Stella Dimoko Ohanaeze Tells Amaechi He Is Not God For Saying Igbos Would Never Be President


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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Ohanaeze Tells Amaechi He Is Not God For Saying Igbos Would Never Be President

The Apex Igbo socio-political organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo on Saturday lambasted the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi for saying the South East can’t produce President Muhammadu Buhari’s successor in 2023.

Deputy National Publicity Secretary of Ohanaeze, Chuks Ibegbu in an interview with DAILY POST said Amaechi is not God as such can’t decide the political future of the region.

Amaechi had asserted that the South East can’t demand for the presidency in 2023 because the region failed to vote for Buhari in the just concluded presidential election.

However, Ibegbu described the Minister’s remark as disgraceful and an affront on the people of the South East.

Stressing that Igbo elites are found of talking down the region, Ibegbu cautioned those affected to desist from such act.

According to Ibegbu: “It’s very unfortunate that an Igbo man of that calibre could make such a statement in public, it’s very bad.

“There is no Yoruba or Hausa man that would say his people would not produce president for one reason or the other. Whether we voted for Buhari or not it’s not for Amaechi to make such statement.

“It’s a very big affront on the political dignity of the Igbo people. Let me tell you it’s not for Amaechi to tell Igbos where to learn politically.

“He can advise but it’s a tragedy for him to go to the public to make such a statement. If he is not happy with the way Igbos voted he should have kept it to himself or advised them quietly, I’m disappointed by that statement.

“Besides, Rotimi Amaechi is not God to decide the political future of anybody including the Igbos, it’s a very disgraceful , unexpected of him and besides some Igbos voted for Buhari just like some Hausas and Yorubas did so there is no essential tribalising the political scenario. It’s not a tribal thing Atiku won in Oyo and Ondo States and almost won Lagos State so is it not Yorubas that voted for Atiku. In the North Atiku made a very strong presence so what will Amaechi say about the Yoruba and Hausas that voted for Atiku .

“This is very disgraceful and many Igbo elites are found of doing this, condemning their people publicly. It’s very unfortunate”.


  1. Someone that has rotimi as a name is not Igbo. Bye

    1. Anon @08:46, how about someone whose name is Amaechi?

    2. WE BUY CONDEMNED INVERTER BATTERY:09020874524 /0814139511319 May 2019 at 11:14


  2. All these politicians, you people will not allow us to rest. Amaechi again, don't worty u will soon cry,

  3. Hes just saying the truth but they will end up calling him all sort of names. APC as a party can't field igbo candidate for now.
    It's not going to happen.

  4. Amechi is a disgrace

  5. They have come again. The bitter truth is that we the Igbos are not united. It will be a tough one to achieve though.

    1. They are united, not just winning tactically at the moment.

    2. So if we all vote for buhari then we are united ,you 've mpama

  6. Stella, Rotimi Amaechi did not say "Igbos will never be president", what he said was that the "South East will not produce the president in 2023". Do you see the difference? We have enough ethnic biases in this country and your wrongly worded headline does not help.

    That said, I understand the politics of why the APC will not zone its presidential ticket to the South East, but in the bigger scheme of things, it is not good for the unity of this country. I am not a believer in presidency based on ethnicity, but I also see the point of those who argue that the South East region is marginalised in this regard.We need to have all regions produce a president sooner than later, so that we can say "we have all had it, can we now produce our presidents based on merit, not ethnicity?"

    1. I don't think you understand anything. The South-East is the same thing as Igbos.

  7. The Ikwerre clan where Amaechi hails from will ever denounce their Igbo lineage. It's been a case of the Ikwerres trying to break free from Igbo domination. The animosity is real and deep seated. So when you hear Amaechi speak with so much vitroils, it's just a wider reflection of a category C Igbo getting back at the Igbos. Amaechi is an errand boy for the federal hegemony to exclude Igbos. Let me quickly say for posterity, Nigeria is doing itself a big disservice by excluding Igbos at the federal level. No country succeeds by supressing it's source of ingenuity. This is just plain truth

  8. Amaechi is a fool and APC is a sectional party. The party does not believe in zoning anything. They are slaves to the monopoly of Buhari and the North West.
    In 2015, when the presidency slot was zoned to Buhari and NW , a zone that had produced almost all the heads of state in Nigeria, was it because they voted APC in their dreams?
    It is such assertions that give the cabal guts to keep up the impunity to only appoint a section of the country and entrench tribalism and nepotism.

  9. GEJ don do Igbo presidency.
    Which one be Igbo after Hausa again?


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