Stella Dimoko Former Beauty Queen Ibidun Ighodalo Sends An Inspirational Memo To Nigerian Youths -Must Read


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Friday, June 21, 2019

Former Beauty Queen Ibidun Ighodalo Sends An Inspirational Memo To Nigerian Youths -Must Read

Former Beauty queen and Pastor's wife Ibidun Ighodalo sent this memo to Nigerian youths,advising them on a lot of issues........including not allowing anyone talking them into becoming s#xually active when its not time.

''My dear young ones....
How are you today? I don’t know where you are in life or how tough this season is for you but what I do know is that it would pass and everything will be okay. 

Every problem has an expiry date. My heart is with you and I want you to know that there is nothing you are going through that I haven’t been through or worse. Thank God we don’t look like what we have been through 🙏. 

The world out there is not friendly, wealthy and powerful men/women will ask you to sleep with them to solve a problem you have; school fees to pay, relative that is ill or rent to pay? How do you cope? It is tempting... it looks like an easy way out, a voice telling you no one will know just do it... will it solve the problem? It might temporarily but.... a bit of you has been taken away. God didn’t put a price on you so how long for will this continue? We all make mistakes and he is an amazing and merciful God, ask for mercy and divine strength to walk away from those vices.

 Find something productive and impactful to do, make yourself valuable, make sure you have a great service you can render. God will honor you if you trust him completely. I have also heard that dating without s#x is now unacceptable in today’s times, my dear young ones anyone who can’t wait to commit and make a real woman/man out of you isn’t worth it. I know and hear the fears of how do I know she/he is good in bed? 

How do I know if she/he is s#xually active? In all we do we reap what we sow and once you have s#x the trust can’t be 💯 anymore from one partner. Anyone who can’t help you or be with you without sleeping with you isn’t yours and trust me if you honor God, He will make a way and will never let you regret you obeyed him. TRUST GOD. He sees and he knows. He never leaves his own. Don’t give up. Hold on and be strong I am super proud 🙏🙏''


  1. My girl, my woman, my sweetheart. I love you with the love of Christ.

  2. Beautiful woman ,well said . God will help us all. Times have really changed indeed!

  3. Hmmmm Ibidun! Hmmmmm

  4. True yarns.
    Naija girls una hear am?
    Make una send the thunders and nkita ara elsewhere
    😊😊😊😊😊 make my smooth nyansh rest, unu anugo?

    1. ANG beke
      I wish you a weekend as smooth as hojr nyansh....👻👻

    2. Ang smooth ikebe😘😘
      Please were you a virgin till marriage?

  5. You are right ooohen you trust God he makes a way. When I travelled as an immigrant student. My mother join groundout money, money from friends, relatives too. I told her I am not going like how will I survive over there after I had exhausted everything. Even though I promised myself to find student job to support. She said God will make a way ok na. JUST two weeks of n my troublesome roommate who has been on my neck ever since I arrived like she hasn't seen a gorgeous black girl before (she would always say let's go to the mall, restaurant, supermarket, she even invited me to her birthday) told me someone has fallen for me. I laughed in swahili. When did I get here and besides I already zeroed my mind to have a boyfriend because of this sex wahala. Was a mermaid. But she wouldn't leave me alone so just a month of reaching I already had a boyfriend who was also a virgin( how I knew, i will write it here later). Well this man paid for my two years house rent , rented a car for me all on him. Gave me allowances and proposed a month later. When you wait on God he surprises you. All my family are her thanks to him. He worked their coming over and paid for their plane tickets and helped them settle despite his busy schedule.

    1. God will continueto enrich his pocket. I love stories like this.

    2. Gosh! Wooow ! Woow!

  6. Some people will come here now and say she is a hypocrite. Like when you talk from experience it's a crime. People should learnt o why away from premarital sex. Even if everyone is doing it what is your business. is your name everybody?. Be you and stop hiding under people's shadow. They make their own decision to have sex make your own.

  7. Very true. Thank you beautiful Ibidun, God bless you

  8. Beautiful woman! FGGC Oyo! Owini Hills

  9. Ibidun!,once upon a time i loved and respected you,scales are off!


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