Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Series - The Wheel Chair


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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Iya Ibeji Series - The Wheel Chair

In Nigeria when you see someone in a wheelchair you know that the person's condition is serious.

In hospitals abroad I know when a woman wants to give birth or is being discharged after given birth they are given a wheelchair.

In naija we reject such because na from clap them dey take enter dance. One time my cousin was very ill and I rushed her to the hospital, her condition was so bad that I couldn't get her out of the cab, the cab driver had to assist me, all the while my cousin was groaning in pains. At one point she couldn't move I had to stand with her encouraging her, she was crying and wailing I even had tears in my eyes but I was trying to be strong for her.

A good Samaritan got the nurses from the emergency unit and they came with a wheelchair, when my cousin was asked to sit on it, to my amazement she refused. She said her condition hasn't gotten to that, I tried to explain to her that She wasn't being confined to a wheelchair o that it's just to take her to the emergency unit. She bluntly refused and I burst into laughter.

''So you have been pretending since?'' I asked her, she said no that she was really in pains but it wasn't to the extent for her to use a wheelchair. The nurse  was offended. You know how mean general hospital nurses can be but she just simply walked away.

Thank God my cousin got better, but she still jokingly tell people how I wanted to put her in a wheelchair.
Nigerian mentality!!!


  1. Nigerians are extremely superstitious.

  2. Truly Nigerian mentality. Abroad its a normal thing. The reason for exposure. Even though she hasn't travelled. She should see them in movies

  3. Other Nigerian health mentality:

    CS is for "weak women"
    Ambulance is for carrying corpses. Once
    you hear the siren, someone has died.
    Every female doctor is a nurse
    Every male nurse is a doctor
    Every "fat" hospital staff on uniform is a matron
    Every fever is malaria
    Every man on ward coat, even lab technician is a doctor
    Every bleeding girl has shoot off her baby
    Government hospitals have long queue
    and seeing a doctor is like seeing the president on Nigeria.

    1. 😂🙌🏽you know this !@@

    2. Very correct especially that of a government hospital. It's so annoying.

    3. 👌👌
      So true

  4. Na real pretence, since she rejected the wheelchair I would've told her right there that I'm not helping her walk till she seats on that wheelchair or make she walk on her own.

  5. Lol@na from clap e dey enter dance.

  6. After child delivery the hospital I use will immediately put you in a wheelchair. Whether cs or whatever. No big deal. I sat in the wheelchair and enjoyed the ride to my room sef. Felt like how my dad would push me around in the swivel chair in his office when I was little lol. I'm very "churchy" but abeg no need to over spiritualize things.

  7. SMH which kind mentality be this na...

  8. I am scared if it.i have used it thrice after delivery

  9. My dad was ill and we insisted he went to the UK for further tests. All my siblings were abroad so no one to go with him. He could barely walk so we asked him to request a wheelchair. He said God forbid and insisted on carrying his stuff and walking.

    He was eventually ok but that was just too ridiculous.

    1. That's so funny. Thank God he got better.

  10. Annoying stuff especially among the Yorubas. One time we had to rush my dad to the emergency. He couldn't even walk from home, two people had to support him to get him into the car. To my amazement, we got to the emergency entrance, the nurses brought out a stretcher, my step brother said "no, he must walk, that it's the legs he uses to enter, that he will use to come out". I was so upset, why would anyone young educated guy be thinking like that and make his d father suffer in the process? Mscheew.

  11. any gal that dresses half naked is a prostitute lmao Nigerian mentality


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