Stella Dimoko Bayelsa State Lawmakers’ Life Pension Bill -Your View


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Monday, April 29, 2019

Bayelsa State Lawmakers’ Life Pension Bill -Your View

A crisis is brewing in Bayelsa State over a bill passed by the House of Assembly approving life pension for all past and current members of the legislature.

The bill approved N500, 000 post-service monthly pension to a speaker of the assembly, while a deputy speaker will receive N200, 000 and a member N100, 000 .
What do you think about this bill?Didnt the state say recently during the minimum wage Brouhaha that it didnt have money to pay?


  1. How much does the Bayelsa state govt. pay new graduates as
    monthly salary?
    The question should be, will you come out to the streets to protest
    this injustice?
    Look at how Sudan chased away its dictator?
    Nigerian youths are too engrossed in social media for the
    wrong reasons and too focused on evil to notice evil in government
    and demand for a change.

  2. These guys na PDP lawmakers o. Oga teejay, how far?

    1. This same act was started by tinubu in 2007 before leaving government house. life pension, cars,cooks,body guards and other sundry expenses where signed for him and other members of the government till date without any uproar from you apologists and tribal bigots. why the noise now cos it is coming from a minority tribe?

      Bulldog head Dickson and members of the BYHA are clearly looking for a way not to become impoverished after exit from power - alot of them have been known to go broke once they are no more in power.

      The precedent has already been set and other states are following suit. Civil society groups should look into this and demand from the FG that all states involved in this should repeal the law. but if this is allowed to pass be rest assured the remaining states will also pass a bill for its members.

      in the famous words of MJ..''all i wanna say is that they dont really care about us''.

  3. You can see the kind of people we have as leaders. People working can't be paid 30k as minimum wage while people that served (as they claim) for just 4 years will be entitled to life pension. it is not just Bayelsa, many states already have this for governors and house of assembly members.

  4. Stella, I just saw a post on Facebook that governor Dickson has signed it into law. I'm weeping for my state right now

    1. Do you have a State? Is Bayelsa a State. The State capital Yenagoa is worse than a village. They insecurity in the State is incomparable.You'll be wondering if Bayelsa is an oil producing State. Oil is a curse to Bayelsa State. I weep for Bayelsa State.
      You need to visit the State so that you'll understand what I'm talking about. No jobs, no Infrastructure, no proper drainage systems landlords build houses without gutters and when rain falls the houses are flooded even the roads except for few houses.

      This essay above helps you to understand that Bayelsa is not a State

  5. I don't know between governor Dickson and yaha Bello who takes the crown for worse governor in Nigeria. Maybe a 'bracket worse'

  6. That's a bubby trap Gov. Seriake. Don't walk into it.

  7. Time for the youths in Bayelsa state to rise up but they have chosen peanuts and elected thieves then turned to cultism and other vices to finish off themselves.


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