Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Series - The Big Lie..


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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Iya Ibeji Series - The Big Lie..

Some women make horrible Mother's!!!!

Remember the mmm marriage post I did in December? Yes the lady Stella has done the unimaginable.

One faithful day Stella called her husband (their divorce isn't through yet) and said their daughter was dead, just like that the girl was dead. Let's call her husband Fred.

FRED: Dead? How
(He said at this point he was almost urinating in his pants)

STELLA: Ehen I told you she was sick two weeks ago and you didn't send money, so she died.

FRED: Where are you now?

STELLA: I'm at home but the corpse is at my parents.

The parents lived in the outskirts of the city, so Fred took a bus to go meet them. He told me he couldn't drive because he was shaking badly. He said through out the journey he was crying in the bus, crying for his dead child and haunting himself for not sending the money when it was requested. He said he didn't because Stella was always using the child to lie and extort money from him.

He said as he got down from the bus and as he was walking towards his in laws place, he started thinking of where to bury his child. He thought of his family's land or his personal one. Then he got to the house and everywhere was quiet, he saw his mother in law and he busted into tears and asked for his child.

Mother in law said the child was with Stella, so he asked what happened? The MIL was confused and then he told her that Stella called to say their daughter died yesterday. He said his MIL almost slapped him, that she was so upset.

MIL: I reject am in Jesus name, God forbid. Whatever game you and Stella dey play not on top my granddaughter head. See make I tell una if anything happens to my granddaughter I go arrest you and Stella, una never know me.

To cut short this conversation, let me explain what happened.

 Stella was trying to get money from Fred for their child but to no avail, so she came up with this story just to make him suffer. Kai Stella don koko.

I can't even begin to describe how Fred felt, but when I met him to discuss the issue he thought I came to beg him to take back Stella. Me beg, when I no dey craze?

So Fred started laying curse on whosoever will beg him to take back Stella. I asked him why he was laying curses on peace makers instead of Stella. He told me she was cursed already and the day he decides to go back to her that God should take his life.

This is one of the most depressing story I have ever written, not to make the post lengthy I had to skip some things and I tried not to put my own emotions into it. Each time I think about this I see Stella as the world's worst mother, sorry I had to judge her but who does that?

How dare she use her child to play this kind of game?It is so wrong!!!


  1. Poster,everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but I bet you,if you have not been married to a baby in a man's body,never been involved in marriage issues with hubby and he decides to take it out on innocent children both of you brought into the world, please never judge.....
    Do you know why? What goes around comes around.....
    Some men are babies, for God's sake if you have issues with your spouse and you feel you want out WELL but please don't fail to send required amounts to your estranged spouse for your children's upkeep. So many of them will think it's a way to punish the woman. Hell NO!!!! You are only showing how irresponsible you are if you are on this table..... The bible calls a man who refuses to provide for his family worse than an infidel... what does using your child to extort money mean? If you pay an agreed substantial amount promptly, she won't have guts to call you......

    1. Wishing a poor child dead is right ABI. Asife iyawo

    2. All this is still no justification to pronounce death on your own child just because you want to get back at your ex. Its too much please

    3. All this is still no justification to pronounce death on your own child just because you want to get back at your ex. Its too much please

    4. I don't condone what the lady did but the guy is obviously a dead beat dad. Stupid man 😏😏😏

  2. What a useless mother! Kai! I'm angry😠😬

  3. There are no good mothers again the only thing we have now are caretakers.

    1. You are very stupid for this statement.. perhaps your mother isn't good, mine is very good and I'm also a very good mother to my adorable kids..

      I'm lying down here very sick without help..( hubby has an important meeting to attend)..I had to drag myself up from this bed to go make food for my kids..I'm enduring all the beatings they are giving me in the name of play..
      I've swept my big house twice today cos they littered everywhere and I wouldn't want my one year old to pick anything from the floor and put in his mouth.. I still have clothes to wash (I do handwashing these days cos our meter reads so fast thereby billing us heavily.. will soon be rectified so I can go back to machine wash)

      After all these things, you open your mouth and say there are no good mother's again? I pray God forgives you and I also pray this statement doesn't come back to haunt you..

      Ps: don't tell me to get a maid.. the last one I had just left.. I decided to be with my family alone for a while..thanks

    2. Meaning the wife you want to marry now is a future caretaker?

    3. It's like your mouth is scratching you right?

    4. I'm sorry it was meant to be a playful comment..anon 14:05 you know you can really say your mind with insulting my mother and the comment was not directed to you..but I understand you are going through a lot and you are looking for who to take it on,which I was able to walk in to.but remember no one brought there mother here,insult me as you want but please bring my mother in.
      Once again I'm sorry for the comment I made.

    5. With one sentence you've rilled me all the way up and shown how dimwitted you are, your shriveled balls wouldn't even know how to be a caretaker, much more the selfless loving sacrifice of being a MOTHER. Unfortunately one poor girl thinks they have found a man in you.

  4. So because he is not in terms with the child's mother, it had to take her death for him to start running up and down??
    Ofcourse the woman is an unfortunate human being for playing around with something like that, but the guy is a dead beat.

    1. Asin. This iya ibeji sef. It should be some people would make terrible parents.. and her emotions are littered all over this story..
      Mehhnn whatever abeg.. I rarely click on this column, I no know who send me today..

    2. Shows he’s a negligent father. All this one he’s saying is his own side of the story

  5. I reject it for the girl in Jesus name. Amen

  6. How can a mother wish such on her daughter talk more of proclaiming it...this one is beyond me, I don't even know what to tag her..all because of money..oga gan o.

  7. Iya Ibeji, I can't remember the beginning of this story but the man probably
    escaped to a desert instead of living in the same house with a nagging, foul
    mouthed bad mannered Naija girl. Some Naija girl no get shame at all.
    How can a persin wey call herself "mother" carry her child's death dey play ludo?
    Ngwanu, she don get the money okwa ya?
    And if you give that kind Pharisee money, you sabi wetin she go use am do?
    She go buy Brazil hair, new phone for scouting for horsebands, fake lashes,
    fake nyansh ... finish. Pikin go dey starve, dey cry, she go dey press phone
    dey hunt.
    May Baba God save humanity from that kin 21st century Naija mother.

  8. men are evil. pls if your husband threw all clothes all the floor and told you to leave his house. what does that signify?. my husband did it and I went back to my father's house. he is now telling I went on my own. After 21 years of marriage. I'm just looking for the way forward. Baba God am in your hands.

    1. Sorry about what happened.
      But are you sure that man paid your bride price? Asin,he did and still had guts to ill treat you? Omg!

  9. It's sad that she had to resort to that kind of story but to be fair,some men cut off child support when they are at odds with the mother not even caring that the child didn't ask for any of the drama.Some prefer to spend on girlfriends that even have kids and neglect their own!
    It is a sad situation for any child to suffer because their parents are too angry at each other to set it aside and provide.God help us

  10. That's extreme jeez!!! Of all things ,she rather chose death just to get at her ex. I'm literally speechless. Describing her as wicked is an understatement. People should be wary of such person.

  11. Na dem oh....this type can kill her child to get back at her ex...oh yes!we read it everyday and trust me,she has such mindset as it is.May God protect the lil girl that has become a pawn in this useless game of theirs.

  12. This ain't good at all.

  13. Some people are damn mean. How can a human being play such prank on her own flesh and blood? Chai!

  14. Dead beat father always look for a way to make the mother of their child look bad but they are the wicked people here


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