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Friday, June 21, 2019

Mrs Dee's Corner - Suspended.

Every dog has it's day...............

If there is one school I can pinpoint that has no tolerance for exam malpractice, it's my Alma Mater. My department even took it a notch higher that if a student so much as turned her/his head backward during examination or talked, such a student would be forced to sign the malpractice form and either suspended or expelled.

I used to feel detached when I saw other students caught, suspended and in some rare instances expelled, till it happened to my close friend.

We were made to choose between French and Igbo as a borrowed course. The majority of us saw Igbo as the lesser evil and opted for it.

My friend was an Igbo babe but was born and raised in Lagos. Although she understood the language, she could neither speak nor write in It.

We all prepared for the Igbo exam and halfway through the paper, a lecturer caught her with a little piece of paper tucked in between her answer sheet with information relating to the questions. Her paper was seized and she was sent out of the hall but not before she had signed the exam malpractice form.

I saw my friend lose weight before my very eyes. Her parents were managing to get by and this situation would shatter them.

The next semester when we resumed she was handed a letter suspending her for three academic sessions. She was inconsolable and I shed a few tears as well.
It was so sad to see her go.

*What kind of half gist is this please?So what happened to her afterwards?Did she eventually complete school?


  1. I hope the school authorities took her back. How did her parents manage the suspension?

  2. SDK, Dee might know if she finished or not if she passed out before the girl..

    My alma mater does same too.
    When I hear people from other universities talk about entering with friends and having a formation I laugh.

    In Caritas University, you are sharing seat with totally different levels /department.

    E.g. A final year student writing Mac 411 is seated with a 100 level student writing IRPM 106 and 200 level Engr student writing CCE 202.

    Students are sent out of exam halls all the time. Papers are shredded on steady. Malpractice form is always filled atleast daily.

    😂😂😂😂. People still cheat oo but you have to be very very very very sharp because the invigilators behave like demons.

  3. I very much doubt she finished the school

  4. Lol. Stella like gist. But poster you no try na! Give us full gist mbok.

  5. This happens in my school,2 years suspension

  6. Stella you too like gist 😂😂😂

    Unilorin doesn't carry last in this kind of thing
    If you are caught ehn, you will face disciplinary committee at the Senate. It's like a court case and no suspension but expulsion. It will be posted in the punch and Guardian papers, parents can see and they will be asked to wear gown with pictures all over the school.

  7. Some girls put those micro sheets between their thighs, inside their vj, inside bras,
    even inside the anus.

  8. I had a friend back then in uni...We were study buddies and she was a book worm.
    But on the day of examination,she brought lil rolled notes with answers that she'll put in the strap of her bra...I was surprised because she'd already read and was prepared,so why did she feel the need to still want to do that.


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