Stella Dimoko Sunday In House Gists -First Time Mum Brouhaha....


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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday In House Gists -First Time Mum Brouhaha....

First time mums always make mistakes............

Some made/make mistakes with the food....
some its with over pampering.....
Some do not let their children become independent early enough.........

Mine was over pampering,my son would cry so much and every time he did,i would quickly carry him,infact i think he was carried by hubby and me 100 percent of the time,I didn't introduce him to the right food on time and suffered for it cos every time i fed him food,he would spit it out or make sure he makes a big mess of it......I used to ask myself if this what being a mum was about until one day i gave myself brain and stopped carrying him every time he cried and i stopped trying to force him to eat,if he rejected it I would leave him until he got really hungry and when i brought the food again,he would eat it all....haha!

A blog visitor mailed me that her kids was beginning to have piles because his poopoo was too strong and was constantly so...I told her to feed him Veggies more often ad she told me he doesn't eat it.....I told her that the decision to give him the right food lies with her,there are so many ways to get your child to eat Vegetables...We just have to find out how to do it.....

What were the mistakes you made as a first time mum and how did you rectify it?

What about with feeding?What did you feed your child and how did you trick them into eating well with being abusive?
You might be saving a mother from her child's drama with your comment..LOL


  1. Let me sit down and learn

    *Larry was here*

    1. Do not wake up to carry them at night, let them learn to go back to bed after suckling, the moment you start carrying them and walking around, you will never know good sleep until they grow.

      Do not let anyone use hot water on your babies cord (to avoid infection), original spirit will make it fall on its own.

      I taught my son to sleep through the night by giving him just water and breast milk rather than pap or tea cuz they become used to it.

    2. Please, also make sure your baby burps after feeding them, this is to avoid milk from getting into your babies nose.

      Do not lay down to breast feed too, I know it can be tiring but please don't.

      When your child starts teething, get those teething toys, refrigerate and give them to nibble on, it reduces the pain.

    3. I disagree with not laying down to breastfeed. If it’s comfortable for you please do, just ensure you burp baby after that and you’re good to go.

    4. I laid down to breastfeed for over 6 months on a steady and nada happened.

      Although, they said it could lead to ear infection.

      Different strokes for different folks really.

      As for those teething toys, he never liked them.

    5. Lying and breastfeeding doesn't cause ear infection... Goggle it... Plus I'm a gud example of that...

  2. I am a first time mum and boy! This prince of mine is so

    So I did not allow him to be independent and always wanted to help him out. Then for the food, he would not eat any fruit except it is blended. He loves cereal and wont eat anything else...until i went to the doctor and he said allow him to be hungry. This child of mine refused to eat for 24hours. My heart was broken....but I made up my nind....he woke up the next morning and ate one and half plate of beans....hahahha

    Now we are good.

    1. Lmao... I can imagine how hard it was for you but mehn sometimes we need to toughen up with these LOs.If my baby doesn't eat to my satisfaction at any meal time, it makes me worried but I just leave her till she is hungry and present the food again. It works everytime.

  3. Mine is 2 months old now and already doesn't allow people she doesn't know touch her. She loves to be carried by me especially and even when I'm changing her diaper, you can see she can wait to he held again. I've asked Google if it's possible for a 2 months old to be spoiled and all answers say "No". She also doesn't like to be backed. Once I carry her on my back she "stands up" or cries till I bring her down. She also doesn't like to be held in her baby carrier...Is my baby spoiled???

    1. Lol i understand...keep her and put little pillow close to her leg..not hand ooo..the like touching something.let her stay in the career or bouncer and u play with her.

    2. A baby with a mind of her own
      As she grows older
      If you give her to someone, disappear from the room

      Then migrate to being in the same room with time

    3. Jet li it doesn’t work o! Rara ,mummy allow her grow out of it, mine is 15months and she just recently started allowing pple touch her small small. Left her once in Children’s Church, they had to announce my name 2 come carry her ,cos it was a big church. Allow her , wen she has a fill of mummy’s warmth she will let go by herself

    4. She is already showing you signs of her type of temperament

    5. Mrs Ake, spoiled keh? No she isn't. She is only 2 months old please. You should be glad your baby wants to bond with you. Enjoy it.

