Stella Dimoko Father Of Lady Who Was Imprisoned For 4 Months In Saudi Arabia Over Alleged Drug Trafficking Explains The Set Up


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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Father Of Lady Who Was Imprisoned For 4 Months In Saudi Arabia Over Alleged Drug Trafficking Explains The Set Up

Alhaji Habib Aliyu Kila is the father of Zainab, a student of Yusuf Maitama Sule University who was arrested and detained for four months by the Saudi Arabian government over alleged drug trafficking. In this interview, Kila speaks on his daughter’s exoneration, how those who implicated his daughter were nabbed, and more. ....

Daily Trust: Your daughter Zainab was arrested and detained for four months by the Saudi Arabian government over alleged drug trafficking. How did you learn about it?

Habib Aliyu Kila: My wife called and informed me about the unfortunate incident around 2am Nigerian time. I first submitted to Allah, then early in the morning, I rushed to Malam Aminu Kano International Airport (MAKIA) and reported the case to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and lodged a complaint with the deputy commandant of the command both orally and in writing.

 Within a few minutes four officials of the National Handling Company (NAHCO) were summoned to his office and asked to produce their codes in order to identify who among them tagged the baggage of travelers on the very day my daughter travelled to Saudi Arabia. Fortunately, while the leader of the team was narrating what happened on that day, a lady among the NAHCO officials called Roda interjected and said she will say the truth, and she was allowed to talk.

 In her explanation she said the leader of the team brought a bag to them and directed them to tag it in my daughter’s name. She also said that their leader gave them some money which they shared among themselves. 
 Roda was saying all this in my presence and after all the narrations, their GSM phones were checked and some text messages were detected indicating how they communicated among themselves, received the bag and tagged it.

 Also, a picture of the bag was seen in their phones which was sent to the person who was to pick up the bag at King Abdulazeez International Airport in Jeddah. 

To my surprise, the next day, the same lady, Roda, knelt down and held my leg asking me to forgive her, that she only tagged the bag in my daughter’s name to earn a living. So, I told Roda that I have submitted everything to Allah and I will pursue it to its logical conclusion. 

DT: What do you think government should do to address this kind of problem? 

Kila: There are two fundamental issues which the government and general public should know about this issue. One, the Saudi Arabian Consulate office in Kano where this crime was committed is supposed to report this matter to the Saudi Arabian government, but nobody reports this case to Saudi Arabian government. In fact, when I went to the office, nobody was ready to listen to me at all. 

After I was stopped at the main entrance, I was asked to speak to an official of the consulate through an intercom. I introduced myself to him and told him about my mission. He acknowledged that he was aware of the problem, then I told him that I was there to present to them some documents, that is the court charge against the six persons arrested and the report of the NDLEA to Saudi Arabian government. 

Unfortunately, the man turned down the documents, saying they don’t receive documents from anybody, that if I want to submit these documents, I should take them to Abuja. I told him the same documents were received by the president, the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Abuja and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but he refused to receive the document. 

DT: Now that your daughter Zainab has regained her freedom, have you forgiven those who implicated her? 

Kila: No, I want them to be punished so that it will serve as a deterrent to others. How can somebody try to jeopardize somebody’s life and go free? I want nothing but justice. My daughter was detained for four months for an offence she did not commit, therefore, those who trapped her should be brought to book. 


  1. Allah vindicated her walahi

  2. But your daughter was guilty as charged. I bet if it was someone from the East or West now or even a Christian, she would have been abandoned to be executed. Northern parents have failed in raising their kids right. Their youths are the highest users of hard drugs in Nigeria. Small small children like this and they don't hide to snuff it o

    1. Alternative Facts12 May 2019 at 21:27

      Did you read the interview at all?

    2. Are you daft?

    3. Your comment is filled with ignorance

    4. In fact you are so blind in your hatred for Muslims that you failed to read the post. The girl is innocent. Ah ah. Simple English. And I am a Christian.

    5. The bag wasn’t even hers. The culprits confessed. Evidence was found in their phones.
      How could she have been guilty

  3. If only the government can intensify their effort just the same way they put in getting this lady freed to rescue Leah from boko haram detention.

    They should also be investigating any Nigerian sentence to death in those Asian countries, for some of them are innocent. It mustn't be Musa or Zainab before they will investigate and intervene.

    1. Teejay, it is important that we reason with our brains and not our anus. While I pray for the safe return of Leah, there are two different issues here. One is with terrorists in unknown locations. Another is with a set of identified people with names , faces, and office address.
      Another thing here is that the father of the lady pursued this matter to it's logical conclusion and though prayed about it, he didn't sit on his mat.
      We have no clue how many trips this father made to different offices, how long he was made to wait. How many back and forth he did. Etc etc.
      We thank GOD for them and pray that though the circumstances are different, may the parents of Leah smile again.

    2. Teejay, please don't be stupid. The FG didn't initiate investigations. The lady's father had done everything and then presented the evidence. Please don't try to make this about religion, ethnicity or anything else.

    3. Please please abeg, if this girl was from the South west or east and Christian without any connections whatsoever, you think anything would have been done? This administration is very biased, only a naive person would claim otherwise. What a country, no wonder people are migrating everywhere migratable.

