Stella Dimoko Preacher Arrested For Impregnating Teen After He Allegedly Delivered Her From Witchcraft....


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Monday, June 03, 2019

Preacher Arrested For Impregnating Teen After He Allegedly Delivered Her From Witchcraft....

Operatives of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) said on Sunday that they have arrested an Abuja-based pastor for the alleged r*pe and s*xual exploitation of a 16-year-old orphan (name withheld), and impregnating her in the process.

NAPTIP disclosed the identity of suspect as David Onyekachukwu, from Nsukka, Enugu State. He is also a full time pastor with the Mountain of Fire and Miracle Church (MFM), Gwarimpa branch, Abuja.

NAPTIP spokesperson Stella Nezan alleged in a statement released in Abuja that the suspect was asked to conduct deliverance on the girl after she was accused of being a witch, but he ended up taking advantage of her vulnerability by sexually molesting, repeatedly.

Nezan said that preliminary investigation revealed that the pastor lost his wife sometimes ago, and was left with a daughter. It also revealed that the suspect and the victim’s late parents share the same neighborhood in Karimo community, a suburb of Abuja.

After the death of the victim’s parents, the suspect volunteered to take her in and assist in her education.

During interrogation, the abusive pastor confessed to having s*x with the girl only twice, attributing his actions to the devil.

He stated that he took the girl in, conducted “deliverance” for her and also enrolled her in school, having missed school for about two years.

“But after the deliverance, she couldn’t find a to stay; I then took her to live with me and my daughter,” the clergyman confessed.

The victim, in her statement, confirmed that the clergyman started making advances to her after her first year of living in their house, but she constantly resisted it.

She said the first time she was r*ped was in March during her birthday. She said the pastor took her and his daughter out to some relaxation spots in Abuja.

“In the evening of that day, after the pastor’s daughter had gone to bed, he approached me with the love advances and pounced on me, ignoring all my pleas for mercy,” the victim explained.

It was gathered during investigation that the clergyman had thereafter the first encounter continued his actions at will, resulting in the girl getting pregnant.

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  1. Chai...
    The thing prick n toto de cause sha.
    You deliver her finish, then test your product abi, like a mechanic testing a car after repairs. Weldone

  2. My pastor this,my pastor that. My Papa,my Father bla bla bla. I can't be found wanting singing the praises of these so called men of god cus it can never be the Almighty that anointed them.

    1. Even the 'anointing' still doesn't change their characters. It takes only discipline to make a man faithful to God and his wife.

  3. Such a man like this if he was called out before now, I bet you some brainwashed gullible members of his or even some Christians here will come up with the "touch not my prophet" thingy.

    Until we start holding clergies accountable for crimes committed, they will keep hiding under the cover of 'God's anointed'. A lot of them are doing something terrible. A news is currently brewing secretly here in Ph, how a supposed clergy impregnated a young orphan and raped several other women. They are trying to hide it from the public but some of the worshippers who don't like the clergy when he was transferred to them are bent on disgracing him, so he can be suspended and transferred.

    1. Transferred ke? He should be arrested. Transferred so he can go continue his evil ways in another church abi! That man needs to be arrested

  4. Awon end time pastor...Mtshewwww

  5. Preacher from the pit of hell.

  6. I hope this wicked man doesn't molest his daugter too...... sick man.

  7. I suppose he used the 'sword of correction' to deliver her.

  8. Hmmm no comment


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