    6. Shininglongrich. The kin slap I receive on a daily, the talking back at me( na only NO and serious warning me with her finger). The girl dey parrrra mk I no lie I dey fear that girl, where she got strong bones from I don't know,how a 15months slaps u and d thing enters ur bone I don't get,e b like God sent her to come beat me up . I just don't understand! Na convent ( NUN) she go end up laslas. Rev.sister for sure. Mk I see if na Rev. Father's she go beat! Nonsense

    7. Hahaha!!
      A strong willed child and a docile parent is a clear recipe for disaster.
      Look her in the eyes, Trainnnnnn her,
      In correction, in instruction, in approval.
      You will get it right.

  4. My advice, get out of all social media especially IG where you upload pictures every minute .
    Now you have a responsibility mom, a little soul's life depends on every
    decision you take. You are no longer looking for a husband; are you? So why all the social media except one that
    will enable you video chat with your relatives/ friends.

    Again, do not buy weird toys for your kids; e.g. snakes, scorpions etc. One Naija Sisi was on social mmebi gossiping when her toddler was playing with his toys in the sitting room.
    It was the husband's scream as he came in from work that brought her back
    to reality. Her boy was shivering before a real snake that has crawled into the sitting room and mingled with his toys.😯 He had frogs and scorpion toys and all sorts. His diaper was so full that it was dripping.
    Ngwanu, na so sisi begin tremble like akwukwu o. .. begin dey stammer. Many
    Naija girls still dey marriage dey hunt for (abroad) husbands for social mmebi o, isn't it?
    Ajuo m ajuju n' ese okwu?

    1. stupid, dry and off point as usual. rest, madam.

    2. Show some self respect for yourself.
      It would help you.

    3. You are depressed. Seek help fast.

    4. Always off off! U must be a dangerous pest in reality. Fuckuo off.

      I respect all Nigerian women as a man. Motherhood isn't a joke.

    5. @16:54
      Did I tell you or say anything above that is disrespectful?
      Can you mention one line up there that disrespected Nigerian women?
      Anyway, my Naija girls wey I dey yarn about know say I no dey disrespect
      them. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    6. So the only reason people go on social media is to look for husbands?so foolish of you

    7. 14:11, stop telling lies please. Not all posts needs your contribution. Capish?

    8. But why are you like This? No be madness be this so? You need to book an appointment with a psychiatrist.

    9. Read that nonsense you wrote and give yourself a thunderous slap.I ageee with you Dainty, we need to contribute money and take this person to yaba left or abeokuta urgently.

    10. Damn, you are so pathetic. You know you don't have to leave a comment on every post right. Terrible human.

  5. My first advice would be- calm down, take it easy. Everything will be fine.

    Next - take care of yourself.

    Then - don't kill yourself if you can't breastfeed or if your milk isn't flowing. Madam, Buy formula. There's for price for the best breastfed baby. Breastfeeding is the best but where it's not available, happily use an alternative.

    Then - give baby to mummy or hubby and take yourself out. U didn't come to this world to die. Motherhood can kill someone. Literally.

    You'll figure the rest out my dear.

    Bye for now.

    1. Shebi if na when u see mummy give baby

    2. I love this.
      Stop stressing.

    3. This will be soooooo moi. Kent shout at all!!

    4. See as e dey sweet to write...better be ready to carry your baby before you get disappointed with people you felt they would be with the baby while you flex.

    5. I can never do baby friendly

  6. Teach your kids the scriptures very early. That is if yourself are reading it at all.
    Some of you push them too early to start school/daycare so that you will have enough
    time to be the neighborhood cctv camera and town crier. 😉😉😉😉😉

    1. Lol i de this table...but its cis she is too clingy...and i need my sanity to look for

  7. Pls ooo make sure u mix enough hot water before u start to bath your kiddo.
    I burnt my baby's leg.
    The scar is still there.
    Also I did not introduce food on time.she ate sma till 2 years.
    My mom will give her food whenever we went visiting;I will be so angry.
    Thank God she walked before a year

  8. I didn't know how to change diapers. On the first night, after my neighbors had left, I needed to change her diaper. I tried and tried until I burst into tears. They taught us in antenatal classes, but I didn't pay attention.
    The next morning, I begged one woman to teach me, that was how I learnt it.

    Every other thing was and is still so easy.

