Stella Dimoko Jay-Z Named Richest Musician In The World By Forbes....


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Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Jay-Z Named Richest Musician In The World By Forbes....

Forbes has named American music mogul, Jay–Z, as the richest musician in the world.

The rapper is now the first rapper to become a billionaire.

“It’s clear that Jay-Z has accumulated a fortune that conservatively totals $1 billion, making him one of only a handful of entertainers to become a billionaire—and the first hip-hop artist to do so,” Forbes said.

Forbes’ breakdown indicated that the rapper’s chief source of wealth is his $300-a-bottle Armand de Brignac champagne brand (at $310 million), but also boasts of investments at well over $200 million (including a large stake in Uber).

Forbes said the reason Jay-Z’s wealth went all up on the table is his new business interest in alcohol.

His streaming service, Tidal allegedly supplies about $100 million of his net worth, just behind his cognac D’Ussé


  1. Alcohol and drugs rule the world.

  2. Yeah heard this on the radio this morning. The guy is made. Major stakeholder in urban taxis, real estate and champagne business. Not only these, he also assists struggling artists but we never get to hear it all the time when he helps them out. Now he has overshot his wife in worth.

    Biko who has his number??lol

    1. Bia,i have his

      wow!nice one Jay-Z... kudos.

    2. And beyonce will now get angry & fight over him keeping a sidechick, is that not wickedness? If they leave them can they eat that money finish all by themselves?

    3. Shyla, hasn’t he always been wealthier than Beyoncé?

  3. I hate to be the party pooper but I will believe Dr Dre is a billionaire before Jayz and I checked, he ain't even one! Same Dr Dre that sold Beats by Dre to Apple for billions.

    Forbes credibility went down the toilet for me when they declared Kylie and Trump billionaires.

    I like Mr Knowles tho so yayy. ☺

    1. What are you saying? That Kylie and Trump arent billionaires??

      Yes Dre sold Beats to apple for a billion dolls, but after tax & other hidden charges he was left with 800-850 million.

    2. Dre’s net worth is currently $850M
      He sold beats in 2014 for $3B and faced a lot of Suits, probably what got him here.

      You believe Kylie isn't a billionaire or you think she doesn't deserve it?

    3. I'm saying I don't believe and i can back it up with reasons. Just my opinion.

    4. Hi, Iphie. I don't believe Kylie is a billionaire. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

    5. Perxian, But will you believe that RihRih who started Fenty barely 2years ago is about to reach the billionare mark too largely from her makeup line?

      You forget so soon that Kylie Lip Kits are the new craze for young adults now and shes sold out every single time and has been in this business longer too.

    6. Alternative Facts4 June 2019 at 16:49

      What are you people saying.. you think a billion dollars is beans? Dre got 600 million dollars when he sold his stake in Dre beats but I think there was a buyback

  4. Replies
    1. Hello Iphie, do you know that name he ascribes to himself is an aberration of Jehovah?

    2. No Ma’am.
      Its a name. Jay Hova.
      Until he actually calls himself Jehova, I will stick to that👆

      ‘Chukwu’ is God in my dialect. A lot of familes go by the name. Does this also apply here? Should we stop calling them ‘Chukwu’ Or is it less irrelevant because its an African name for God?

    3. Lol
      Point understood. But Chukwu is not God’s name, it is God in Igbo. Jehova/Yahweh is God’s name. There is a difference.

  5. congrat to the carters jare..talent and patient beat busy body and controversy.

  6. I even thought Dre had passed that mark because of his beats by Dre. Well I'm sure he and Diddy are not far behind. Kings doing big things and giving back to their communities.

  7. Stella please tell him to give me only one million dollars from that money. Ambition wantu kee person pikin hia but no cheese to kick off. Poverty die!!!

  8. He didn’t make all his money from doing Music, before all this up and coming would jump and enter studio.


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