Stella Dimoko OAP Toke Makinwa Says ''....Soon The Mouth That Condemned You Will Sing Your Praise''


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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

OAP Toke Makinwa Says ''....Soon The Mouth That Condemned You Will Sing Your Praise''

Are you young and a dreamer?or just a dreamer who has no age attached to the dream?This post from Toke Makinwa is for you!!!

She posted......

”Dear young dreamer,
There’s always going to be someone in the room who feels you are undeserving of that opportunity, there’s always someone that’ll argue against why you are chosen, there will always be that one person who just doesn’t see you or who feels they are better than you. Some opportunities you’ll get, some they will win, whatever the case is, don’t stop pushing. She’s too loud, she’s not what we are looking for, she’s everywhere, I just don’t like her, she is controversial….the list is endless.

It happens to the best of us and for the longest time I will cry and be so sad at why I’m always excluded, I’m just trying to have a better end than my beginning, I’m really just doing me not bothering anyone, just trying to eat.
Rejection they say is God’s protection, I don’t know who I’m speaking too but I handle rejection by flipping the script in my head. They see your potential; ohhhh they see it but you trigger their inner demons. It’s almost as if they can see the greatness that you can’t see, they can’t handle you being more, you are not afraid to live and it scares the hell out them to imagine how far you’ll go so they can’t like you or accept you, they can’t add to your success, they don’t even want you to have it. 

You have the Joseph’s anointing where no matter how hard they come at you, you thrive. I stopped thinking I was the problem and started accepting the blows. We fight everyday and I let my loses motivate me to build outside your box of perfection and one day, sooner than later the same mouths that condemned you will look up to sing your praise. Keep dreaming


  1. Replies
    1. Toke r u serious? U mean someone like u went tru d Hell am going tru now? Wooooooow. My Neighbors and die biz friends and customers HERE I come. Encouraged 100%

  2. A response to the "taking law classes this morning?"
    Do not be imitators of evil.

    1. Taking law classes is not evil!

      Look pass her past! We may not all have sex tapes like Kim, but if God held on to only our mistakes, NONE of us would stand.

      We Christians should become less judgmental! I ended my friendship of more than a decade because of this our judgmental attitude. I made some mistakes as a Christian, confided in my friend. Only to find out almost a year later, that sister doesn't want to let go or move past MY OWN mistake. Even after I had.

      I left her in the middle of a conversation and left her in my past. Since that's where she is stuck.

      In essence, congratulate Kim, or keep it moving

    2. 17.37 if man were God some pple for no see water to drink sef.


    3. @the panel of judges
      I did not mean that taking law classes is evil
      I did not condemn anybody
      I only meant that they should not only imitate the evil aspect of what the other lady did
      but imitate also the good.

    4. Goodness u don talk am finish. A Miserable Jehova Withness believer dealt me a fatal blow. But heeeeey , I have moved past it . Pple throw stones while still living in Glass house.

    5. @ anon18:23, you have shifted the goal post.

      No one praised her for her sex tape, but it is very wrong of you to try to take us back to the bad things she did in the past, when she was only trying to share something wonderful with us.

      Moreover, did that same bible not say in Phil. 4:9, that we should only think about excellent, just, praiseworthy, and other guuuuud things?

      I've said my piece.

    6. @the plaintif/Barrister

      19.44 did i just read "...something wonderful" u r cancelled 😯😲🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Loud it TM babe. Loff you.

    1. Yes oh, They are really the problem They can't handle you being more than whatever role the confined you to in their warped mind.

    2. Louder!!! For those at the back seats.

  4. I won't be surprised very shortly Nigerian Celebs will begin to use their buttocks to gum law degrees.

  5. This woman is very unhappy and it shows. All the money and curves will not bring you happiness, Toke. You are hardworking and you are not particularly stupid, so you are fully capable of achieving your dreams. Buy first, buck up and live properly. Remember, all the material things and curves will not bring you fulfillment. And before anyone comes to bash me, nothing is wrong in having material things and enhancing your body, just do the needful and obey your true self without letting these things derail your destiny. That's all.

    1. Maje just entered the chat room

    2. NOT MAJE

      Anon 21:28, You really think Maje will comment without hinting at the potential money he will make from his law suit?

      Maje will pray and fast that she keeps prospering so that he will gain more should the law suit be ruled in his favour

  6. This is so inspiring. Welldone Tokstar


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