    1. This one na common sense na. Abi there was no youtube or Google less than 2years ago?

    2. Awwwwwwww.

      I can change diapers. Learnt from my elder sister with her twins.

      Anon, getaway with your common sense.

    3. Even in the hospital they still teach you na... me that gives birth thru CS always stays 3 days in the hospital, and everytime the nurses change the baby they will call me to look, and sometimes ask you to try it infront of them.

    4. Olivia lucky you. I never had the opportunity to learn with a baby.
      17:33, your case is different. Unlike you, I left the hospital an hour after I delivered my baby.

  9. First time mum should always seek medical assistance anytime they're confuse.
    How can a second time mum believes her son is suffering from apa afo,( spleenomegaly),ubuwa okpo isi( refusal of the front fontalle to close up) jedi Jedi etc. How can an educated person believes all these rubbish without seeking proper medical guidance? She has finally taken her son to traditionalist and they've done a lot of contortions on her son's head. Even with all that the boy is still not his usual self. Still not eating, still not playing around,still cranky and cries a lot,still underweight for his age. I tire for some educated illiterates aswear. May God heal that handsome boy of whatever he's suffering from.

  10. When I burnt her leg.i rushed her to a pharmacy who broke egg on her leg and gave her antibiotic's.she was bleeding so I took her to narrow way hospital.they bandaged the leg.i was asked to buy honey .I went for dressing every 3 days everyone kept calling me a careless mother.i will cry ehen.when she tried to crawl it will start bleeding and she will be crying.
    I just kept telling my self but they don't bandage day I saw the file.the doctor wrote denmazin.and they were using just demazin and I was billed for it.
    After two weeks I noticed her feets was going together after the bandage was removed.
    I went to a pharmacy;
    I bought demazin and scissors.
    Soaked the scissors in dettol.loosed the bandage.
    The skins that were joining I used scissors to remove them.then sepreate the feet and put cotton wool to avoid joining.i robbed demazin on it.when dried I poured honey.gave her over dose of pcm.10ml.
    That was the first night she slept well.
    I started treating her myself.till she was was challenging for me.
    But I thank God.

    1. Wow 10ml of pcm...i understand dear..its time visit a good hospital or make noise for them head

    2. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 poor baby.

    3. Wow.
      Dermazin does miracle for burnt skin.
      The egg was a good first aid tho.
      Thank God for your courage.

    4. My dear, burns are bandaged well well.
      Next time, go to a good hospital. Dermazine does wonders for burns yeah.
      Too bad the hospital didn't have and never asked u to buy outside

  11. Well mine is still doing me...once i did not see any of my kids around me i panic...i make sure i close all doors bathrooms and all must play where i am sitting. My mum said i am obsessed, that she did not do us this way...why wont i when i was a nanny for many kids growing up.,as for food..they eat naturally

  12. Stella,Thank you for this post.You kept to your word.God bless you .

  13. Mine was whenever he urinated in his diaper in the night i cd just change then the nurse asked me to stop because he has to sleep thru the night with out waking him up to get change.

  14. Stella God bless you cos I seriously need this right now. I’m due in few days so I can learn one or two things.

  15. i am a ist time mum, and everything Stellz said is soooo true with my I have started learning to ignore his wini wini cry cry.. I sometimes give him this stern look and he will stop. This sometimes makes me feel like i am wicked and i then start to ask myself if i am not mentally and emotionally abusing him (i really want the best for him).. Will then draw him close again.. It's very draining stucked between wanting to do the right thing and correcting the wrong ones...

    On food, ooooo, my baby is the Chief of spilling food.. Was frustrated ehn... I will make different foods , this boy will spill all.. I still can't bring myself to ignore him till he is very hungry. It's as though he will loose all the weight in the world... What i do now is give him a lil bit spicy food once i notice he wants to start rejecting food.. I also wash the tongue well.. I do everyday, but i will pay extra attention. So far, its been working..

    Also,what i noticed with the cry cry, when i want to leave his sight, I sometimes bend to his level, carry him, then place him on the chair, and with a stern look, tell him not to come down.. I then soften my look, rub his hair and head, kiss his forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and lips. I then tell him again, i need to work... It works like magic.. I then come to check on him at intervals , rubbing his head as a form of thank you .. On that chair, he will create play for himself .. My son is 1year and 2months ..

    1. so touching.
      i don't know why i feel like crying.

