Stella Dimoko Mrs Dee's Corner - When Your 'Liver' Fails You..


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Friday, April 12, 2019

Mrs Dee's Corner - When Your 'Liver' Fails You..

Some of you will definitely be on this table.....

It was the end of the second semester, exams had just ended and one of the activities organised by the department was the prize-giving day for outstanding students.

Everyone already knew who would take most of the award home. Mmachi was an exceptional student. While others struggled with 70-75 as A's. She was always between 85-95. No one could beat her easily.

At the end of the award presentation, she was called to the podium to give a speech of thanks and give other students tips on how to make outstanding results.

That was where the problem started. She was clearly nervous, she fiddled with her skirt, stuttered a few words of thanks and her tips were fraught with 'ermmm, you know, as in'. At a point, the presenter had to chip in the right words for her where she was at a loss. I felt embarrassed on her behalf.

Fast-forward to our final year, graduating students were busy with their projects and defence.

On one of such days of project defence, when it was the turn of a particular student, she stood in front of the panel of judges and burst into uncontrollable tears. When her crying eased a bit, one of the judges sarcastically asked her 'Did your father or mother die?' 'No' she answered. 'Did you lose a huge amount of money? 'I did not sir' she replied. None of the judges was considerate enough to put her at ease and make her go ahead with her defence. She was given an 'F' and she carried it over to the next academic year.

It's not uncommon for potential employers to write off job seekers who do not do well in oral interviews, even if they have done very well in their written tests. I think these employers should be lenient on their elimination process for those seeking employment. The job-seeker may be tense because of the new environment and unfamiliar faces, not because they do not know their onions.

Most very Intelligent people sometimes get to a point where they are tongue tied and o not know the next step to take or the right words to say.....


  1. Hmm....I am sitting comfortable on this table oo

  2. I agree with your last 2 paragraphs

  3. Tongue tied you said?
    Do they get tongue tied on the beds of sugar daddies even a day before such defence?
    "Baby I love you, pound harder, harder... you are the sweetest... mmmmuuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!"
    It is only in project defence and job seeking that they get tongue tied.

  4. I am so on this table. It has happened to me countless times

  5. U cannot understand, until u ve known crippling anxiety.

    1. You used the exact term. ANXIETY. Alot of people suffer from anxiety and do not know it. Medications are available to help cope with it. I am currently taking anti anxiety meds and my life and relationships have improved.

  6. If you find yourself in this category, you can work on your confidence. Start by talking to small groups of people, individuals and please avoid eye contact.....
    Make shortest possible speeches. I remember in school we were taught to use 5mg d/pam sublingual before facing those professors during practical exams. That is if you're the nervous type.....
    But personally I tried to be friendly with all my lecturers despite their looks and also asked a lot of questions in class back then so on exam days, I just see it as normal things except for the fact that I am being timed.

    1. Making eye contact is key in boosting your confidence levels while speaking.

  7. I can relate. One's nerve will just be failing the person anyhow.

  8. Stage freight especially when you are not used to addressing a large audience.Some people's voice will sound as if they are about to cry but some get over it few minutes later.

  9. Me too sitting on this table..... I can’t speak in public..... and i really know my onions

  10. Some time last year
    I had an interview with one of the partners of a big law firm
    While we were interacting I had tears running down my cheeks ,
    Boss got uncomfortable and inquired why, it became a bit awkward but thankfully he looked beyond this
    Most times people suddenly have the fear of speaking.... its really crazy
    Nervousness is something I have tried to take control of.

    1. Thus is new.
      Never heard it this before.
      Thank God for you o.

  11. I used to sit on this table but not anymore, I will wear my sunglasses and face everybody.

  12. I am naturally a shy person,I wonder how I was able to defend my project excellently well.My first project defense was in secondary,I did so well that I became the talk of the school.

  13. Hnmnn I can relate,my first interview after service see me fidgeting, my interviewer was like relax..I was able to talk sha and I was given the job but kai have always avoided any face to face serious convoy but wot to dooooo.if any error dey for wetin I type abeg na inside bus I dey o

  14. I was on this table until Dr Nwokaocha's many presentations. ISD lecturers built my confidence

  15. I was on this table when I was seeking for employment. I always pass the written test, but oral test? I have never pass any before. Thank God I got this job through referral, what will I have done? But now, I can talk to any audience I want with ease. I believe practice makes perfect.

  16. Lol...I'm on this table, my first seminar presentation in school, I feigned Apollo n wore dark glasses, project defence, I tried same thing my supervisor n panel said they are immune to red eyes , na so remove glasses n they really put me down, I defended, stuttered and gained confidence but I couldn't help noticing the sneers on their faces... My heart was heavy sha bit I passed.

    1. You, Blackey, a shy persin?
      Chai, I don hear say lions na only grass them dey chop ooo 😂😂😂
      Okay, you no dey shak, you dey shy, so how all those bedmatics sexploits dey
      take happen eh mgbo madam Pharisee?
      Abi you dey yarn fakes dey throway?
      Abi you dey allergic to blowing grammar?
      Make you come explain yasef! 😆😆😆😆

    2. Hahahahahaha, I swear, you are a sick herodian.

  17. My IT defence at Uni, I was tensed, I answered some of my questions. There was a particular question I was asked, very simple question fa. Due to tension, I was confused, I could not answer.
    See tears falling down my cheeks, some of the lectures were saying calm down, calm down, take a minute before you answer.
    To cut the long story short ,I had a B

    I used to be shy but not any more, my church, my people, you go learn how to talk in front of people by force.
    When I actually know what to say, is not a problem. No be talk, I go talk tire. Lol...

    But my dear, no call me to sing in front of congregation,I don purposely come church late because of that. If you ask me to sing aaahh You have COMPLETELY FINISHED ME. But when I sing in my dreams, my voice sounds heavenly.

  18. I am a perfect example of this

  19. This anxiety attack happens alot o. Just heard from my mom while gisting that my 14 years old sister started shaking while writing her first paper in the ongoing WAEC exams 😂😂😂
    Heard the principal and invigilators started praying for her. I pray she clears her papers at once, make she no go use old age enter University like we🙄🙄


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