Stella Dimoko Judge Dissolves 13 Year Old Marriage Between Pastor Ans His Wife Over Size Issues..


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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Judge Dissolves 13 Year Old Marriage Between Pastor Ans His Wife Over Size Issues..

A Pastor, Samson Farounbi, has told an Idi-Ogungun Customary Court, Agodi, in Ibadan, that his wife has denied him sex for a very long period of time now all because his privates is very small in size.

Farounbi disclosed this on Monday when testifying before the court on a case of divorce he instituted against Tope Farounbi.

He had requested the court to end the 19-year-old union on the grounds of unrest of mind, threat to life and lack of respect for his family.

Narrating his ordeals, the Pastor said his wife, who was a fruit seller, used to return home at late hours every day and would refuse to have s#x with him.

”There was a day I challenged her why she always return late and denying me s#x.
She confessed that the small size of my pen#s was responsible for her keeping late outside and for refusing to have s#x with her.
She suggested to buy local herb for the treatment of my micro p#nis which cost N5,000 but I priced it down to N4,000.
I got myself treated with the ‘Agbo'(local herb) but she still felt reluctant to allow me have access to her body,” he narrated.

The pastor further alleged that the defendant maltreated his mother when she was living with him and that the ill-treatment forced his aged mother to relocate to Ilesha where she died few months later.

He told the court that Tope used to abuse every member of his family and always abused his brothers when they visited him.

”My lord, she is a devil; always fighting people, especially females that come to my church for prayer, accusing me of flirting with them.

We have never stayed beyond two years in every house I rented since we married 19 years ago due to her stubbornness and troublesome character.
The five children of our union lack home training and are always cursing me whenever I tried to correct any of the kids for doing wrong things.
In fact, our first child has ran away from home now and I cannot even locate his whereabouts.
I urge the court to separate us so that I can have peace of mind to do my pastoral work,” he pleaded.

In her defence, Tope denied all the allegations but urged the court to dissolve the marriage as requested by the plaintiff.

She accused her husband of womanising, saying he never cared for her welfare but was in the habit of drinking alcohol.

The President of the court, Chief Mukaila Balogun and the two court assessors, Chief Wahab Popoola and Chief Alao Ganiyu, in their unanimous decision, dissolved the marriage.

Balogun said the court was handicapped to settle the dispute between the parties because the couple had agreed to end the marriage.

He ordered that three kids that are males including the first born that ran away should be in the custody of the plaintiff while the remaining two daughters should remain with the defendant.

He further directed the plaintiff to pay N8,000 monthly allowance for the upkeep of the two kids in the defendant’s custody.
He admonished the parties to refrain from fomenting trouble or disturb public peace.
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  1. Replies
    1. This story was on IG and concerned wife already addressed it in a lengthy write up. Size does matters.

  2. What is it with pastors and micro weenies? ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

    1. Maybe they created themselves...???

      Just thinking.

    2. Oh pls! I didn't create my Bcups either. Fall back with yo self righteousness.

    3. Hehehe.......
      *sneaks a glance at my chest

  3. See, pastors have limited powers just like everyone else. Why he could not watch War Room or pray and dry fast to transform the state of the marriage? But she refuses him sex, but they have five children..hmmmm.

    1. I thought of that too. How the F did they have 5children, if she refuses him sex

  4. If you have a small penis,please marry a virgin.

    1. What happens after the virgin has been deflowered?

    2. It will always stick to the size that deflowered it except if she test another๐Ÿ˜Ž

    3. Google is your friend...Some women are naturally wide while some are tight...Being a virgin has no effect

    4. Being a virgin before marriage limit the possibilities of lusting over bigger cocks

  5. People are forgetting the main essence of marriage ; procreation and companionship.

  6. I love my gbola big and huge, nobody likes a small one, besides all in the name of being a pastor, him no go sabi use oral complete the journey since him gbola no reach, and the woman will now be sex starved like me....

  7. Kai....he didn’t create himself.
    He’ll get someone that will appreciate his dick like that.
    She can go and look for yam dick.

  8. Sex sex sex every now an then! Getting put of hand already. What is it?

  9. The way all these magistrate courts pass judgement ehn. 8k for two kids, what's that one covering? Rubbish

  10. Growth medicine needed
    Oyinbo over to you
    Or African researchers willing to properly package it

  11. Enter your comment...i just they pass

  12. I'll reserve my comment


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