      God bless all mothers.

    2. Please, it's not ok to kiss your child on the lips..

    3. Oh shut up anon. Na ur baby abi na ur mouth

    4. Y is it not ok? I kiss my baby on the lips everyday and I am not stopping soon.

    5. anon 18:36... come beat me when i kiss my child on the lips now.. Nonsense...

  16. Also, don't ignore your motherly instinct.. They sometimes are more safe than what doc says... I won't impose this on anyone, but try as much as possible not to rush to always use multivitamins for them.......and drugs too... Once thier body get used to drugs, thier immune system won't be able to fight somethings on its own..

    1. exactly, when my son was about 3weeks old, he was always sleeping,hardly suckled but sleeps, I kept telling every one something was wrong but they kept saying he is baby, they love their sleep.

      The next day, I cried until we were taken to the hospital, guess what! my son was diagnosed with sepsis, I cried my eyes out cuz it could have been worse, there was no high temperature so there was no way of knowing.

      Always trust your instincts, no matter what anyone tells you.

    2. Wow, push up. Thank God.

  17. Advice for first time mummies:
    - get as much help as you can, whether you are a career woman or not. You need assistance every now and then so you don’t break down
    - have your doctors on speed dial, don’t allow the older auties or mummies diagnose and prescribe for your child aghara aghara
    - tell yourself when you will wean your child and stick by it
    - be prepared to discipline your baby ooo. Yes, especially when it comes to introducing new food, they can be very fussy
    - don’t always go with the fad foods in the market, if you take time to introduce foods that are close to natural to your kids, you will be better off for it
    - if you bring a new help when you have a baby, please keep your eyes on your kid 24/7 until you are very comfortable with your help. That’s how my sister’s help ran away after a few days, She didn’t know when the girl left the house and she keeps wondering- what if she had carried her kid.
    - for me, this was the most important lesson, sleep when your child sleeps; as you may not get enough sleep at night. Once you lack sufficient sleep, you mess with your overall well being.

  18. What i am having difficulty with is potty training him.. My mum told me to sometime remove his diaper, hold his pee pee and make "siiiiiii" sound... hahahahahaha.

    The day i tries doing it, my son was laughing and also trying to make the sound. It was so funny we ended up laughing hard . Even if he spends 2hrs in his potty, my boy won't poo, immediately i carry him up, diaper or no diaper, he will poo.. #poutslips

    1. I don't stress about potty training, I go with the flow. When they are ready, you will know. They will probably start hiding to poo or get uncomfortable when they are soiled.
      And remember, you worry only for the 1st child, the others, when born, will follow the older ones cue.

    2. This is exactly my son...someone please enlighten us on potty training.

    3. Hello BooBoo, I don’t know how old your son is, I started potty training after one year and one thing that will help is consistency. Take him to the potty every now and then, and to help with your dedication, don’t let him wear diapers during the day when he is in the house. Another thing I will suggest is to put the potty where he can see it (not living room sha). When he starts urinating in the house, rush him to the potty and ensure he finishes there. With time, he will understand that the potty is where all his waste goes to. It’s not easy, but children learn quickly, soon he will be the one to say ‘mummy I want to wee wee’ Good luck dear

    4. About potty training, the key is timing and consistency.

      My son's school helped alot. Once they are in school, the care givers take off the diaper and wears them their pant.

      30 minutes later they take them to their mini toilet while saying to them, time to wee or time to poo.

      If the child poos, you know say na to dey per remain.

      When my son at 16months first started saying to me "ah wee", I'd say why now? But touch him and see he isn't wet. He'd look confused and repeat it "ah wee". So, I took him to the toilet, viola! He actually meant, I want to wee.

    5. Thanks Mystic... Will consciously and consistently follow you advice... God bless you

  19. Nice post Stella.
    I’m in my 3rd trimester and I’ve not gotten a pin. Hubby gave me some money nd I added some of mine but I’m just scared. I don’t want to buy the things that are less important now as I’m managing the money.
    The confusion no be here. I’ve never cared for a baby my whole life and I don’t know where to start from or what n what I should buy first. God please help me as d thought of this takes away my sleep.

