Stella Dimoko EFCC Seals Senate President Bukola Saraki’s Ikoyi Houses Over Alleged Theft,Money Laundering And Misappropriation Of Public Funds


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Sunday, May 12, 2019

EFCC Seals Senate President Bukola Saraki’s Ikoyi Houses Over Alleged Theft,Money Laundering And Misappropriation Of Public Funds

Senate President Bukola Saraki's Five choice properties located in high brow Ikoyi, Lagos have been sealed off by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), citing ongoing investigation on him....

According to reports, the houses are said to be located at 15a, 15b and 17, MacDonald Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

The commission suspects Saraki of having acquired the properties with state funds when he served as Kwara State governor between 2003 and 2011.
The EFCC in a statement sent to the Kwara state government, said that Saraki is to be investigated for an alleged case of conspiracy, abuse of office, misappropriation of public funds, theft, and money laundering.

An EFCC source said of the probe: “It is an ongoing case which has to do with alleged illegally acquired properties while he held sway as the governor of Kwara State.

“We have attached the five properties in line with sections 27(4), 28 and 29 of the EFCC Establishment Act.

Responding to a question, the source added: “We don’t have to obtain a court order before attaching any property. Our Act is very clear with regards to that.

“Once you link a property to proceeds of crime, the next thing is to attach it by way of marking and to approach the court for forfeiture.”

Sections 27(1-4), 28 and 29 of the EFCC Establishment Act 2004 read in part:

“27 (1) Where a person is arrested for committing an offence under this Act, such person shall make a full disclosure of all his assets and properties by completing the Declaration of Assets Form as specified in Form A of the Schedule to this Act.

“(2) The completed Declaration of Assets Form shall be investigated by the Commission.

“(3) Any person who – (a) knowingly fails to make full disclosure of his assets and liabilities; or (b) knowingly makes a declaration that is false; or (c) fails, neglects or refuses to make a declaration or furnishes any information required, in the Declaration ‘of Assets Form, commits an offence under this Act and is liable Oil conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.

“(4) Subject to the provisions of section 24 of this Act, whenever the assets and properties of any person arrested under this Act are attached, the Commission shall apply to the Court for an interim forfeiture order under the provisions of this Act.

“(5) The Chairman of the Commission shall have powers to make such changes or modifications to the Declaration of Assets Form specified in Form A of the Schedule to this Act as may become necessary in order to give effect to the provisions of this Act.

“28. Where a person is arrested for an offence under this Act, the Commission shall immediately trace and attach all the assets and properties of the person acquired as a result of such economic or financial crime and shall thereafter cause to be obtained an interim attachment order from the Court.

“29. Where- (a) the assets or properties of any person arrested for an offence under this Act has been seized ; or (b) any assets or property has been seized by the Commission under this Act, the Commission shall cause an ex-parte application to be made to the Court for an interim order forfeiting the property concerned to the Federal Government and the Court shall, if satisfied that there is prima facie evidence that the property concerned is liable to forfeiture, make an interim order forfeiting the property to the Federal Government.”
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  1. Kuins'Cakes Enugu 0805841898812 May 2019 at 13:26

    I knew it would come this....never bite the fingers that feed you.

  2. Na wah oh!!!, But if he's still in APC, I guess he won't be tried
    Naija I hail oh

    1. He was tried while under APC! Can you blame the govt if the Judiciary which was headed by that rotton Onnoghen kept shielding him? Now their pocket friendly CJN has been kicked out, justice will take it's course.

    2. Which nonsense justice!? Abegii!! Justice that is one sided, is that one justice??

    3. Shallow thinking.... At least they are doing something. When PDP gets the power baton let them fish out APC thieves too. We need to stop the looting of our treasury

  3. Political vendetta.

  4. EFCC should not arrogate to themselves the powers of the judiciary. Charge Bukola Saraki to court, and if he is found guilty, then the law should take it course. You don't accuse a man medially and convict him based on assumptions and political differences. What then are the duties of the judiciary?

    1. Did you read the post or you just jumped to comment. Even the pictures sef you no look to see what was written on it too?

  5. Ghen ghen ...action film

  6. I pity this man. I know these APC fools will shave his head.

    1. Mbanu
      Shave na clippers you dey use do that kin one
      Na broken bottles them go use scrape am fiaaaaaaaaam!

  7. If you know the amount of properties Tinubu has in Ikoyi.
    How come he has never been investigated. Useless APC

    1. If efcc seizes even one of tinubus properties, we will know they are truly working. Awon oshi

    2. Tinubu was fully investigated by the PDP govt. He was not convicted. Whose fault?

    3. Look at this daft anon14:17. Are u saying tinubu didnt allocate all high value land & property in his name? even in hoods sef tinubu get estate dia, Go and watch "lion of bourdillon" on YouTube u will know that tinubu might be the richest politician in the entire federal republic of Nigeria(via stolen funds).
      U will just come & be supporting rubbish for reasons best known to your dumb ass.
      So what if he was investigated by that foolish corrupt PDP, those ones are they saints? U sound like one of those empty headed stomach infrastructure biased APC fucktards.

  8. They are all corrupt. When an opposition is in power tomorrow, they will try their enemies too.

  9. All na wash.
    Apc and Pdp =Friends and Family Circle.

    How do u defeat a man that appears in court with over 100 Attorney?? Federal govt should keep deceiving themselves.yimu.

  10. Shuoooooooooooo!
    The winch hunting don start already?
    Them no even want make im finish work?

  11. Maybe Nigeria will get better if we continue somewhat like this.
    APC in power probes PDP candidates
    PDP try make una enter power make una too probe APC.
    Till then. It is a “rat race style”.

  12. EFCC did not touch Ganduje and claimed he had immunity as a sitting governor.
    Saraki surely enjoys the same immunity until May 29 abi June 12 wo what's this rubbish?

  13. Mumu people will be shouting witch hunting now. Let justice take it's cause. Enough of corruption in this country, it has given us a very bad image internationally. If PDP takes over government, they should prosecute the opposition too. We need to start from somewhere if we really want to move forward in this country.

    Enough is enough!

  14. Saraki has not had immunity since 2011. Supreme Court found him innocent regarding these same properties. Efcc is lawless and Magu should be locked up


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