    4. Anon 18:07 and 18:09 you can make your points without sounding uncivil. Was this how you guys were raised? Do you think it was the father that got the young lady released? Why do you reason such way and yet called someone shallow? Do you know it was the diplomatic connection of Nigeria that got that lady out? I don't want to argue further than this so I don't end up educating grown adults like you guys.

    5. I am sure if she is a Christian from any part of Nigeria and with the same father who dug for evidence to present to those that including the presidency same result will the family and nation have.
      People should stop being blind with hatred towards the president because their anointed hero lost to him 2015 and their beloved party and anointed candidate lost to him again
      2019 to politicise every sensitive issues. Oga Teejay the girl is free from wrong accusation you can't jail her or behead again because president is yet to secure Leah's release which will still happen by God's grace.

    6. Lady T/worth more than a thousand dollars12 May 2019 at 20:00

      And those of you who posted saying TJ is thinking through his Anus or being stupid, common can't someone express his opinion in peace?

      And you have to use abusive words on him? Haba! He has a point.

      Whether the people have face and names or not, the government should show responsibility towards its citizens. That's why they are there.

      And dear poster of 18.29. I quite agree with you 100%.

    7. Yemi7up, get over yourself. Who gives a hoot about 2015 elections? 4 years ago puhleez.

    8. Sure indeed. Try it now, let's see what will happen to you.

    9. Yemi don't read my comment with sentiment. Go back and read again, for I didn't say the girl was guilty or should be beheaded neither did I said the President was biased or so. I only clamoured for more effort for Leah to be released and investigation to be carried out over Nigerians sentenced to death, for there could be innocent one just like this girl.

      So where did I go wrong Yemi???

  4. The daughter is lucky to be born into privilege, some others wouldn't be this lucky.

  5. NDLEA took up this case because they probably know this complainant.
    Nigerian justice system works for who knows who?
    If a commoner reported this, he/she would have been ignored.

    1. Exactly.

    2. You are right

    3. Alternative Facts12 May 2019 at 21:36

      Una don start. So it’s only northerners that send petitions to the NDLEA?

    4. Alternative Facts, Anon 17:56 said 'commoner'not northerner. Do you need a pair of glasses?

  6. Thank God the truth came out at last and she was freed

  7. All praise to you Almighty God. I'm so happy the innocent lady wasn't killed for a crime she did not commit.

  8. I thank God he was able to save his daughter. Influential or not but the power of social media plays a huge role in this. The key thing to note here is always pay attention to your bags when you are checking in at the airport. Now most airport officials perpetrate these awful crimes when they see a passenger with just one bag, it is easier for them To attach another bag for you. The airport officials work had in hand with these people to achieve this. Always look at your check in tags to be sure what you have is what they actually put down for you. They know most passengers don’t usually pay attention to such things and it’s easier for them to get away with it.
    May we never be victims of circumstances in Jesus name.

    1. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  9. I don't think it's a tribe thing.

    The bag didn't belong to the daughter .

    The bag was left at the airport unpicked so they arrested her at the hotel .

    Our brothers and sisters in Asia and Other countries are guilty that's why they don't protest much.

    Roda and her oga need to be sent to SAUDI Arabia for beheading .

    They know the implication of what they were doing .

    If you are sure of your child's innocence you will fight like he did .

    Let's be very objective with this case please .

    1. Let's be very objective after you have concluded our brothers and sisters in Asia and other countries are guilty. Just goan take a seat abeg.

    2. Thank you very much for this posh Yoruba.

    3. And you think others are as guilty as charge


    4. Drugs swallowed was secretly given to them abi???

      Drugs found IN their luggage was secretly put there right ?

      Some of our brothers when caught during interrogation never ever deny it.
      I was biased until I read the case which I summarized up there.

      And The ringleader has been fingered so how is she guilty ??

  10. If this Happened to an Igbo or Yoruba family. EFCC with probe them as they complain and the issue would have died after they caught the daughter. Being Northern now is like white privilege.

  11. Anytime i come across this story...i just thank God for this young girl and the old man... and i also pray that we will never be victims of circumstances... Roda and her team are really very mean.. wickedness at its peak.. knowing the sentence for such in Saudi Arabia they still went ahead with it.. and how many more people have they used? Spoilt people's reputation on a crime they are not aware of... we have to be careful..thank God for her..

  12. They must be punished. What does forgiveness have to do with it?? This country and their leave it for God mentality. Innocent people are languishing in jail cos of these same people and u r asking rubbish? The government should be charging them. It’s a federal offense

  13. My first comment on this blog.

    Please, let's not tribalise issues. I am Igbo and was in a similar situation last year (identity theft ). EFCC did their work without bias and 2 out of the 3 people that handled my case were Northerners and Muslims . They were Unbiased and I was set free.
    It was my worst NIGHTMARE. I prayed to wake up. I would have lost everything - my freedom
    reputation, years of hardwork and family name. What would have become of my mother?
    Nobody should pray to be wrongly accused or framed for a crime they know nothing about.
    I rejoice with Kila family. I understand the anguish her father must have been through those 4 months. The days would seem to drag by. Sleepless nights. Loss of appetite. Praying... and often lacking words and strength to pray.


    1. Mmh. ..
      We generalize a lot hence our distrust for each other .

      There are very good Muslims and Christians .

      There are horrible Muslims and Christians too.

      There is good and bad amongst all our tribes .
      Thank God your case turned out good .


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