Stella Dimoko Thursday Spontaneous Post.....


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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Thursday Spontaneous Post.....

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Good Morning everybody!

Did you sleep well?You should!!!
I don't have much to say except to exclaim how much i love the feeling one gets when in Amsterdam or Paris,its awesome!

Wait oh..Didn't American Embassy say that all the people who did drop box for visas are not affected by the new law they hammered on Nigerians?Well,about five people that i know who have been getting visas serially for the past five yrs without any problems were all denied entry...sad story eh!!!

Well sad because these people will now have a really hard time and may not see America again!

Hmmm Donald Trump has kicked off campaign for re-election..I wonder what is in the minds of Americans!!!

Anyway,let me drink water and mind my business this beautiful Thursday Morning oh..

Kisses to ya'all!!!


  1. I don't know who I'm talking to,get ready the sun is about to shine on every aspects of your life in Jesus name. Amen

    Good morning Special people 😘 😘

  2. Good morning one big family.Sending love to you all. Let's live in peace

  3. Replies
    1. Oh,sorry dear. Feel better soon.

    2. So sorry. God's healing is coming to you now

    3. Sorry dear, sickness has no place in your body. You will be fine and please don't do self medication oh..

  4. Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire, a goal without a plan is just a wish, everyone you meet has something to teach you. Eventually all things fall into place, until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason. Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you, why compare yourself with others? No one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you. Don't be pushed around by your problems. Be led by your dreams, life is all about learning from yesterday, living for today, and hoping for tomorrow. Don't Give Up.

  5. God please help us the people to fix our country. So someone will not be doing us shakara anyhow. God bless Nigeria and Ghana

  6. Good morning everyone.


  7. The coordinated attacks going on in the country by the Boko Haram insurgents along side the Fulani herders, who have been labelled bandits by the Presidency and most sections of the media have gotten to its peak. In the past few days, not fewer than fifty military men have been killed in different attacks in Borno State, not to talk of the multiple bomb explosions. What about the one at Taraba State and Zamfara?

    It's so appalling and saddening that, we have a President who have run out of ideas, surrounded by mediocre and  invariably has become incapacitated as he stand by and watch our gallant solders been outrun by the Islamic insurgent, not to talk of the defenceless civilians he swore an oath to protect.

    Before the sham and fraudulent exercise you called election, Mr President gave a marching order to the service chiefs to shoot at sight any electoral defaulters. Today, he has surrendered the fight against Boko Haram to God Almighty, saying "God will punish them."  Isn't this laughable? Isn't this a new song he is singing? Now you see and understand why the fight against Boko Haram is far from over and nothing but a hoax.

    Don't forget, it was the same Muhammadu Buhari who told Jonathan his predecessor that an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North. Today, they are reaping the wind they sowed yesterday but unfortunately it came as a whirlwind.

    Mr President, how do you want God to punish them? By thunder or what? It's so shameful you failed as a General you are to combat terrorism and your kinsmen menace which you did promised to lead at the front.

    1. He rushed and Label IPOB terrorist but till today he is still pampering the Boko boys.

    2. Teejay I want to ask a sincere question...I really understand your point but if you were the president of this country how will you tackle boko haram and the Fulani herdsmen insurgency?

    3. @Princess did you hear the recent comment made by Borno state governor? He said, the Federal government shouldn't be hard on the Boko Haram insurgent, but take it easy to address the security challenges. In a sane country, won't that governor be arrested and probed for such a comment? Jonathan and Ihejirika dealt heavily with this idiots but the northern elites who were financing and sponsoring them dragged Ihejirika the then COAS to ICC for war crimes. Is it not on records, the submission of Governor Shettima on how weapons Jonathan's administrstion ordered for to decisively fight the Islamic insurgent were intercepted twice in South Africa? Today, the chicken has come home to roost.

      So laughable the one they called terrorist and his people is busy touring the civilized countries seeking diplomatic relationship and he is being guard by foreign police.

