Stella Dimoko Thai King Vajiralongkorn Marries Bodyguard And Makes Her Queen....


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Thursday, May 02, 2019

Thai King Vajiralongkorn Marries Bodyguard And Makes Her Queen....

The king of Thailand has married the deputy head of his personal security detail, and given her the title of queen, a royal statement said.

The surprise announcement comes before his elaborate coronation ceremonies begin on Saturday, when his position is consecrated.

King Maha Vajiralongkorn, 66, became the constitutional monarch after the death of his much-loved father in 2016.

He has been married and divorced three times before and has seven children.

A royal statement said: King Vajiralongkorn "has decided to promote General Suthida Vajiralongkorn Na Ayudhya, his royal consort, to become Queen Suthida and she will hold royal title and status as part of the royal family".

Queen Suthida is King Vajiralongkorn's long-term partner and has been seen with him in public for many years, though their relationship has never before been officially acknowledged.

Footage from the wedding ceremony was shown on Thai TV channels late Wednesday, showing other members of the royal family and palace advisers in attendance.

The king is seen pouring sacred water on the head of Queen Suthida. The couple then sign a marriage registry.

In 2014 Vajiralongkorn appointed Suthida Tidjai, a former flight attendant for Thai Airways, as the deputy commander of his bodyguard unit. He made her a full general in the army in December 2016.

The previous king, Bhumibol Adulyadej, ruled for 70 years, making him the longest-reigning monarch in the world when he died in 2016.


  1. Good move monarch.
    When the so called royals have shown you your butts,
    the best thing is to marry a so called commoner who will respect you.

  2. This king na original mental case. Just google all his exploits. Stella, he lived in Germany for a while nau. You sabi am?

    1. Oh yes! Is he not the cropped top wearing king? He likes to show out. 🤣

  3. I think Asian leaders are crazier and more power drunk than their African counterparts.
    In 2014 she was an air hostess and in 2016, a full General in the Army!
    Grace indeed found her...

    1. Anon. Grace has not found her at all. The appearance of money is not everything. She look petrified in those wedding photos. Even the king's mother describes him as depraved o.

  4. Shower of blessings on a plebeian!

  5. That last name though.. so difficult to pronounce

    1. Wait till u see his full name.
      You go need double cheese burger to pronounce it. 😂

  6. Congrats to them. This king no send anybody... O

  7. Grace and mercy! There must be something extraordinarily unique about her that made him marry her.
    Favor, Grace and mercy pls locate me and order my steps to my atakutinisenilore alaanu

  8. I love this man and his late father. Long live and God save the king

    Stella why didn't you put his full name out here.. 😂

    1. It will occupy the space needed to write the other info 😁

    2. It will occupy the space needed to write the other info 😁

  9. After reading this, I just remembered a movie (Korean or Chinese -not sure) I saw some months back (I think it's titled princess agent or so). The emperor/king had partners with titles like Imperial Concubine, Viscount Concubine, etc.
    And I thought within me, what is wrong with some people?

    At least this one upgraded well...from consort to Queen.

    Congratulations to them on their wedding.


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