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Friday, June 21, 2019

Friday Gistscafe - DRY!

Some times it can be dry...........As dry as what the word dry connotes!!!

Today the gistscafe is closed to customers but open to wholesale gists merchants ......

What stories did not hit the headlines this week?
Which ones did that really pissed you off and why?
What is your favourite story this week?
Who is favourite celeb of the week?
Which celeb uses their social media handle positively?
Which celeb uses their social media handle negatively?
Which celeb social media handle cant you do without visiting every day?

I am coming oh..........


  1. Last question....OMOSEXYYYYY

  2. CeeC is my favourite celeb of the week. I love that girl

  3. The story that pissed me off was the one Uti declared cee C the most successful bbn 2018 hm. That was so uncalled-for. Then, i can't do without visiting Genevieve nnaji's page in a day. What else? Nothing. Lemme see other comments.

    1. Abeg leave matter for Mathias. Please tell me about the on going women's world cup, I am not watching. Thank you.

    2. Hahahahaha. Blessed Princess you be Case o. Well our super falcons match out against the German babes tomorrow by 4:30pm. South African women lost out of the round of 16 leaving just the super falcons and our Cameroonian counterpart from Africa to battle it out for the quarter final stage.

  4. The only Nigeria celebs I follow are Genevieve and Nse. Both are quiet, carry themselves with class and have good comportment.

    The rest are loud and razz.

    πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„

  5. Vitamin C did it for me. Anything about her gives me joy. Again she uses her social media postively. Ceeccc May God continue to shower his blessings upon you from above.

  6. Stella if i dont visit ya blog my body will be doing me tini tini toyotoyo

  7. The story that pissed me off was the one of that classless sissy called α»₯tọ. And what Yvonne Nelson posted on Father's day, it was so annoying because I expected her to know better because she deserves better but choose to take that route.

    My favorites celebrities of the week were Genevieve, Omotola, Uche, Stephanie and President Trump.

    The story that made my day was that of Pastor Rapu and some interesting father's day stories that I read online.

    The celebrities that uses their social media handle to causes havocs are Tonto, Uche Obodo, and the newest one is Moyo Lawal.

  8. Story of the week -Pheww! Most na fork, fork, snatch, snatch ...but that one ?? last week of the girl
    that abandoned tohtoh chopping...made my entire week till now! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Na so I go dey laugh on the road and sing when I remember am.
    DH return see me as I dey dance and
    I yarn am the gist, im join dance...
    Nigeria has got no influential celebrity at the moment. They are all selfish and egocentric and using
    social mmebi to destroy and tarnish each other's image.
    Oyibo asuru asu...

    I don't visit any social media talkless of anybody called "celeb".
    Sdk na my media...

    1. We are on the same page, I am not even on Instagram. Today na weekend na, you go collect legitimate pounding wella

    2. @Blessed
      So everything wey I write there na legitimate pounding (wey no dey there)
      you come see? 😜
      And who yarn you say na only weekend I dey collect am?
      I dey collect am anytime o inside the bedroom except of course when I dey
      Legitimacy dey give peace of mind

  9. My own is...won't Gotv show this year's BBN? Or is my decoder not good enough?

  10. Toke's SM handle is it for me. There I find thumbs up post, Yimu post, vain post, fashionista post, bla bla bla. If I see her YouTube post, i skip. Can't waste data for a many faced bitch(This is a compliment- I love her complexity) LoL.
    Baby girl should win the entertainer of the year award.

  11. The story weh weak me this week na the Murder of Prof Amadi on Wednesday right in his home at Rumuolumeni

    He did not deserve to die, sometimes to dey overstubborn no good,
    I hear after the robbery as the robbers were leaving his house he exclaimed that he knew one of them..
    That robber came back and hit him on the head with his gun and that was it.
    May his soul R.I.P.

  12. OMOSEXY and Gen Nnaji are my celebs of the week.

  13. CeeC does it for me. For the fact that she dey her lane , since she left BBN, dey hustle, she no mind anybody, no response to trolls, no controversial interviews, no mentioning of names , that will attract negative vibes from people, & lots more , I respect her the more, Bam too, aside from what happened in BBN , she’s focused & away from controversy , unlike her click of friends. I like Amneeka & Anto a well, mature & dignified ladies. For the last question, if I no open SDK , hourly, wetin I dey find for other sites, wey no dey here?

  14. Last question..Noble Igwe,Since he started the "meeting Chioma" series I'm trapped thereπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  15. Na SDK be my media aid, lol. Here I dry see front, back, left, right and center. Anything I don't see here, I hardly know it happens. If I have a live in house help, will love to go see a movie this night with my husband, but we can't leave our son alone

  16. waiting patiently for single mingle. why does it take this long for sm. Stella you should do it once every month. I want to love and be loved again. think about it Stella.


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