Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 114


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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Service Year Boulevard 114

Service after three years at home!!!!

Good day Stella.. Thanking you for this great privilege given to me to share my story. This is my service year boulevard...

After spending three years at home because of an issue with a Uniport lecturer, I finally had to go for service in March 2010.

Prior to that,I had paid a certain sum to a woman that works at NYSC,Lagos who claimed she had the ears of the DG of NYSC so that I can be posted to Lagos State..I had stayed at home for long and I didn't want job hunt in unknown states or return home after my service.

I was shocked that I got to Choba and saw Sagamu,Ogun state on my NYSC call up letter.

I got back to Onitsha which was my base and with the help of my sister in-law,got a medical report that will help in facilitating my redeployment back to Lagos in due course.

Getting to the orientation camp wasn't a big deal since I had my secondary school in one of the federal school's in Lagos.

The camping period was fun,I was the leader of platoon 4 and my hostel leader. I was engaged in so many activities, helping to see that my platoon won in some of the activities that we took part in.

I couldn't forget easily the morning prayers by different platoons taking turn and giving us the mindset that there is a prize for the best platoon presentation on different events. The Omo Ogun Ise ya morning rendition was epic too.

I didn't go to the dinning hall because I came prepared before camp. I mingled mostly with the married women because I had the belief that I will be redeployed after wards back to lagos. It was a joyful part having my confirmation in camp.. Had an Hausa married man in my platoon that had a penchant of following young ladies around,he got one new girl friend,and after we were paid our bicycle allowance, he took the girl to Mammy market and bought 3 bottles of big stout for her. When it was time to do the thing, the Igbo lady told him that she wanted to get something from her hostel,and that was the last time he saw her that night.

I was informed and I laughed at his foolishness. There were loads of activities in camp. The burn fire night, all the platoons were meant to cook a 3 course meal and present them. While supervising the meal, the redeployment came out and my name wasn't there. I cried my heart out. That night, we came last on the food preparation. I developed a strong bond between my team and i. I practically gave a hug to everyone of them when we were departing the camp amidst heavy tears. For once,i never knew that i was that emotional. 

Indeed if i can turn back the hands of time,i believed that i wouldn't had stepped on some toes. I was posted to Ogun water side J4 for short.. Story for another day. I got there,instantly sought for redeployment back to Ijebu Ode. 

Briefly stayed in the family house after being accepted by a secondary school. I went round the city especially the G.R.A axis knocking from house to house,looking for where i will do home lesson in other to augment the Nine thousand seven hundred naira that we were being paid then.

I didn't find any,though nine years after,went back to Lagos and got cooperate jobs while still going back for the monthly CDS.

Nine years after wards, I am opportuned to be the President of My set (Sec school and University), my Present Alumni Secretary General,President of two actively social clubs that are based in Lagos. To God be the glory, I now have my own firm,building my house in Lagos,all at the age of thirty five years. Those experiences had helped in remoulding me to be a better person in my society.

Finally, I wish to admonish someone here that those little task that you are assigned to do while growing up,please always do them diligently because it might propel you to bigger opportunities in the nearest future.



  1. Replies
    1. What a disjointed write up. You need to go back to school please.

  2. I didn't understand anything oo.
    Am I the only one on this?

  3. I want to believe that nine years was nine months. Congratulations on your achievements madam.

  4. didn't find any,though nine years after,went back to Lagos and got cooperate jobs while still going back for the monthly CDS.

    Abeg who been dey chase you when you dey type?

  5. Me I don't understand how we left NYSC camp and got to 9 years later and now motivational spika o. This one is not sweet. Must we face Ogun all the time? Oya who wants me to share mine, Asaya camp in Kogi State?

    1. It’s been ogun for how many days now 💁🏿‍♂️
      Please share yours 🤓

  6. What's the nine years he/she kept on repeating ? This gist is so uninteresting.

  7. Lol...the comprehension, summary and conclusion were all confusing. Always proofread before sending.NYSC is so interesting n adventurous

  8. Me I got confused at 9 years after and going to do CDS.

    Chinwe Uba

  9. Madame Koinkoin22 June 2019 at 15:08

    I believe the poster meant 9 months, at time success set make person over type.I am happy for you poster

  10. Nice but you got us confused with your write-up.


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