Stella Dimoko The Guardian's Editorial Memo To President Buhari....


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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Guardian's Editorial Memo To President Buhari....



  1. These people should calm down nah, they are even causing more panic with all these stories.

    1. Calm down?

      Do you know the statistics of middle class families relocating to Canada?

      Do you know the number of deaths in Northern Nigeria?

      Do you realize there is a plan on ground to start a fulani radio station backed and funded by the Federal Government?

      Causing more panic you say?

      Yollar please face reality

      GOOD MORNING GUARDIAN NEWSPAPERS....thank you for waking up

  2. Correct. mr letter writer adesina over to you

  3. He has branded IPOB as a terrorist organisation when it is just a mere interest/pressure group that has not killed anybody but the real bloodthirsty fulani that are extremely armed and killing people everywhere and snatching their lands, that even the UN has branded them a terrorist group yet he prefers to treat them with kid gloves. The chronicles of his rule will be stored in the same place as those of Babangida and Abacha for generations to view.

    1. Funny enough the man they labelled terrorist and his people is currently in US to mark Biafrans heroes day celebration that will lock down the whole of eastern Nigeria and some part of Nigeria in the south south.

      He was in Germany few weeks ago, has been in London after leaving Isreal and will be heading to Canada soon and I asked, why haven't these countries securities arrested a terrorist and send him back to his country for conviction if he pose a global threat? Can El Rufal enter US at the moment? I thought Nnamdi Kanu was declared wanted by Justice Binta Nyako? So why aren't interpol all over the countries he had visited arrested him?

      You see how mediocre Nigeria has become. So shameful that I cry each night to leave this country before my sanity be put to test or questioned.

    2. @Anon 16.54, thank you for that objective writeup. The downfall of a country begins when the value for human lives regardless of age, ethnicity, religion or socio-economic status is lost

  4. Truth is that Mr President has shown little or no effort in tackling security lapses in the nation. The herdsmen were rated fourth most deadly group according to the global security index but the government are encouraging them.

    Recently, they demanded for 100billion under the umbrella of Miyelty Allah. While that is still been discussed and condemned, a radio frequency modular or what they called it has been purchased for the Fulani headers. When asked, the presidency said it was for educational purposes. I want to ask this minute, what educational purpose could be better than building schools or enrolling them in one? How many of the big men from the north you get to see their kids rear cows from one location to another?

    Every strong sectors of the nation security apparatus is occupied by 95% of northerners and mostly Fulanis, so also is the Judiciary and NNPC.

    When the former DSS boss was fired, the position fell on a Southerner from Bayelsa, what happened? He was quickly retired/removed thereby paving way for another northerner. What of custom boss, immigration and all that?

    The president hasn't hide his disdain for other sections of the country, and you think his continual contesting for presidency for twelve years wasn't for a purpose.

    The likes of Obasanjo, TY Danjuma, Bode George and Wole Soyinka all speaking up now, spoke late or came up too late rather, and I say Good morning to them all. Another Othoman Danfodio scenario will soon play out after the southern part and middle belt have been disarmed with the new gun control system. Our land then will be forcefully graze upon with sophisticated armed herdsmen control by the presidency.

    1. If you have taken beef in past one week, then you are guilty of aiding and abetting the herdsmen.

  5. people hardly go to their farms here. just imagine after the hard work one herdsman with his cows will come and feed on your farm.
    i hope we dont wake up one morning only to be called tenants in our own country because the landlords have taken


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