    1. Why not use google to epp yaself. Tooor

    2. Of importance, until you get a direction.
      1. Whatever items the hospital has asked you to buy.
      2. Nappies
      3. Wipes
      4. Baby overalls short and long hands. About 10 each. Please buy 3-6 months, to save you money of running to buy again due to growth. Your baby will quickly grow into it. Do not bother about babies dresses, shirts, shorts etc. No one really cares. And baby will be super comfortable in overalls.
      5.Baby bed- not compulsory, buy something you can afford. You can even buy those ones you can use on your bed.
      6.Baby bottles if you plan on expressing or using milk. Just get 4 to 5. Watch out for the bottle tips/ mouth, they vary.
      7. Sterilising tablets to sterilise the bottles after wash...check Milton Sterilising tablets.
      8. A big plastic bowl with cover for the bottles during sterilisation.
      9. Long bottle sponge for washing the baby bottles.
      10. Baby blankets...2 should be fine for now, till you get more money.
      11. Baby hat. 3 should be fine.
      12. Baby soap, sponge, towel, oil for hair and body. Dont stress so much, get ones that are organic ...try coconut oil, shear butter.

      Ermmmm, I'm still thinking, cant rmbr much. But in all, you will be fine. Do not buy unnecessary items until you are sure you would use them, or you can afford them.

    3. In continuation as to what anon15:36 have written
      Cotton wool
      Toiletries .
      Also first time mum's should avoid self medication for the child... Especially teething and colic problem .Don't give drugs yourself to your child. Also avoid giving the child herbs or herbal drink leads to kidney failure atimes. And most teething drugs causes ulcer as the child grows up later in life ...Try and always have a digital thermometer, it helps, the one they sell for 350.

    4. 15.36

      Baby overalls short and long hands. About 10 each......
      Is this romper or body something like jumpsuit?

    5. Items on the hospital list

    6. Thanks for the replies guys... I appreciate it

    7. In addition, skip on the baby lotion and just buy original ori.
      To save up on the Milton tablets, break them in half and reduce the water you use then sterilize the baby feeders in batches.
      To wash your baby clothes, buy that big premier soap or any mild toilet soap.
      If you can't afford baby milk, don't stress as breastfeeding is the koko and rink plenty fluids to aid it or if it's not flowing well original fresh palm wine not adulterated oh will do wonders for the flow.
      God will use the coming of this baby to open doors for you and your husband in Jesus name.

  20. a friend lost her 3month old due to negligence on the nanny part, both mother and father her working class, the baby was left in care of the maid, and she dropped the baby on bed immediately after feeding him, and she went out to buy recharge card, baby died before she returns
    many people were blaming the couple, that they like money,that the wife should have resigned to care for her baby, and this same people will badmouth a full house wife taking care of her kids

  21. Mistakes? Can't really think of any. I consider pregnancy a spiritual journey and I took it as such.

    I was ALWAYS declaring God's word. Nothing was too insignificant for me to pray about. I would even stand before the mirror, lay hands on my stomach and declare that I won't have stretch marks or "mummy pouch".

    When I read about colic, I declared that it won't be my son's portion. And I really did get exactly what I declared.

    I went on mat leave on a Wednesday and delivered on a Friday. Wore heels till 7 months.
    Mehn, my pregnancy was smooth n sweet.

    Raising my boy too wasn't too much of a burden. I did exclusive for six months, expressed my milk and mixed with his home made pap/millet/groundnut/crayfish meal. He ate this till 9 months, then started taking swallow.

    I continued breast-feeding till he was 2 years and six months.

    I feel proud and grateful to God cos I really got it right the first time.

    1. Wow ..Nice one HRH, God be praise

    2. Abeg stop lying..
      People like you make real mums feel like they are not getting it right. Everything must be spiritual even the people that have stretchmarks dont know God...this rubbish you wrote there is the reason why Nigeria is where we are today.

  22. I learnt from a fellow mother when I had my baby to only use baby oil on my baby's skin and I must say, it worked like magic. Within a week after her birth her skin was so cleared and smooth. She will be 10 months by the end of the month still I have not been able to even start using lotion on her. All her lotions are packed here, probably I will start using them on her when she clocks 1.

    New mums should also make sure they have Blue seal Vaseline. Anytime u re changing your baby's diaper make sure u apply a generous amount of it on her bums, by so doing, you won't notice any diaper rash.

