Stella Dimoko Nigerian Man Ayoola Ajayi Arrested For The Murder Of College Student In The US..


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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Nigerian Man Ayoola Ajayi Arrested For The Murder Of College Student In The US..

Thirty one year old,divorced Nigerian man Ayoola Ajayi has been arrested for the aggravated murder of Utah college student 23-year-old Mackenzie Lueck who was missing for 11 days....

He reportedly killed her burned her remains at his back yard

 Ayoola A. Ajayi will be charged with aggravated murder, kidnapping, obstruction of justice and desecration of the body Mackenzie Lueck.

He was arrested without incident Friday morning by a SWAT team.

Ajayi is an information technology worker who attended college on and off but never earned a degree and was briefly in the Army National Guard but didn’t complete basic training.

He doesn’t have a criminal record, according to online court information, but a northern Utah police department said he was accused of a rape in 2014. Police investigated but the alleged victim, an adult woman, declined to pursue charges....

Lueck disappeared on June 17, after she returned from a trip home for her grandmother’s funeral and took a Lyft ride from the airport to a park north of Salt Lake City. She was last seen apparently willingly meeting someone there at about 3 a.m.

Her text conversation with Ajayi was her last communication and phone location data shows them both at the park within a minute of each other, Brown said.

“This was the same time as Mackenzie’s phone stopped receiving any further data or location services,” he said.

He declined to say whether or how exactly they knew each other but acknowledged texting with Lueck around 6 p.m. on June 16..He denied talking to her later, knowing what she looked like or having seen any online profile for her — despite having several photos, including a profile picture....

A second person was questioned at the time of his arrest and later released,

Police have not discussed a motive for the killing, or specified a cause of death. A judge ordered Ajayi held without bail. It was not known if he has an attorney to speak on his behalf. He had not returned previous messages from The Associated Press prior to his arrest.

After discovering that Ajayi was the last person Lueck communicated with, police searched his home on Wednesday and Thursday and described him as a “person of interest.”

In his backyard, they said they found a “fresh dig area,” and charred items that belonged to Lueck. They also found burned human remains that matched her DNA profile, Brown said.

Ajayi has worked in information technology for several companies including Dell and Goldman Sachs, according to his LinkedIn page. Goldman Sachs confirmed he worked as a contract employee for less than a year at the Salt Lake City office ending in August 2018. Dell said Ajayi had worked there but didn’t provide his dates of employment.

Ajayi also appeared to have pursued employment in modeling with a bio page on a website called 

Court records show he is divorced.

Lueck was a part-time senior at the University of Utah studying kinesiology and pre-nursing, and was expected to graduate in Spring 2020. She had been a student since 2014 and had an off-campus apartment. 

She is from El Segundo in the Los Angeles area and flew to California for a funeral before returning to Salt Lake City, police said. Her family reported her missing on June 20 and became more concerned after she missed a planned flight back to Los Angeles last weekend.

from Associated Press.(AP)


  1. Psychopath!
    This one wants to do Basic Instinct part 4.
    This ain't the first person he's murdered.

    1. That's exactly what I was thinking

  2. Evil man, any reason for killing the young lady? Rest in peace young lady. I hope you rot in jail...I hope his name sounds familiar to some people.

  3. A lie goes on for a thousand years but truth one day catches up with it. This 2019 will be disastrous for every person committing wickedness and hiding under the name of God.

  4. This is very sad and very,
    very bad.
    I wonder what happened to make him murder her.
    Meanwhile, he’s Nigerian? Not Nigerian-American? Lol.
    I’ll bet anything this man has a US passport, he doesn’t look like he just arrived US two years back, plus he was in the National Guard... don’t you have to be a citizen or at least a permanent resident to join the National Guard?

    US govt won’t claim him now oh, but they’ll claim the ones making strides in sports, medicine or science. Then you’ll hear, Nigerian-born American... SMH

    1. Very true. I wish Nigerian bloggers and news media will do us a favour and correct this rubbish in their own headlines whenever the foreign press do this to us instead of just copying the stupid headline. I can assure you that guy will tell you he is American first before claiming Nigerian.

    2. What does his citizenship have to do with anything? A young woman was brutally murdered, her corpse burned and buried, and you're focusing on which passport the murderer has. Would it make you feel better if the article said that he's Nigerian American? Becuase of course nothing this horrible could ever be committed by a man born and bred in Nigeria, right? *major eye roll*

  5. We can never be found wanting with great news! Always affiliated to bed news. What a messed up country.

    1. Tbabe, ari Izon ere ah??
      Tubarau oo!!
      Ama otu ar oo?
      Wari otu kpo emi?
      Kro timi oo Bina arau.

  6. What a wicked man. He couldn't finish anything he started well. See how useless he was.

    Very soon, he will claim insane by hearing voices asking him to kill. Bastard

  7. Yoruba people are evil and ritualist. He has used her for yahoo yahoo rituals. They should sentence him to death by firing squads.

    1. Waiting to see someone say something stupid. you did not disappoint.

  8. Unbelievably very sad. I had been hoping she would be found alive.Never thought it would be a Nigerian. Na wa oo!! Wickedness of the highest order. Killed and burnt her remains. Why didn’t he leave her body intact for her family?? Imagine how wicked some people are and they wonder why a spouse dumps them. Who lives with such crazies? May her soul rest on.

    1. The fool thought he was smart and was trying to get rid of evidence.

  9. This one has had bad name to our record again
    Evil and wicked man

  10. Nigerian men and rape are like 5&6

    1. I’m telling you!! And it had festered for so long because the victims back home are always told to shut up or that they’re lying and want money etc. now they’re caring it beyond the shores of the country. Very sad.

  11. You and pastor Biodun of Coza will be size by side in hell

  12. Am sure he raped her before kiling her cos Nigerian men I know can't operate without rape, wicked souls

  13. Bad blood pipo, nah them be this. Dogs in human skin, rapists, ritualists, thieves, sellouts, human traffickers and murderers. It doesn't matter where one comes across these monsters, whether in Nigeria, USA or obodo oyinbo, they cannot hide their stripes. Mehn, DNA is very powerful, sha bcos the "werewolf" must show up, no matter how long it seeks to hide. The way this beast killed the poor girl must not be his first time. Seems he's done it before.

  14. when oyibo reported it they just said Ajayi, but amebo bloggers will give nationalities


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