Stella Dimoko Lagos Gov Elect Sanwo Olu Vows To Get Rid Of Trailers Along Apapa Within His First 60 Days In Office


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Monday, May 20, 2019

Lagos Gov Elect Sanwo Olu Vows To Get Rid Of Trailers Along Apapa Within His First 60 Days In Office

Lagos state governor elect Sanwo Olu has made a promise that has all eyes on it!!!

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, governor-elect of Lagos State has promised to decongest Apapa road of trailers and containers causing heavy traffic within the first 60 days of his administration.

Sanwo-Olu made the promise on Saturday during an interactive session with his classmates at the Executive Master of Business Administration class, University of Lagos, 1998/2000 set.

At the event, the governor promised to get rid of the gridlock that has characterized Apapa road for many years irrespective of the politics involved.

He said, “The Apapa trailer issue; it’s a campaign issue; it’s very serious; I’m going to take it very seriously.
I believe that it is something that we are going to solve in the first 60 days of our government. Whatever is going to be required of us, we will take them out.
There is a lot of politics being played around there. But no, it cannot be the way we’ll continue to live. We cannot continue to give excuses.”

From Sahara reporters


  1. Nice one if he can make it happen.

  2. We ain't going no where. We're watching.

  3. Toh, I wish him all the best. As someone that knows the kind of rot going on in this sector of the country, I can tell you for free that it is not up to a handful of people that are holding this country to ransom. The kind of demonic politics being played with people's lives, I can only wish him Solomon's wisdom in handling this issue.

    1. Exactly!!! A lot of underground rot going on.

    2. There was an investigation carried out by one of the dailies on the Apapa Gridlock. Some people are pocketing millions of naira due to the gridlock. The tanker drivers pay heavily to be on that annoying queue. Argghhhhh..
      Another one the agriculture minister spoke about, was the importation of tomato paste( tin tomatoes), there are people cashing out heavily, whilst we have truckloads of tomatoes going to waste on Nigerian network or infrastructure to process them.
      What about electricity? Same thing.
      I wish him plenty of wisdom, because he will need it in abundance.

  4. Replies
    1. I pray he tackles that, Apapa- mile 2 Road is an eyesore. My sister goes to work in Apapa and I really use to pity her. Trailers everywhere and most of them don’t even have proper working break system. If most of them wants to stop, the second man by the driver will jump down and put a big wooden wedge under one of the front tyres. Imagine!!

      But then these politicians and failed promises are like 5 and 6. Let’s hope he does what he said.

  5. Seeing is believing. Until it happens all na wash..... Nigerian politicians been lying since 1900.if you doubt me go and argue with liar Mohammed.

  6. I will play Thomas Didimus on this.

  7. Half of those trucks are Dangote’s. Now the man is a major paymaster in the sector, coupled with so many other heavyweights who own those trucks. I sincerely hope he will not meet with a strong opposition cos this is actually bigger than the whole of lagos oh.

  8. The promises have started, we are waiting

  9. Amen Amen,Mile2,Berger suya,Wilma and bandry...I wish him well

  10. That's what they always say🙄

  11. I only wish this guy will fulfill 50% of his promises.

  12. If truly you can, that will be great. I just have to be positive ; even if I am ........t

  13. Hopefully after been elected into office he keeps to his words


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