    4. @bigbanty, don't ask tjay, he's not the president

    5. @Bigbanty, do you know the onslaught of this people you called boko haram and herdsmen are well coordinated more than the military? They are being backed by some elements in the seat of power. Did you listen to the communique signed by Adams, the OPC leader talking about retaliation if the Fulani herdsmen continue their attack in the south western region again? It will interest you to know that those cows you see those marauders control, are being owned by top service chiefs and northern politicians, even your President which you and I knows rear cows. The reason they will never declare them terrorist but gave them 100billion to use in securing lands all over the country for grazing purposes.

      These service chiefs have shown incompetency or will I call it affiliation with this insurgent, so they should be changed. The fight against terrorism should be holistic and its approach proactive. Ethnic sentiments should be thrown away and sponsors of this terrorist brought to book but so unfortunate the people you are looking at to carry out this task are the sponsors themselves. So you see, it won't work. I gave up on Nigeria long ago and if only I have the resources, I would have renounce my citizenship.

    6. @Bigbanty, good question directed at Teejay. Truth is: as a public officer, you are bound to receive all sorts of criticism. Most of these critics don't have any idea how to resolve the issue, but will just talk for talks sakes..I personally believe Nigeria's issues are beyond redemption. @ Stella, to me, Amsterdam is the most beautiful place in Europe! Try rent a bike and move around the city, and you will fall in love with the city....

    7. Teejay you just said exactly what I was expecting you to say in your first post @ your last paragraph.

      So you see, it won't work. I gave up on Nigeria long ago and if only I have the resources, I would have renounce my citizenship.

      Exactly it will never work,no matter what anyone thinks, there are some powerful people behind it and all the top politicians understood what's going on.

      Buhari made a statement about bokoharam during Jonathan tenure.buhari came in and they saw on he was making plans to deal with boko haram,gbam Fulani herdsmen insurgency started just to disrupt everything.

      Now see buhari is the greatest unfortunate person because he found himself in the middle of boko haram and Fulani herdsmen and doesn't know who to tackle and how.

      I will keep saying this that the best thing to happen to this country is for us to go our separate ways.

      Yoruba stay your lane
      Igbo should actualise there Biafra
      Hausa gaskiani
      Fulani should mind there business.

      If this is not done we will continue getting it wrong.

      Check it out yourself
      When obasanjo was the president it was Niger delta issue.
      Jonathan bokoharam
      Buhari Fulani herdsmen and bokoharam.

      Think about this and you will understand my point on why I said make everyone bear em surname.

    8. Also the governors enjoy the security pay given to them. The higher there's unrest in your state....the higher your security pay. They know what they are doing

    9. @Bigbanty you are wise. Now you are beginning to speak the language of the gods Lol... This is the language(Separation) I love to hear.

      Disintegration is the only possible way out of it. You know why? The Boko Haram want a full sharia state hence the killings. So separate the country and let them have the sharia in their north. Just like Stan said above, Nigeria has gone to an irredeemable state. Do you know Boko Haram now has affiliation with ISIS? Discussion for another day.

    10. @Bigbanty PMB should start by calling them terrorists not bandits. Once labels Bokom and fulani herdsmen terrorists....the international security family will provide full support.

  8. It's a beautiful Thursday morning, your 17 year old daughter walks up to you and says 'mum, I'm getting my nipples pierced today'
    Reply as a Nigerian mumπŸ‘€

    1. Jesus is Lord! Train up a child in the way he or she should go, and when he or she his old, will not depart from it!!! Train her in the fear of the Lord.

    2. You must be crazy πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    3. Na to sit her down talk sense into her brain. But come to think of it, for your daughter of that age to inform you of such means you have good relationship with her, try to know why she would want to do such, and let her know the health implications.

      Good morning lovelies.

  9. When others say there is a casting down, i will say there is a lifting up for me!!!!

    Always Soft x2, that new sanitary pad is the worst pad that Always has ever made, very rubbish something!! 😑😑😑😑😑

    Good Morning Guys!!!

