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Friday, June 14, 2019

Mrs Dee's Corner -God Compensates!

This memory lane is painful...............

Sometimes we get so caught up pursuing after the things we don't have that we forget to appreciate God for how far He has brought us. We become so stuck in the present difficult times that we begin to be resentful towards God and bitter to those around us.

The few years I have spent on earth have made me realise that God's blessings shouldn't be measured on how much money you have alone.

My childhood was filled with so much suffering and lack. Eating food was a luxury we couldn't afford. I still remember the so many Christmas seasons where we had nothing to eat, not to talk of having enough money to buy and prepare rice. Our major meal was leftover wet cassava flakes (abacha/mpataka) remnant after the day's sales which we turned into jollof (agworagwo).

I was always moving from one family to another as a maid and during those times, I was never enrolled into any school. Some of the families I stayed with would compel me to eat a visitor's leftover food because 'food must not be wasted' and I would be reminded that my mum couldn't give me the type of food I ate in their house.

I still remember the abuse I suffered which made me resent the 'man of the house' but his older children saw me as stubborn and disrespectful. I was so sick one time, but medical treatment was not administered instead I was sent home so I wouldn't die on them.

My education in the university was a miracle because one time, I nearly missed exams due to non-payment of school fees. My clothes were mainly hand-me-downs, and I still remember the subtle 'yabbing' from my classmates.

I didn't know how the situation we were in would pass but God still showed me mercy. Today, I've been blessed with a Loving husband and lovely children. Some people who knew me then can't reconcile it with who God has made me become. I may not have all I want, but the years of abject lack are over.

Don't give up. God still makes up for those times of pain and suffering.


  1. Replies
    1. I just knelt down now and spoke to God! Lead me to discover my talent and turn it into Gold father.
      How can my once good friends ex be asking me to come visit him ? Because he has d ability to lift me up above my present state? Y shd I betray a friend? For what I know my heart will b guilty of, blocked him all round and deleted his contacts.
      May my helper come from God and not with conditions In Jesus Name.

    2. Anon you have values, morals and a good heart.
      Very rare something.

    3. God Himself will lift you up, in a way no one else could have, in Jesus name. Amen

  2. Thank God for changing our stories

    Poverty issa bastard

  3. This is inspiring.

  4. Stella please remove this yimu photo. Sometimes I don't read this post because I believe it's an unserious post with unbelievable stuff but each time I open it, I'm proven wrong. Please remove it and let's learn from it. Thank you.

  5. Why the Yimu poster Stella? Or, am I missing something?

  6. Wonderful piece! πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ

  7. My dear this really remind me how far God has brought us, My mum will use that pronto container, goes to her friend house, she was a nurse and beg for food. She will put small for her, she will come back, put water and garri she collected as debt and make it much, we will eat that soup for a week, when it about finishing she will add okro and garri all that from begging oh, until Afang soup will turn to okro soup

    Inshort if i start our suffering story ehhh, today won't end, but today we are in a better place, living in a 6 bedroom flat and two cars to our comfort. God be praise. you really took my memory back.

  8. Thank God for your life. May God continue to perfect His work in your life.

  9. Mrs. Dee
    Thanks for this refreshing piece.
    This is the route a lot of Naija sisis no dey want to waka
    If they don't have it, they use them tohtoh to get it forgetting that
    tohtoh grabbing have consequences in this life and the life to come.
    Thanks for towing the lane of patience and perseverance.

    Maybe one day I will yarn my own ... mba 🀐🀐🀐them go decode me
    Make ndi uta

  10. Nice one. Madam Stellz,maybe you should do a grass to grace story post for people with such stories to share and encourage those going through hard times. Thank you

    1. I agree, would be a really good post.

  11. Thank God for your turnaround . God is truly to be praised

  12. We all have our sob stories to tell. Thank God for your breakthrough.

  13. Thank you Lord for blessing me much more than I deserve.

  14. Enter your comment... I bless God mightily for all He has been doing in my life


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