Stella Dimoko Pastor And His Mistress Sentenced To Death For The Murder Of Mistress' Husband..


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Friday, May 10, 2019

Pastor And His Mistress Sentenced To Death For The Murder Of Mistress' Husband..

An Edo State High Court has sentenced one Pastor Udoka Ukachukwu and his mistress, Eniobong Isonguyo to death for the 2013 murder of a senior staff of Nigerian National Petroleum Company NNPC, Engineer Victor Gabriel Isonguyo.

Late Engr. Isonguyo was the husband of Eniobong who was killed by the convicted Pastor.

Engr. Isonguyo was killed and set ablaze while his body was found after some days.

Pastor Ukachukwu who was having an affair with late Isonguyo's wife was arrested when the vehicle of the deceased was tracked to him.

He could not explain how he got burnt injuries on his hands.

Justice G. Imadegbelo heard that the deceased was killed by a sharp object in his car by the pastor and set ablaze in the car on agreement with his wife who was then pregnant for the pastor.

During trial, the court was informed how some millions of naira and landed properties belonging to the deceased were transferred to the pastor.

Witnesses testified that the murder was carried out by the convicts to cover up the pregnancy accusation by the deceased who insisted on knowing how his wife became pregnant while he was away.

Justice Imadegbelo sentenced the two persons to death by hanging.

Eniobong who was four months pregnant at the time of the incident was said to have given birth at the Benin prison.

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  1. The heart of man is desperately wicked

    1. The earlier men start accepting to be 2nd and 3rd husband the better. Embrace polyandry so no one will think of eliminating the 1st husband in order to also be with another man.


  2. See their useless evil faces, wicked world.

  3. Where is that anonymous that ran away from his side chick that thought of killing her husband? Hope i returned the car and didnt look back

  4. I will continue saying it..All those men of satan who called themselve men of God, go suffer no be small..

    You were called by hunger and poverty and not by God..

  5. Just negodu! See what big dick has caused... Women wake up! Forget big dick and face reality for once..

    1. Broke Armageddon dick!who e ever epp? Justice properly served.

  6. People wicked oo....fake prophets everywhere.I feel he jazzed the woman, she may have gone to him for prayers and he jazzed her so that he can take over the man's property and wife

    1. I feel so too.. Real jazz oh. .

    2. Same thing that came to my mind. Most of these prophets are jazz men. I feel for the child involved.

    3. Hmmmm....I know of a lady while growing up who was having marital issues and went to a pastor for prayers.
      Do you know dis pastor that she is even older than got her pregnant. She claims not to know how it all happened.
      Her lastborn is by dat pastor now. The marriage broke totally,d husband has remarried.

  7. See what lust, stupidity and greed caused

  8. Wife from the pit of hell. Men, you guys should open your eyes and seek for God's guidance when you want to choose a woman for marriage. Don't just look out for beauty.

    So many demonic women but beautifully endowed are out there seeking for whom to devour... A word is enough for the wise. God cannot lead you astray.

    May the soul of the innocent man rest in peace... Amen.

    1. What has beauty got to do with a wicked heart? Have you not met people who are not good looking with bad heart.

      Stop projecting your insecurities about beautiful women.


  9. Women and pastors are like 5&6. They would rather obey thier pastor than use common sense or listen to thier hubby, they can even give the car hubby bought for her as gift to pastor, pastor can even tell her to naked for prayers and she will obey, how gullible can they be....even the serpent that deceived EVE in the garden was also a pastor!!!!

  10. This can't be normal, was she jazzed? Who leaves her husband to be impregnated by another man, then goes ahead to help kill the husband and transfer his money and properties to the side hen? Who does that with clear eyes? She's either a witch or was jazzed by the man.

  11. Jesus!!!!
    People are wicked oo.
    Why didn't she just leave the Engineer's house, declare that she don't want the marriage again.

    Hmmmm, I pray, my son will not meet any Delilah nor a Jezebel in his life time. In Jesus name, amen.


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