Stella Dimoko Nnamdi Kanu Says He Is Not A Nigerian Citizen And Threatens To Drag FG To UK Court


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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Nnamdi Kanu Says He Is Not A Nigerian Citizen And Threatens To Drag FG To UK Court

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has said he will challenge the court order, directing his arrest in the United Kingdom.

Kanu also criticized the federal government over his prosecution, insisting that he is innocent of the accusations against him.

A Federal High Court in Abuja had revoked the bail granted to the IPOB leader in 2017, after his continued absence in court.

Binta Nyako, justice of the court, also issued an arrest warrant against Kanu, citing the continued absence of the IPOB leader in court.

Speaking during a broadcast on Radio Biafra on Saturday, Kanu said he has instructed his lawyers to challenge the arrest warrant in a UK court.

“The revocation of my bail will never ever hold; they can never convict us because we have done nothing wrong.

“Every move they make, every decision they take, I will challenge. I have instructed my lawyers, we will challenge in a competent court of law here in Britain where law actually works. I am waiting for them.

“Any day you instruct INTERPOL, that day I will take it up in court and they must answer because here is a civilised country.

“First, I am not a Nigerian citizen. Your bail revocation will never ever work. Anybody interested in revoking my bail would have asked the army what they were doing in my place,” he said.
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So he is not a Nigerian citizen but came to Nigerian to cause problems?LMAO!!!


  1. He’s not a Nigerian citizen, but he came back with a Nigerian passport. This man wu ewu nwuru anwu. Anuohia di ka ya. Mkpi. Make this man no let me vex for am oh.

    This half baked arrogant motherfucker has a habit of telling people what to do and then jumping out when the fire gets hot.

    How many people DIED protesting his arrest? And how many people gave up their lives demanding his whereabouts?

    How many people jeopardised their voting power because of this fool and who do they have and see as a president?

    I’m tired of this man and I HATE HIM WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

    He is a chameleon, a COWARD and a greedy opportunist. Ojukwu at least fought, but how is our generation dealing with the fact that he ran after the civil war?

    How do you think this fucker is going to help Igbo people’s cause after all his dirty shenanigans?

    This guy has done nothing but DRAG us back and no, nobody is EVER going to take us seriously.

    1. Nnamdi Is a fool and criminal

    2. Nnamdi you are very daft and unstable, as in your brain isn't functioning.
      So since you are suddenly not a Nigerian citizen, why are you interfering in our matters and causing unrest here? Why not go and get incolved with Brexit which is one of the issues in the uk, knife crimes amongst the youth has skyrocketed in London, go and deal with your issues in the uk and stay out of Naija's own, Idiot.

    3. This man eeeh. He is working to make ndi igbo suffer. I am angry at the fact that he said the igbos should boycot the elections. This made most of them not to even go get their pvc just bc this fool said so. Then after collecting bride he came up with a stupid n lame statement asking them to go out and vote, that his stupid 'conditions' has been met there by making it too late for my people to get their pvc. I like the fact that the govt is given him what he deserve. Ewo nkita.

  2. Hahahaha this guy is so funny. He will soon use his hands to do himself again.

  3. Who said he's not a Nigerian citizen? The thing is that he has dual citizenship; UK and Nigerian but the UK supercedes that of Nigeria.

    1. How can his UK citizenship supercede Nigerian citizenship. You dont know what dual citizenship means obviously. None supercedes the other abeg. The Uk does not make u denounce ur country to become their Citizen. Ignoramus

  4. So you are not Nigerian and you came to cause trouble for us here? We are moving your case to International Court of Justice, see you at The Hague!

  5. I am on the fence when it comes to Kanu matter. Observation mode activated

  6. He is a “Biafra “ citizen

  7. This man should shut up already

  8. You see how innocent people list their lives over this whole Biafra saga Kanu led?? After all that, he realized he’s not a Nigerian citizen. So, why was issuing orders for people to boycott elections, etc. Why did he go through all the trouble.?

  9. Eeh, if I hear say you no be Nigeria citizen. Onye gbaa oso, mma ya

  10. This kanu guy is a fraud. I cannot believe there were idiots kneeling in front of him to talk to him. Come back to Nigeria and you will see what you will get you stupid jobless scammer.

  11. This guy is a lunatic and scam. I pity his gullible followers.

  12. The foolish Nigerians who followed him are languishing in jail. This man is obviously bi-polar

  13. Where’s Teejay to defend his messiah! I forgot, u don’t have data today

  14. Kwakwakwakwakwa. I laugh in witchcraft. So NOW he is not a Nigerian citizen. Shey Una see how IPOB people waste their life for this clown. Sooooo, How are you different from the one you choose to call jubril?


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