    1. Try dry love,its N250 and very good. That's what I use

  10. .Sunday school will not tell you
    that you are ugly, they wait until it's time for
    church drama, then they'll make you satan
    2.Biko if you are attending my wedding
    soon & your transport fare is above 20k, pls
    & pls just send me 10k & stay at home.
    no be after spending big money on
    transport u will put 200 in envelope...
    Who is with me??
    3.Only 2 Weeks in University and you have
    Started saying "Wooora" instead of "Water"?
    Sister, you are Mad.!
    4.If I say 'Text me when u get there' and u
    decide to call instead. me that asked u to text me, i
    don't have sense abi??
    Ok....U will keep calling, until u understand
    5.Some naija guyz sha....
    If U don't have anything to say, just end the
    Chat with her already.
    Which one is "What is Ur favorite age?"
    6.I wonder who told Nigeria drivers that the
    perfect time to buy fuel is after loading
    7. Ex:10 Missed Calls
    Bae: 0 Missed Calls
    Who is serious here??
    8. *The boss asks Banda, how do u get it
    right for 15 years of bringing me coffee
    morning without spilling it??*
    Banda answers, before I climb up the stairs,
    take a big sip. As I get upstairs, I put it back.
    *Banda's funeral is today*
    9. These girls complaining they hate boys
    sagged trousers yet they have sagged
    my sister birds of the same feathers fly
    10: Nobody says u shouldn't be fat. But
    please be fat and rich.
    Don't come and squeeze people inside
    Keke and still pay 50 Naira
    Trailer jam u
    11: Nobody is more careful than a guy
    sending love msg to his girl...He can even
    check d dictionary to be sure of some words
    ...My brother why the stress...This is a
    relationship not an English class...
    12: A husband and wife are trying to set up
    new password for their computer. The
    puts, "Mypenis," and the wife falls on the
    ground laughing because on the screen it
    says, "Error. Not long enough."
    13: : I wonder how stupid girls are.
    They will put on mini skirt from home, when
    they now see boys coming, they will start
    pulling their skirt down.
    Who are you deceiving?
    Your Grandpa............
    14: Your girlfriend sent you her complete
    naked picture ....and stupidly u
    said*wow wow you look sexy baby...*
    You r so stupid dat u can't ask who took
    that photo.
    15: Why dont our fathers enjoy wearing
    Slimfitted clothes ..
    I just picked an old picture of my father
    before I was born .. Men d trouser He wore
    d picture was like bed sheet..
    If u like laugh , your pupsi self dey wear
    16: ...................................
    17: That moment when you and your dad is
    aguring about football and he says pogba
    plays better than messi, and you mistakenly
    replied "SEE THIS MUMU O"...
    free advice, my bro beta faint oooo..
    18: Ask a girl online. ..."How are you" and if
    she replies. .."I am not fine"* ..
    *My brother....logout immediately, Switch off
    your phone and Remove the battery* ....
    *Thank me later cos we all know what
    av followed*
    19: A naked lady ran into a
    taxi. She told
    the driver where
    she was going. The man
    didn’t start
    the car but he was just
    staring at the girl over &
    over again.
    The lady saw him and
    "What’s ur problem man?
    Haven’t u
    seen a naked lady
    The man replied: "l am
    not looking
    ur nakedness, I was
    just wondering where you
    have kept
    the money you are going
    pay me!!!
    20: igbo ...people...wait a minute do
    you cope with the small size of your house
    despite the fact that there is enough land to
    build a company at the front?
    21 :Nigeria is the only country you don't
    to set alarm before sleeping..
    Just sleep, problem will wake you up
    22: Some peoples will go to hospital and
    confusing the doctor, they'll be lyk: am
    chest pain all over my body
    Have a wonderful day my people

  11. It's a beautiful morning. God take control

  12. Good morning bvs 😊
    My doughnuts, oh my doughnuts came out awesome yesterday. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Soft,round,puffy and sweet!

    Bakers Training continues...cookies and cookie decorating today πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

    Walk by faith and not by blessed guys.