    Another advice I will give is that diapers must not be used every minute. Sometimes allow the southern region to get some air. For me, baby uses diapers if we are outside the home but once we are back I remove it and she wears just her cloth. If she wee wee's n it, change the clothe, don't allow your baby stay in a soiled clothe as it canlead to cold.

    If u don't have a big handbag get one cos u can't leave the home without your babies stuff. I normally put 3 extra pieces of diaper, 2 change of clothes, a sweater, extra bib, her flask containing pap, soyabean in milk in small container, her plate and spoon and a bottle of water... Hen my own stuff( so big bags are a must have).
    Final advice, if u can, please prepare your baby's akamu( pap) and soyabean by yourself. Most of what they sell in the market is just so bad. If u don't know ask who knows to teach u, it was a friend that taught me and I have been preparing them myself. I must say I'm more comfortable knowing I'm the one doing them.


    1. Diff babies with different skins.Some have rashes when applied oil while some to rashes. Medically,mothers are advised to apply only powder for some weeks before these oils and lotions cos of their delicate skin.

    2. Please medically it's not advised to use powder at all, cause it causes catarrh and some other respiratory issues. .Hypoallergenic products are being advised to be used by mothers.. Eg blue seal, sebamed oiletc

    3. Please no baby powder or any form of powder o. It has been linked to cancer etc

  23. Thank you Stella, I've learnt one or two things. I'm due next Month please spear a prayer for me.

    1. You shall deliver safely in Jesus mame Amen

  24. Am a first time mum. My baby is 9months old, it has not been easy. I haven't had much outside help with him. And am so paranoid to get outside help since a close family mistakingly made my baby fall to the ground from the couch while carrying him and dozing when he was just lest than 7 days old.
    I don't even trust his father with him, because he dozes off often.
    Lessons I have learnt is avoid sleeping on the same bed with a baby because he might fall to the ground, this happened one night. I felt very bad since then I put him in his bed.
    He also fell from a couch while I quickly went to grab something from the kitchen. Note that I joined two couch together.
    He is super clingy. When I put him in his walker or chair which he now resists he would protest by struggling with me. When he finally stays I cant even go to pee he would cry so hard till am back.
    He likes breast milk a lot he wakes up at least 3 times or more at midnight to suck and he even protest and cry when I put him back to sleep till I put him back to feed.
    As for feeding I practically force him to take some spoons of food. He takes pap(ogi baba) rice cereals by Gerber with sma gold,ewedu blended with locust beans and fish, sweet potato blended with fish,blended Apple,blended mango now that it is in season,blended banana with egg yoke and avocado pear.
    He does cry and get scared when he sees visitors.
    His dad stays in a diffrent room from ours.
    Am basically exhausted.
    I can hardly go to the saloon because he doesn't feed from his bottle but rather the direct source. I had to cut my hair.
    He sometimes wakes up at midnight for like an hour and if there is light he watches cartoon which he enjoys.
    He has some teeth now. Thank God the teeth din't really stress him, he takes teething powder though but not drugs.
    When he was smaller he suffered from colic. Grip water din't help much.
    Everything in sight is for his mouth.
    I also sterilize his teething toys and gloves as well as feeding bottles and utensils every other day.
    Cleaning his mouth is a thug of war.
    Cutting of nails extremely difficult.
    He enjoys eating remote and phones,earpiece.
    While I was carried away seeing TV all for me to turn he was chewing paper. Gush.
    I won't lie I keep asking myself that which kind wahala I put myself for. This is no joke but a lifetime responsibility.
    I hardly sleep well as for the dad he is always out even when its weekend. Like he is avoiding the stress.
    And when I complain that he needs to always help he tells me that it's a woman's job or what if he isnt around.
    He locks himself in his room even in the midnight.
    Some men can be funny.
    All in all I love my child just the way he is.

    1. God bless you.
      You can cut your baby's nails when he's asleep. It's always a tug of war if they're awake.

    2. Wow 15:52, so sorry for all you're going through.

      If spouses are not careful, a new born can create a wedge between you.

      The key is for both parent to understand that it is both their responsibility. If the both care equally, they'll not only bond with the child but build intimacy with themselves.

    3. Your husband is wicked sha!
      He needs to help you out... imagine cutting your hair because you have a baby not because you wished to.

    4. Hi dear , when you wean him off breast milk, you will sleep better. He will protest for about a week or so, just give him milk and he will gradually adjust. Dont stop breastfeeding abruptly, just reduce the feeds and offer him other things he likes till you completely stop.

