Stella Dimoko Buhari Declares Assets -No New House,No New Bank Account,No New Shares...


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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Buhari Declares Assets -No New House,No New Bank Account,No New Shares...

President Muhammadu Buhari has, in compliance with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, submitted his assets declaration forms to the Code of Conduct Bureau, CCB, which by law must precede his oath-taking slated for tomorrow, May 29th.

This was contained in a statement by his spokesman, Garba Shehu.

It noted that the duly completed forms were submitted to the Chairman of the CCB, Professor Mohammed Isa, on behalf of the President by Sarki Abba, Senior Special Assistant, Household and Domestic Affairs.

“The forms, as signed by the President and sworn to before a Judge of Abuja High Court showed no significant changes in assets as declared in 2015 by him.

“There are no new houses, no new bank accounts at home and abroad and there are no new shares acquired.

“The Chairman of the CCB commended the President for leading by example by declaring his assets in accordance with the law”, the statement added.
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  1. Story for the gods

  2. I believe. But there are stacks of money in one full room in Daura. And in the childrens *akant*

  3. Thank you Mr President, we all know you no be thief from time immemorial but the problem Is the party system of a thing cos some of your party members might be thieves but you wouldn't be able to prosecute them. You re far Better than Den Atiku, Saraki and all tho.. Just work or find a good team for administrative roles and policies. #GodblessNigeria

    1. LMFAO.... What is the difference between a thief and one who mismanaged resources entrusted to him, thereby enriching his cronies and families?

    2. Habib, if the president specifically waited for 6mths to elect ministers who are thieves that will loot the system then he is no different from them.
      How was Yusuf able to acquire a 60m naira okada when he is not working?

      Abeg leave matter for mathias

  4. Oya let the comments start rolling

  5. Keep deceiving yourself Mr president

  6. Replies
    1. He would have at least declared all the expenses Nigeria incurred in all his trip abroad

    2. But this is not good. He's been stagnant in four years? No wonder Nigeria is receding

  7. Of course I believe President Buhari assets declaration.
    He is not really the problem... The people in and outside his cabinet sabotaging everything are the problem.

    I know long time ago that President Buhari is not a thief or a looter.

    1. He is not a thief right but he waited for 6mths to select thieves that will ruin the economy.
      Sis, birds of a feather flock together.

  8. Every one knows he is a man of integrity but they just choose not to care about it.even is so called political rival know very well the kind of man he is but thats politics in Nigeria for you.
    Some of his associates are not as transparent as he is but he is a better option anytime over atiku.
    I'm not a buhari supporter neither am I one of atiku supporter like teejay,but buhari over atiku any fucking time.

  9. Biko he should also declare aisha’s!

  10. Gbam!!! you couldn't ave said it better @Anon 9:05,.... @Amazing grace, how sure re you that Yusuf bought that bike himsef, Wat if some of his rich kids of abuja paddy borrowed him? bought it for him cos they just wanna roll with him? Okay let assume he bought it himself, does that mean he got the money from the proceeds of loot? I repeat judging by all ramifications Buhari over Atiku as long as Nigeria as a nation is concern unless you want us to be like Venezuela in four years time. A man that was second In command during Obj's 8yrs rulling, wen money was still flowing, fuel was the best commodity but still couldn't do anytin meaningful except for lots of ALLEGED mismanagement and corruptions to even spoil the matter he made Saraki his right hand man in terms of everything. abegii forget the Obi on paper, Saraki for be the second In command and you expect those to govern us, God forbid.. I no be card carrying member of any party oo...

  11. As for those of us complaining about crooks in this present administration, make we take a chill pill if such drug Eva exists cos I know for sure them own time go come, Dem own sef go meet them "Ti won na ma ba won" Apc can't rule for Eva. I won't mention name but those names we all ave on our minds.. The Rivers, The Edo, The Lagos and all, If truly dem dey steal I know God No dey Sleep na we human dey dey in a hurry... #GodblessNigeria #Kuti'sOPINION


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