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Saturday, April 06, 2019

Saturday In House Gists -Kiddy Chores

When is the appropriate time to start teaching your kids how to take part in basic house chores?

House chores like :cooking, washing, doing the laundry (with hands or with machine), cleaning, making their beds, etc.

I heard of a woman who's 10 year old son can already cook soups and stews and her 7 year old washing clothes with hand....

Do you think it's too much work for the kids? Do you think a 10 year old should be allowed to cook?

What age do you think kids should start learning basic grooming like (brushing their teeth, bathing, etc) 

Your contributions will help a mum or ward going through this..Some parents end up with Teens or adults who cannot do anything for themselves because they didnt know when to groom these Children to do it themselves....

Mummies with older children, please give us information on how you did it.

My Boys can make some German Soups and make Omelette...They are already independent and also partially make their beds and keep their rooms really neat after i scream out orders


  1. As soon as they start walking and can understand everything you say. Not tedious home chores tho, just small small ones.

    1. I started them with the basics of beusing teeth unsupervised by age 4. Making of beds by age 6. Washing socks pants boxers by age 7. Cooking rice by age 9. Pasta by age 9. Jollof by age 11. My boy is 13 now and makes stew soup and bakes. He is I charge of breakfast a d lunch now he is on holiday.

    2. Exactly Rex my baby observers a lot. As she started walking, she will take d used pampers and trash herself( some days she no go gree) once I pick broom, nxt she will bring packer for me although she scatters d trash inside d packer sometimes, once am out of d bathroom wearing pants, she brings my bra along, now am TRYING So so so hard to teach her potty ( over 3months). Very difficult. Mind u am a single mum and is just 2 of us no help. She just turned 16months. Not all babies r like that just follow what they love to do and always praise them afterwards. Hi Five

    3. I started washing plates at age 6, but I send my son who is 4 on different simple domestic errands, bring me water, escort your sister to wee, bring my phone, clear your toys etc when he gets to 6, he will start washing plates like I did while my daughter will start pounding.

    4. Girl pounding at 6? Na johnny Bravo u wan raise? πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

    5. Wow anon 15:25, you just wrote about my daughter and I. Same age and attitude.

  2. My opinion.
    From 2, you can show them the waste bin to drop any used biscuit and candy wraps.
    From 5,they can start dressing their bed and putting at least their own room in order. (At five I was already washing my school uniform, Khaki Pinafore).
    At 7, they can start dusting and sweeping the house, wash the dishes too. Prepare breakfast like tea, bread with butter or sardine.

  3. Keep the comments coming lemme learn

  4. @6 years, they begin to wash plates
    8 they begin to learn to cook
    10 cooking/laundry of their own clothes.
    I no dey discriminate whether na boy or girl. The only thing wey I dey teach the boy, be say, the girls no go carry anything wey heavy when the boy been dey there, like packing grocery into a car trunk etc.

    Many Naija sisi go come here dey chant "men are beast, men are scum" but na woman dey train those beasts and scums.
    Now them no dey train them boys o, even girls. All of them -mama and pikins get them phone 24/7 for social mmebi.

  5. From 2 years a child should know to put away plates after eating,, drop school uniforms into laundry basket, put away shoes correctly. Greet elders and other small chores.

    The earlier the better.

    1. When my son is in a good mood, especially when his dad is around, he can do you all you mentioned... The problem I have is that he is still scribbling at 25months... Shouldn't he be writing A-Z by now?

    2. Spot 2 yr old daughter puts her uniform in d laundry basket after school, takes her plate to the kitchen after eating and trashes waste in d bin. She also brings her brother's toiletries when it's time to bathe for him and she trashes his diapers too.

    3. Hahahahahah@ married chick. Easy...
      2years old right? He will write properly at 3. Kids are different. Don’t fret. Lol

      Olivia my loverrrr😍😍😍

    4. Marriedchick nothing to worry about. He would be fine.

      Ogbu πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

      Iphieeeeee sweetheart!

    5. No be only A to Z what of essays as if you could at the age

  6. My Aunty has just one daughter, she should be 12-13 now. That girl can cook and bake more than a lot of women with families.. When I was her age na only plate I dey wash.

    Draw them close early enough if you want to teach them anything, from 6 sef let them know everyone has to contribute in doing things at home. Draw up roaster sef. it works. As they grow up they know its part of what they do at home. once they become teenagers their No I'm tired or I don't want to will be echoing in your ear and you will end up doing a lot of chores yourself if you don't catch them early.
    Our parents made that mistakes with a lot of adults today that's why lazy people plenty everywhere

  7. Once they are nine years, they should dress their room, wash their uniforms, sweep the house. I started cooking for my family when I was ten years. At nine years age I wouldn't be needing house help to avoid stories that touch.....