      Motherhood is not easy at all. You need to have a chat with your husbsnd. He is being selfish. It is both of you's responsibility. Let him know he h
      as to help in any little way he can.All the best.

  25. Don't be too clingy, I know you are busting with emotions and can't just keep your hands and eyes off your sweet cutie,but don't overdo it, I made this mistake with my first child,even to go to toilet became a problem he will be wailing, I have to borrow myself brains and start allowing people around carry him, gradually everything became normal.

  26. My post Natal was damn stressful..episiotomy pains,nipple pains,sleepless nights and others. I almost felt into depression but God saved me.Abeg I no wan remember wetin I forget. For infant feedinh,i made sure i introduced what we could afford and they enjoyed them.As a new mum whose income aint stable,please dont start introducing expensive cereals cos the child might not agree to other local cereal thereby stressing you financially.

  27. First time sharing this, 3 days after the delivery of my son a friend came to felicitate with us on His birth, As He was leaving I carried my son and escorted him down the street . My landlord watching me from him own flat ran after me with his wife to collect the baby from me, I knew he would have slapped me if he could. The tongue lashing my wife received from both of them was out of this world.
    Anytime I look at him now as a 14yrs old I laugh at our inexperience in handling him then

  28. Can't wait to be a mom poo
    don't think i will make much mistake because i have helped my sisters nurse 3 babies plus my mom is a pro in taking care of babies....
    Can't wait to shsre my own story

  29. Dear first time mummies please Google baby centre and subscribe. They will take you on day to day journey and stay with you till your baby is a year or so. They will tell you what to expect at every stage of your pregnancy, what to buy, what is normal and what is abnormal. It's a free site Stella so please post. It helped me with my first and others that followed.

  30. It is so stressful. In as much as u need help, make sure u are leaving ur baby with someone u trust, ur sister, mother or ur husband. Especially for the first few months. Let your help watch and learn. She can be cleaning the house and other things. If she must hold the baby, 30 mins max. When ur baby sleeps, switch off ur phone and sleep. Towards midnight, give the baby to your husband to so u can get some sleep. Baby rocker is very important, esp the ones with seat belt. The baby won't fall. Rock the baby gently. I prefer my baby in a rocker than on anybody's body. Your help can carry him or her if she is fussy or crying. Even if the help sleeps off, the baby won't fall. All new mums, get a rocker

  31. After buying what the baby needs, buy yourself about 2 wigs. Buy haircare products I.e shampoo and conditioner. Wash your hair by your self and ask the hairdresser to come in and weave your hair into neat cornrows. Wear your wigs on outings.

    Let baby have his/her own bed and let him/her sleep in it. If you start allowing baby sleep in your bed, getting him/her out when its time may be difficult (my experience) my son actually thinks our bed is his and sometimes, he tries kicking his dad out.

    After 6months of exclusive, gradually start feeding baby other healthy meals. After a while, if baby is picky, find out what baby likes and give. My son loves fish and meat so we lased his meals with fish or meat. Later on, we started withdrawing the fish/meat. Now he eats what we give him whether it has fish or not.

    Don't force a child to eat, it could do more harm than good. I too went down that route but it was draining. The method I tried above was the real deal.

    As Stella said, with fussy eaters you might want to allow the go hungry for a while. Hunger sometimes too can make the food more tasty to baby (Hunger sauce) Don't worry, baby won't loose weight overnight.

    Pray for baby before baby is born, pray for baby and make positive declarations the moment you hold baby in your arms... You can take photos later. (Hubby held baby before me but before then I had told him what to do... He prayed for baby and I did too the moment I held him.)

    When your due date is close, put your house in order and cook in bulk and store in the fridge so hubby doesn't but beans for you to eat at the hospital after delivery. Brb. Ba3 low

    1. Even with all the soup and stew in the fridge, the lazy man that I married will prefer to buy food outside than to enter into the kitchen. and boil rice. I pray if I have a son that he shouldn't end up like him. Like say him blokos go disappear if him enter kitchen

  32. Beautiful post...congratulations everyone 😘😘😘
    By God grace by this time next year,I will be sharing my own experience too

  33. My dear try and get help no matter how little it is, because if you continue like this, you will just breakdown one day


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