    1. Deeza, dia is God oh!!!!
      These your descriptions no be here
      Enjoy dear

    2. Shuga shuga 😊😊😊 we added jam and glaze on some. Thank you for encouraging me.
      Princess,I see you too. Na gode.

    3. Deeza, go forth and Excel πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
      Advice .....please pay attention to details

    4. Since y'all are decorating me today, i hope i come out look awesome 😊 😊 😊

    5. I think Shuga girl's comment was pun intended @soft, round, puffy and sweet 😁

  13. Good morning lovelies 😘😘😘

    Please how do people with foundation start.???
    If you want to help people with diabetes with insulin and awareness of the disease. Where do one start from please?

    Castle darling, I am so grateful for that call yesterday
    God bless you sis and kisses to baby Windsor ♥♥

  14. To the poster that asked about Ikwerre guys, hope you got honest and first hand replies πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Yaba left escapee20 June 2019 at 08:19

      The voice of the people is the voice of God.

    2. I bet she didnt sleep well last night, BVs open ikwerre guys their nyash for her to see, no matter how good her guy is, she'd look at him with side eyes if she doesnt run away, which i suggest she does, shes a yoruba girl, she'd find it difficult, if shes even rivers but a different tribe, i for say maybe...but distant West, babe e go hard oh, inlaws go always full your house, after u close work to go house go just tire you, cus one new face will be there visiting unannounced, a jobless one at that that will sit at home and eat ur food finish, that ur good man will be good to them, so good that it will kill you slowly. Think am oh

    3. My dear that ikwerre issue eh, i couldn't comment yesterday.
      The ones that didn't grow up here are a little better though many don't live outside their state.

      I grew up here. A lot of them wanted to marry me as them no day take eyes see Igbo pretty women especially from Abia and Imo. I ran o big time, the only problem when you reject them is you can't walk or live peacefully again cos they will keep tracking you and beating any guy they see around you.
      They don't marry their girls too i don't know why, may cos n.a. drinking and breaking of heads go dey happen b/w them. A lot of their female born for house.

      There was this guy then dating one of their girls, each time the guy goes offshore the girl will bring men to his house cos she was living with him. The guy got to know and decided to catch her, he went to stay in a friend's house told her he had gone offshore. When the guy got info that the other guy was around, he came beat her up and chased her out only for her brothers to come meet this guy. If una see beating that day eh! We ran o! Cos the guy passed out so everyone thought the guy was dead.
      When he recovered, they told him he will have to payoff their sister with 200k that was 2005. The guy paid and moved back to Uyo.
      Their women like fight.. they will tear their clothes themselves and ask you to out for a fight, Mother-in-law nko?

      Ameachi really tried keeping them sane and making them behave well for people to have peace. He told them go and work and I will pay you. He stopped their matching ground cos then you cant build house in peace, maybe that is why most of them don't like him.
      Even the mentally ill people stuffs too, he kept them at a rehabilitation home at oyibo where they were being taken care of with medical care, food and security. We used to go there then to give arms when we can't go to motherless babies homes.
      When I saw the number of mentally ill people on the road, I told my husband e be like say Wike done neglect there o! Them open gate for them to leave.

      The state is really going upside down now and I pray God helps us here.

    4. Asin enhπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the replies were shocking, Chai, not even one good thing to say about ikwere men? Hmm

    5. OSNAC, your descriptions are so true. Dating their women is like dating their brothers as well. For you will always tip the brothers whether you visit or not. The same brothers will arrange for you to be robbed or kidnapped if you form big boy for them. I don't know why most of them chose not to work but loves money so much. Worse is that, they can't cope outside Rivers State. You hardly see them pursue admission outside Rivers State if not UST or Uniport. You dare not beat their women else you will run from the state.

