Stella Dimoko Actress Susan Jimah Shares How Apprentice Who Emptied Her Brother's Phone Shop Was Caught


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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Actress Susan Jimah Shares How Apprentice Who Emptied Her Brother's Phone Shop Was Caught

Nollywood actress Susan Jimah Odiachi has narrated how her brother's apprentice who emptied his phone shop was caught....She also adds that he has been sentenced to 10 years in prison....

what about his girlfriend who helped him hide the stuff?

This actress no sabi gist story at allll...........very dry narrative.....
Anyway thanks for Obliging us!!!


  1. Hahahahahahaha......Stella you too like gist.

    When he comes out he might be worse.

    1. haaahaaahaaa!
      This Stella sef,you need to see how I burst into laughter at your comment!

      Thank God for His, this one is truly a hardened criminal.
      I'm even sader that he might come out a terror!
      May God have mercy on us!

    2. Hahahha stella call her on phone make she gist you for mouth, then you download am.
      Truly her narrative dry. But thank God for her brother oh. For this vuhari period,person come empty ur shop so.
      10yrs too small oh,them for add join. Then the galfren sef for get some years to. Cos this once born na proper armed robber them shildren go be.

  2. This is wickedness
    Some people have the heart of stone...
    Stealing is in His blood..

  3. Chaaaaiii. My boss too like gist sha 😍

  4. Wicked souls, all in the name of looking rich,they will steal and make others miserable.
    I wished they beat the hell out of them.

  5. Stella I no be blogger na������.The girl was granted bail, she claimed she didn’t know it was stolen goods.

  6. Hardened thief! you want to live large at the expense of someone's hard earned money+sweat. Go and cool off your greedy heart in the prison for 10years.

  7. Some of the girls laughing here are probably holding
    stolen phones from their so called boyfriend.
    Isn't it true?
    And is it only commoner that are tortured in Nigeria
    and imprisoned for 10 years, where is the Ikoyi billions
    thief and other political thieves?

  8. Exactly at Stella's comment,I was even cracking my brain and trying to patch the gist before I read your comment, how come he was a suspect in the first place, because before you distribute someone's picture, there would have been something very incriminating to indict him...I didn't see where she wrote how come he became the prime suspect..

    1. Go and read the first part then you will see how they knew he was the one

  9. Not that I am defending the criminal but are you all the same people that condem SARS/police brutality and are here now celebrating torture and a slap from the police?
    Nigerians are just not normal

  10. Maybe he didn't want to put his girlfriend in trouble as a receiver of stolen goods since the stolen goods were kept in her house, but after that 10 years sef he will be worse unless God intervenes in his life. Nigerian prisons hardly reforms criminals.

  11. Yeye thief. What I see from pix is glo Sims, China chargers and worthless stuff. 10 years far too much for theft.

    1. Didnt you also read he stole from his former employer and bought a Camry with the proceed?

  12. Stella of life! Ur comment made me laughπŸ˜€


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