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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Important Life Lessons

I found this interesting and thought it good to share.


She asked a question in a general group on WhatsApp.
I responded to the question professionally.
She tagged my response and typed: *"you're an idiot"*

I replied: *"Thanks so much, now that you point my attention to this idiotic part of me, I'll surely work on it, God bless you my dear..."*

*And the whole place shook. Over 118 people commented and were so surprised by my response. Of course she was terribly bashed to the extent that she left the group.*

*An hour later she called me to apologise* for her stupidity bla bla bla.

We became friends.

Then I ended up handling her premarital counselling sessions.

Two days ago, on my birthday, she and her husband gave me a gift worth over 1.2million naira.

This was a year after she called me an idiot.

*Life Lessons from this experience.*

*1. MATURITY:* Your reaction to negative feedbacks or situations shows how mature you are.

*2. CHOICE:* You have the power of choice whenever anybody does or says anything offensive to you.

*3. SELF CONTROL:* If someone calls you anything negative and you lose yourself and begin to fight or shout or do anything terrible, you only prove them right.

*4. SILENCE IS GOLDEN:* It is better to keep quiet and people think you're a fool than for you to open your mouth and they confirm you're truly a fool.

*5. DISCERNMENT:* You cannot because the baby pooed in his bath throw the baby away with the bath water.

*6. POSITIVE POWER:* You have the power to win people through your maturity and composure and not through overly being more sanctimonious than the person.

*7. POSITIVE IMPACT:* Life is all about people. If I had responded to her negatively, I would have lost a friend forever.

*8. WISDOM:* There are people who are sent to you by God to help your journey in life to be worthwhile, your meeting point might be at a fighting point. Be wise, even when you're angry.

*9. HUMILITY:* She was humble enough to call and she apologized.

*10. RECONCILIATION:* Maybe there's someone you need to reconcile with today also, go ahead and do just that.

*We can all get better with ourselves, with these 10 key lessons thanks and have a beautiful week ahead...*
by Dr Olanike Busari


  1. Thanks for this post. I'm getting better each day

  2. Thank you for this write up

  3. Thanks for this Stelllaaaaaaa
    I am almost there

  4. Alot to learn.

  5. Nice lessons
    Will the ladies (especially) on this blog learn?
    A lot of you are so insolent and rash that I often wonder
    what your husbands go through. Or whoever will be so
    unfortunate to take such into his house as a wife.

    1. Fool,marriage is your life achievement clearly

  6. Someone who reads the Bible will learn all these and more
    It contains all that there is to life and godliness

  7. I love this ! Honestly, I cringe atimes when I read some uncouth comments. Instead of uncouth /snide comments you can chose sarcasm, tactical responses peradventure you got riled up by some comments. That been said, mood also have a way of driving ones utterances, writings sometimes ,however we can still chose to be civil.

  8. I don't forgive and forget but i think after reading this I will put it into practice

    Thanks for this

  9. Wow..... so much to learn.
    These lessons are not easy to abide by,one needs the grace of God.
    People can be unbelievably cruel.

    1. cruel is understatement sef, there's guy in my compound (lived there for 3years now) i didn't know he has been telling everybody that cares to listen that i'm a fake runs girl. I will pass and people be giving me side eye.

      One day he begged for food and i gave him a plate of rice which he thanked me oh! Only for him to carry matter outside, that i'm sewing 2k 3k and living the way i'm living, just imagine talk. Someone he doesn't know from adam. As if i'm competing with him.

      Now if i pounce on him now, they will say it's frustration. Instead of him to tell me he has a crush on me, he's busy spoiling my name. The heart of man is desperately wicked.

      I learnt the hard way.

  10. Wow, nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  11. This is nice and all but I have sacrificed my maturity and silence at BS to the gods of sarcasm. 😩😩😫

  12. Waooooooooo permission to copy

  13. Yes,I believe in DOING the right thing no matter what the other person does to me,its hard sometimes but God helps me!!


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