Stella Dimoko Reality Star Ifu Ennada Talks About Her Humble Beginnings To Running A Successful Multi-Million Naira Business


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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Reality Star Ifu Ennada Talks About Her Humble Beginnings To Running A Successful Multi-Million Naira Business

Beauty entrepreneur, award-winning actress, and ex Big Brother Nigeria
housemate, Ifu Ennada is The Nation Newspaper’s Flair Magazine cover star.

In this interview with the publication, Ifu gives readers a rare insight
into her humble beginnings, running a successful multi-million-naira
business, her thriving acting career, as well as her hopes and dreams for
the future.

Read excerpts below:

On the journey to establishing a thriving business

When I launched my beauty brand – beautIFU Ennada, 9 months ago it was
quite a memorable time for me. Before that experience I was just a girl
with dreams of owning a successful multi-trillion dollar business.

Although I haven’t gotten to the trillion-dollar part yet, but there’s a
multi something in my story now. I remember days that I would sit in my
dad’s house in the swamps of a slum and just visualize my dreams. That was
after I have done everything physically possible to achieve them.

There were days that I would cry and go without food after sending all I
had to my family. But no matter how hard things got, I never gave up. So
it was a very memorable day when family friends and the media gathered as
I launched my business- beautIFU Ennada.

I was inspired to go into hair care after I suffered severe hair loss and
couldn’t find any effective remedy.

After extensive research, I discovered amazing natural hair-care recipes
that became my remedy. This was about two years ago when I also returned
to natural hair. I had always hated relaxed hair because of how lifeless
it seemed on me. I finally launched my business 9 months ago after I left
Big Brother.

On her first job

My first job was a receptionist job. Although, I ended up being the
cleaner, messenger and Personal Assistant to my ex boss. I was just 17
years old at the time.

I was in school at the time, but worked to support my family and myself.
My salary was just N7,000, but I worked so hard that when I left, I was
greatly missed. My ex boss actually asked me to return with a promise to
increase my salary, but I knew my time there was done and it was time to
move on to greater things.

It was a very interesting experience. There I learnt to be versatile,
manage people way older than I was, as well as work under pressure.

On her acting career

Going down memory lane, I must say that before Big Brother I was getting
good roles. Right now things have gotten better and the experience is very
inspiring for me.

My first cinema film, “Hire a Woman” by Chinney Love Eze, is the
highest-grossing Nollywood film from January 2019 till date. I have some
films that will be released in cinemas soon, such as “Mad About You,” and
also, “The Lost Okorochi,” a film by Abba T. Makama, which I am really
excited about. I also have more unreleased film and TV projects, which you
will be seeing very soon.



  1. Thank God June will come sooner than expected

    1. hahahahahaha...Yori Yori you wicked ooooo...the girl too talk. she wants fame by all means. too desperate.

    2. I am so happy that all of them made use of the fame
      I wished Alex launched something wen she was really in the media, this life just make hay while the sun shines
      I never knew Naomi the boss, i knew her through Alex's fame, the spot wear Ceec will be launching is a good business idea should would have put in because she got the body, never too late anyways

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  3. Another sponsored post by Ifu.

    1. Tension is dealing with Ifu as CEGAR is set for launch on Sunday. Ndoooo Adanne

  4. Congrats on your multi something business

  5. Otu abughi n' ezi -no truth here
    I don't believe any of these Nigerian
    celebrities at all.
    They will not tell you about the "sugar" daddies that they serviced.
    That is their main "jobs".
    All these ones are for the camera.

    1. So true... nobody talks about the older men/ grandpa they are servicing to earn the acclaimed business...

  6. Goodluck on your multi, sis.

  7. Why are you laughing out loud??
    Tell us your own story. Mumu!!

  8. You again? May God bless your hustle

  9. always talking...

  10. Bitch don't exaggerate.

  11. Ifu, Uriel and Gifty!
    Who amongst them could possibly be the most irritating? They put in so much effort to be annoying. Abeg Teejay should make them brand ambassadors make we rest

    1. The three of them are actually.

  12. We hereby grant you the necessary name change:

    "multifu" Ennada!

    Fuuuuyaaa Twitter...Bassss

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