Stella Dimoko Afro Beat Diary Remembers Fela And His Mum.....


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Monday, April 15, 2019

Afro Beat Diary Remembers Fela And His Mum.....

On April 13, 1978, General Obasanjo reportedly sent 1000 soldiers to invade Kalakuta Republic. 

During the invasion, Fela's mom, Olufunmilayo Ransome Kuti was thrown from a story building and after nine days in coma,she died .....
Fela suffeed injuries... #AfroBeatDiary

from afrobeat diary on Twitter.


  1. Here is a real Nigerian civil rights icon, and not those mooooo zitians who "chicken out of their civil duties" or those who share monies with those in fower, admit it on tape and turn around to deny it when the chips are down.

    1. Neither do they tribalise everything like those of today. The real Nigerians are gone. What we have now are sour grapes.

  2. Oh my days! This are the real freedom fighters, whenever I see people doing protest, I know 98% are sponsored by politicians against their opposition, it is truly sad. Our conscience has been sold to money and the government knows, that is why they don’t care about us. And the devil OBJ is still alive, good people don’t live long. It is truly sad. Aside from the fact that Fela was promiscuous, he is a living legend. Not a chicken like these days gucci and adulterated UK pussy chasers on the low musicians

  3. Later Obasanjo too will be yabbing Bhuari that he is a tyrant..Kettle calling pot black

  4. Chaii OBJ was a mafian and a definition of brutality. Reading this brought back memories of Odi massacre.

    Nigerian leaders doesn't pay for crimes else so many military leaders would have been charged at the ICC for crimes against humanity.

    1. So now u know? Obj should be In jail not bringing Atiku

  5. Oh that's how she died? My goodness!

  6. Hmmm Didn't know that's how she died, what a painful way to die!

  7. fela lives on

  8. Good points up there.

    Fela was also among the privileged but made it his calling to speak for the masses in a language, pidgom eng
    That masses understand.
    Thimk of kids of the indimis or otedola or odogwu or even davodo choosing to support the masses in spite of their comfort even loosin a mum in the process...that was fela.
    The only person that may be following felas steps may be the owner of humam rights radio. Ordinary Ahmed . H e m b e l e olololo


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