Stella Dimoko Khloe Kardshian's EX Lamar Odom Makes Another Shocking Revelation


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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Khloe Kardshian's EX Lamar Odom Makes Another Shocking Revelation

Former National Basketball Association,NBA, star and ex-husband to reality TV star, Khloé Kardashian, Lamar Odom has revealed how he used a ‘fake’ penis to pass a drug test for the Olympics in 2004.

The 39-year-old who was offered a spot in the U.S. Men’s Olympic basketball team confessed that he had to purchase a prosthetic penis filled with his trainers urine to pass drug test because he had been “smoking weed every day that summer.”

Lamar added that he knew he wouldn’t pass to compete at the Olympics in Athens, Greece if he had not come up with a way of passing the drug test by using a fake penis.

He revealed this in his new memoir, Darkness to Light, posted by the PEOPLE.

Lamar wrote: “The joy of being named to the twelve-man roster quickly turned to anxiety when Olympic officials informed me that I would have to pass a drug test before officially joining the team.

“There was absolutely no way I was going to pass. I’d been smoking weed every day that summer. Panic set in. We started googling ‘fake penises’ and studied different ways to beat a drug test.

‘After an exhaustive search we ordered a giant, rubber, black c*** to arrive the next day

“I then got my drug-free trainer to urinate into the reservoir of the phallus, which was hidden in the balls as the tester arrived at my home.

“He handed me the rubber penis and left the bathroom as I strapped it on

“I unzipped my pants and carefully slid the fake penis through the zipper hole. To get the pee to come out of the tip, I had to squeeze the shaft repeatedly.”

He added that he later passed the test and went on to play on the U.S. National Team and won a bronze medal in the Olympics in 2004.

Lamar earlier in the week confessed to being a s#x addict and slept with over 2000 women.

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  1. Ada Eji Eje Mba 119 May 2019 at 17:02

    And here I was thinking he was suffering from Kardashian curse. His madness didn't start today, Khloe tried

    1. Am sure she knew who he was and his addiction before marriage, Tyga ,Travis Scott and other exes are not drug free too

    2. Ada, that's what happens when people don't take out time to check online stories. All most of you know is what was fed mainly on lib cos SDK doesn't really post their stories. Lamar grew up with a heroin addict dad and bf who was addicted till he passed. Khloe was probably the only sane person in his life at the time.

    3. Ada Eji Eje Mba 119 May 2019 at 18:37

      Anonymous 17:44 you are not OK! See a shrink, bills on me.

    4. Hahaha Ada, what brought this on? But should I need a shrink at some point, I'll remember your generous offer. Thank you love.

    5. This guy is bent on destroying himself.

  2. Replies
    1. Wonderful. Some of these 'tell all' books. No way mehn, I ain't telling shit.

  3. people act like they want to hear the truth...but in reality can't handle the truth...Angel stella happy sunday

    1. It is because angel Stella and a host of you guys would have preferred the narrative that he started having issues because of Khloe. When in truth, whatever life he has left is because Khloe tried to save his ass.

  4. wow! What will happen next, as the bronze medal was a prize of cheating.

    1. It will be retrieved. Wait and see.

  5. Khloe loved him so much, she fought for her marriage

    1. Chai.
      What women put up with in the name of marriage.
      She married him with all his baggage and trying to make it seem like he changed in the marriage,meanwhile niggo was damaged goods from the beginning.
      Same with the 2nd niggo whom she has a child for, rotten sh#t.

  6. Ndi abroad celebs don dey confess them iniquities.
    Naija celebs go do?
    Mbanu, na to copy wrong things them sabi do.

  7. Crackheads are truly innovative. Lol

    He's lowkey gloating tho.. Sharing questionable behavior you shoulda kept to yourself just to sell a book. Smh

    I might have to cop the memoir. Sounds wild AF.

  8. Na wa. No be today guy dey kolo. Too much weed is not good for the body

  9. When I see people cussing Khloe out because of this Lamar guy, I just shake my head. If there is anybody to even blame for his addiction and lifestyle, it should be his father.

    1. IPhie, this is all I said to Ada but she decided to send me to the shrink.

      Though she generously offered to pick the bill. Isn't that awfully kind of her?

      Shrinks are several pounds an hour so I'll take her up on it if need be😂😂😂.

    2. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂
      Funny people.

      Have you gone to the shrink yet?😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. In spite of all these,he was a great guy.
    Khloe left him because he cheated and ended up being a baby mama for Tristan who cheated more and still dumped her!
    Khloe is willing to tolerate his wandering dick but the guy was simply on a revenge mission(to destroy her emotionally)and he succeeded!!
    Wetin concern me sef?

    1. Pink lady re wrote the narratives out there. Point Of correction lady, Khloe left Tristan. According to the stories out there.

      However, were you expecting that she stay with Lamar through it all? She tried so hard and even Lamar admitted this but most importantly, one gets to that point where you leave to save yourself.

      Lamar's kind of habit would have eventually drowned her or anyone around him over time. His best friend over dosed.

      You make it sound like he cheated just once. The guy just confessed in his memoir to being a serial cheat and that he cheated throughout their relationship.

      In addition to all of this, he was an addict. Heroin. Please google heroin addiction. If after you read as much as you can on the effects on the lives of users and their families, you can still judge Khloe's decision, then you can wish for it.

      @Tristan not working out, she was bold enough to try again. That it didn't work out is just how life happens. Of all the sisters, she's the one who wanted a child the most. Lamar's habits couldn't make that happen so if all she got from Tristan is a child, then believe me, she has all she needs for now.

      Don't tell me that you're one of those that stay through all sorts of pain because you are afraid to try again?!.

      I hope not pink lady.

      But wetin concern us sef?😂😂😂

  12. Wow! This is how memoirs should be written. This is the type of autobiography I want to read. An honest and brutal story of life. No pretense, no sugarcoating, no my talent shall save the world. Successes as well as failures. He would have written about being a handsome successful NBA star but he is saying No I am a struggling addict, who cheat on his wife, and deceived the NBA. Oh wow, that khloe&Lamar perfect marriage show was a fake, but this book is the truth, his truth. May you remain in light and never grope again in darkness, Lamar. I shall buy this book, should be in my life library.


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