other Nigerian women who were supervised by a madam, also from Nigeria. “I cried really hard. But what choice did I have?” Obuson said after being freed by anti-human trafficking activists.

She said her madam had confiscated her passport and told her she would only get it back once she had worked off a fictional debt of $50,000. Obuson told her story to a rare English-speaking client who got anti-slavery activists involved.
Her case is not isolated. There are other Nigerian women aged between 16 and 22 brought into Russia on fan IDs and forced into sex work. All said they had endured violence. “They don’t give you food for days, they slap you, they beat you, they spit in your face… It’s like a cage,” said one 21-year old woman, who declined to be named.

In September, a Nigerian woman was killed by a man who refused to pay for sex, police said.
The Nigerian embassy later identified her as 22-year old Alifat Momoh who had come to Russia from Nigeria with a fan ID.
Kenny Kehinde, who works with several Moscow NGOs to help s#x trafficking victims, estimates that more than 2,000 Nigerian women were brought in on fan IDs. “Fan ID is a very good thing, but in the hands of the human traffickers it’s just an instrument,” he said, calling for more cooperation between the authorities and anti-trafficking NGOs during major sporting events, including the 2022 Qatar World Cup where a fan ID system is also being considered.
Anti-slavery group Alternativa said its helpline had fielded calls from Nigerian women held in St Petersburg and other World Cup host cities. 

While a prosecution has been launched in Obuson’s case, police have been unable to act against suspected traffickers in other cases due to a lack of evidence. “A lot of girls are still out there,” said Obuson.


  1. It breaks me when all these issues arise an Edo person must be there...
    Edo govt pls creat jobs and infrastructures...

  2. A lesson for all the desperate abroad travelers. When you tell them that they will work with their vagina, they do not believe it.
    Most of the names I saw on this post is still Edo; why?

  3. Kati kati, Rada rada, Rede rede, wetin concern 19 year old with fan ID. Ainitelorun will not allow this small small girls to stay back in Nigeria, work hard & cut their coat according to their size abi how dem dey talk am sef. You dey go Europe with fan ID as per what again? Argentina fan abi Russia fan? Mtchewww wetin eye dey find na I'm eye dey see...

  4. It is really hard to feel pity for people who opened their eyes and allowed promises of instant riches make them take wrong decisions, all because of their greed.
    Why do they think its easier in other countries, if your plan is to be a shop attendant why don't you package yourself well and find a job attendant job in Nigeria. Even the money they gather to pay these pimps to help them travel some small thriving business owners don't have it.
    It is a sorry case that some of our youths have absolutely refused to cultivate handwork, everyone wants to get rich without showing their working!

  5. Stella,I hardly pity these women..most of them know what that they are being trafficked for...even when you try advising them at the airport,they wld still not budge as they see it as an easy avenue to make money.

  6. Aunty shut up abeg, you knew what you were getting into...I'm tired of hearing the same storyline that they were forced into prostitution, You weren't forced, you thought it was going to be an easy task and only cried out to antiHumanTraffickers because you got tired of paying...
    Most of them re aware that the only work they can do is prostitution and nothing(what do you expect from someone with no degree , qualifications or skills?)😬😬😬😬 some idiots will still read this and carry Ghana must go to follow madames to abroad. Stooopid


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