Stella Dimoko Rapper Eva Alordiah Says She Is Considering Being A Single Parent Or Adopting


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Sunday, May 05, 2019

Rapper Eva Alordiah Says She Is Considering Being A Single Parent Or Adopting

Nigerian Rapper Eva Alordiah is not thinking about getting married but she is anxious about having her babies already!...

If you are gonna be a single Mother,just make sure the relationship between you and the baby daddy is warm for the child's sake cos there is nothing worse than having a child grow up to a parent who is not interested in them...


  1. Replies
    1. love don show this 1 pepper lolzzz, that is what we say when we are vexed.. hmm it is well/ it will all end with praise

  2. I am 36 and not married yet though I'm in a relationship. But I have never thought towards this avenue of being a single parent.
    People think being a single parent is a walk in the park. It's not even the finances,but d emotional aspect. During pregnancy,delivery you just need that support from a partner. Raising a child alone even if you are rich. It's tasking emotionally.
    Though my partner is 39 and he's very keen to have a child,I'm the one still delaying becos we have only been together for some months. I still believe in marriage and will like to be a wife,then a mother despite my age. Give or that in a year.

    1. Good for's her choice....if I am single at 36 I will also consider having a child too

    2. trust me if u are financially stable on ur own it is no big deal, they bring so much joy and happiness that 1 can't explain. everything is beautiful with them until dey grow up and start wanting their own privacy.

    3. May God grant your wishes @anononymous14:49.
      You know your worth and you will have all that your heart desire.

    4. @Anon 14:49. Loads of Nigerian women are married,but actually single. You don't know people's story. It her life, her choice.

    5. Thank you anon 16:35. You’ve made your choice, leave others to theirs.

  3. The mindset of a lot of ladies now.

  4. Whatever makes you happy

  5. Marriage isn’t for everyone. If anyone is capable of taking care of a child alone, they should adopt or have a baby without a man. Thanks to IVF and sperm bank one can do so in peace. Eva, I hope you won’t change your mind later.

  6. Nne Ehen Do whatever make ya happy o..

  7. If that makes you happy and gives you peace of mind why not go ahead.

  8. Abroad copy machines
    As long as you aren't going to collect stolen fork
    you are home and dry.
    Make you go buy sperm from banks and chop belle full
    But no forget to resign ya posts from ya church if you get one

  9. They don't always give a damn about public opinions until they get themselves into the shit.

    Being a single parent (knowingly or deliberately) is not the proudest thing....

    Having a partner in holy matrimony is one of the most beautiful thing in this world. Then, raising your kids together with your partner helps the kids both physically, psychologically, emotionally etc.

    No child deserve to be brought into this world by self centered and selfish people.
    Children are not toys.

  10. Better fOr Eva bcos what made Caesar to runnnnnnnnn is waiting for any of her suitors. They will also runnnnnnnnnnnn

  11. @ Mrs A,so if marriage is not happening, she should waste her life abi?they r lots of kids in the orphanage dey need love,even if it from just one person dey will gladly accept.

  12. This Eva is such a bundle of talent, a very awesome writer and rapper. Eva do what makes you sleep well at night, but count the pros and cons. Much love!


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