  8. My first daughter is 5.
    Will be 6 by August.
    She can sweep but not too clean;
    she dresses the bed well.
    Polish shoe for school.
    Arrange their uniform for the next day.
    Wash pant and socks.
    Rinse plate while I wash
    Run errands for Africa.
    she opens Maggi and spices I use in cooking.
    Water cans.
    She arranges the house and room.
    But I reduce it during school period.
    I don't force her;she enjoys it.
    Above all she came top in her class.
    A school they resumed semptember.
    I leave them at home and she takes care of her younger sister who is 3.but I don't go far.
    I will put on cartoon.
    She can open and close the door.
    She makes sure her younger ones dont play outside.
    If I give her instruction esp when i am leavin the house she doesn't not disobey.
    Sometimes if I want to stroll
    I will tell her to give her baby sis juice which she does .
    She can make tea and bread with ordinary water.
    She can make goldern morn too
    If I wash she pegs pant and socks she will peg them on baby hanger.
    I have a very special spot for her but try so much not to show it.
    She washes their shoes;socks and pant.

    1. Aww. I just fell in love with your daughter.
      She’s a blessed child.

    2. Wow! That's one smart 5 year old. Bear hug to her

    3. What a blessing!

  9. At 4 they can start throwing things into trash cans & washing their hands.
    At 5 or 6 they learn how to clean their mouth. Some kids even at 7 don't know how to do this effectively so it's very ok to help out & give instructions while they are at it.
    My 6yr old nephew cannot sweep even if he tries & spends hours, he keeps sweeping a particular spot & won't do it well. Yet every day he carries the broom, he also tries to wash to bathroom, obviously a mother can't depend on these, so I believe at age 9 they can be taught how to wash plates,cook, sweep, & wash floors & tiles ,wash clothes effectively.
    For the bed dressing, it depends on the kinda bed, if it's a small bed a 6yr old can do it but won't do it I suggest you still help out & watch them do it sometimes.
    I started cooking stuffs like water,rice,at 10,@11 I started pounding akpu, but my mom never let us prepare soup, she will say God forbid it's not the soup she & her husband will eat that you want to out your hand in.... Lol

    1. @love enthusiast 9 is old to be taught how to wash plates. At that age some are in secondary school. Please start at 6 years.

  10. My sister in law her kids can go to market from 8.
    I dont know how she does it.
    At ten there is no food they can not cook.
    Me I don't know ooo.
    I don't ask but when I heard I was shocked till I tasted the last boy's stew one day.
    I was like how?????

  11. CELLGEVITY Lagos ...081800688866 April 2019 at 15:02

    Once a child is two, it's okay to start teaching them where to and how to pack toys, shoes etc. I realised you don't even have to tell some kids what to do before they do because they must have been seeing how you do things around them and tends to imitate you.

  12. New ID alert.Hello house. Madam Bug ��

  13. Enter your comment...hmmm

  14. That my child is bigger than me is wayo, that's my mum favourite proverb. Start early to inculcate discipline into your children, the world will be a better place

  15. The earlier they start with little chores the better, most especially they need to learn life skills I.e brush teeth, wash cloths, dress self, cook, arrange the house... All at age appropriate times when they have the gross motor skills for it.

  16. @5/7,i make them open and close the gate whenever I am going out. They pick dry clothes and bring them in. They arrange the shoes and the sitting room very well. They sweep. Fold their clothes and put them away. They sort dirty clothes and help in taking them in batches to the washing machine area. Sometimes, I give them clothes to spread in the sun. I avoid allowing them wash because they will be very happy to splash water everywhere. I also don't allow them near the cooker. They make their breakfast (bread and butter /coco - pops). They take grocery out of the car. They help in every way, cos I don't have domestic helps

  17. My daughter started washing plate from age 6,she washes her socks and pants and I rewash them,now she is 12,she cooks indomie,pasta,make eba,Amala,stew and ogbono soup very well,she wash the dishes,make the bed,clear the room and my wardrobe and wash the toilet too.she started helping me out in the shop from age 7 and grab the price of the things I sell well enough,she doesn't sell on credit and she sells more than me,she is top in her class and preparing for her junior waec,Oooops she sings while doing all these and many more.May the Good Lord bless her and keep her for me

  18. When a child is old enough to understand what you're asking them to do, please start teaching them. The first thing I feel a child should learn how to do is how to trash dirt. This could be shown and taught from a year old. The child will sometimes refuse but before 2, the child will be used to that. Now, age to teach brushing of teeth, I don't know. Washing of socks should be taught from 3. You'll end up buying lots of detergent and having to rewash but the child will be the better for it. We grew up without any help, so there was no delay in learning anything. The kids can start learning how to wash olates with non-breakables by 4. By 6, the child would have been washing all plates comfortably. Sweeping can be started at any time. Once a child picks a broom at any age, don't discourage the child. Even when it means more work for you, encourage the child. Washing clothes and kitchen duties can come whenever you feel the child is ready. It differs from child to child. By 10 though, the child should have known how to make at least one meal


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