Stella Dimoko Senate Endorses June 12 As Democracy Day


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Friday, May 17, 2019

Senate Endorses June 12 As Democracy Day

The Senate on Thursday endorsed June 12 as Democracy Day in the country.

According to The Nation Report, The upper chamber unanimously concurred with the House of Representatives on the passage of a bill seeking to legalise June 12 of every year as Democracy Day in Nigeria.

If the bill is assented to by President Muhammadu Buhari, May 29 celebrated as Democracy Day since 2000 will cease to be so marked.

It also means that June 12 of every year will replace May 29 as Democracy Day in the country if the bill is signed by President Buhari.

President Muhammadu Buhari, in June 2018, as a way to immortalise late Chief M.K.O Abiola, the acclaimed winner of the June 12, 1993 Presidential election, declared June 12 as the new Democracy Day.

To give the Presidential declaration necessary legal backing, Hon Edward Pwajok (APC Plateau) and Hon. Kayode Oladele (APC Lagos), sponsored a bill to that effect in the House of Representatives last year. The bill passed third reading in in the House in March this year.


  1. We are just cursed with this man called Buhari

    1. Gbam, u have said it all.

  2. Stella, I don't understand the happy emoji displayed above. What is democratic about the Nigeria system? Is it democracy on papers or in reality? Will the June 12 makes any difference or correct the abnormalities found in the country? Do we even have freedom of speech in the country?

    In the right sense, what is democracy? Has Nigeria ever practice it? Did Kano state government keep to court injunction restraining them from creatiing the emirates?

    Didn't Buhari disobeyed several court orders asking for Dasuki to be granted bail? Where is the democracy in Nigeria with all the loop sided appointment favoring the northerners?

    Do you know Kaduna without a sea or river has a dry port but Port Harcourt and Calabar seaport were closed and shut down. Where is the democracy in all these? Must the Southerners and Easterners always go to Lagos to clear their containers? Aba, Nnewi and Onitsha are strong business hub and city. Why aren't the government talking about building local cargo in this area if standard airport isn't viable?

    Now you understand the grave injustice done to the South Eastern part. Nigeria and Democracy shouldn't be on the same sentence whatsoever.

    1. TEEJAY, the points you raised are true but Portharcourt port is operational, not shut down at all.
      May 29 or June 12 as democracy day makes no difference to me. Let them eradicate poverty in the Land.

    2. Teejay, your words make sense. Keep it up more grace

    3. CherishD if you said so, then why do ship stops in Lagos for clearance? Does it mean there can't be direct route to Port Harcourt from China and other part of the world without landing in Lagos? Do you know how much revenue that alone gives to Lagos?

    4. TEEJAY, please, talk only about what you know.

  3. Misplaced priority, will that change the fact that Nigeria doesn't have enabling environment for business to thrive? lack of infrastructure.

  4. As if I've not suffered enough. My birthday is same June 12th. I can't mention it without ppl saying Abiola. Not to talk of the massive suffering of the ppl, Buhari and co, una no see where to help us? Na another senseless holiday. Oh chim.


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