    6. I am from Rivers State and I know the Ikwerres like the back of my hands.
      Their men hardly marry their women and vice versa because they know each other wella!
      They are violent,extremely fetish,razz and shameless.
      If you attend their occasion and see how they fight for food.They even go with foodflasks,cooler and bags to steal food!
      Most of them are so lazy that they refuse to work.They have sold all their lands to strangers and squandered their money on women,drinks,jazz and cheap cars.They would rather sell their slots and extort oil companies.
      They are very wicked and envious of their tenants.
      If they cant frustrate you spiritually,they will send armed robbers to you or give you quit notice.
      When I bought lands from them,they showed me pepper.After some time,they would call you to drop something or they would harass your tenants.
      What about inlaw wahala?They will visit unannounced and turn your house into a mess!
      I have seen how they treat their wives and Ikwerre man no send you o.
      Their women and witchcraft na 5 and 6.If you rent their shops and you are not fortified,you will run into losses and park out with nothing to show for it.
      They are shameless womanizers and if you complain,they will beat you.Their women know how to live with them but they would rather marry a stranger that they can manipulate.
      Na only Igbo women dey fit them but Yoruba and other tribes?I doubt it would work!

      Good luck to the poster.

    7. The land own self, most times they sell lands to different people causing fight and court cases here and there, and when you call them for court appearance they will charge you for each time they go to court for you.
      If the other has more money than you, sorry they don port be that.

      I told my hubby, pls we won't buy lands from natives o! We buy from property gurus that have all necessary sure documents from both natives and govt.
      The competition among their wives eh!. You better be strong.
      Very lazy men, you will have to feed when you marry them. Fight sister-in-law, mother-in-law will even help beat crase put for your head join, you talk much husband go beat you black and blue.
      Only thing is when they get money they give their wives to prepare them their best soup, they won't stopped till that money is finished.
      Chase women like crase, you talk their mothers will ask you" what do you want from my son? Are you the only woman on earth? Pls don't kill my son o!

    8. I am just hearing about ikwerre guys for the first time.
      I am shocked 😳

    9. @osnac and teejay,una sabi dem wella!
      @sluttychick😍,there is nothing good about them.Ameachi is quite different from them because ....let me not spill🀐🀐🀐.
      @tynu,yes and she behaves like a typical Ikwerre lady.

    10. Oh my God! My sister is about to get married to an Ikwerre man in a few months, how will I convinced her now? But the man is very responsible and respectful. He has a good job with Ministry of Finance and also a worker in the church.

    11. A lack of education must be the underlying root of this issues with this community.

    12. Yes @ tynu Akom
      No wonder! 🀣🀣🀣

    13. Cutest Pat, you drop Scriptures here regularly. Which is more important- what God has said or what man has said? You are already thinking about how to convince your sister...but shouldn't thr first response be to go to God in prayer? He made the man and knows who he is. Where is your faith sis?

    14. I remember when l was dating this ikwere naval guy. Flashing back now, I realize l was dating myself. Only son and can cry. Wanted me to get pregnant for him before marriage. I refused. Wasn't even sleeping with him as l was a virgin then. Wondered if the pregnancy was going to fly at me. My cousin who lived in port Harcourt overheard me speaking with him. She simply said " l live among these people so l would advise you to run". Found out later the idiot was married and the wife hadn't conceived. She later had twins. I just give am big gap. He still looking for a way to come and chop what he couldn't chop since

  15. Good morning everyone. Hope we're good.

    1. Good day dear, we are fine. Thank you!

    2. You have been away for few days. Good to be back.

    3. Morning. Longest time? Hope you and your baby are doing great.

    4. Castle Windsor I sight you

    5. Hello, Castle Windsor. You were missed. 😁

    6. Good to have you back Castle

    7. Bigbanty, Teejay, African Duchess, Prettiest Rosie, Blessed Princess 😘😘😘.
      I'm fine, baby is doing fine. Thanks to you all.

    8. Hey Castle! Where have you been?

    9. Hello Perxian, Madam Estateowner, Madame Diva and Be More Bliss darlings. I traveled and been so busy, missed you too. 😘😘😘

  16. Yaba left escapee20 June 2019 at 08:13

    American Government has always had this foolish pride & overly high opinion of themselves, like they rank 1st in the world before anyother country... Thats why North korea as small as the smallest state in america has been making them sweat.

    1. So North Korea is in America, I didn't know o.

  17. Good morning kings and queens.
    Its a cold morning in Abuja.
    Please can anyone recommend a good body scrub for me?
    I have been using arami glow scrub but i wanna change it due to its oily content.

    1. Celebrity party and cooperate first grade Ok gowns 07084714754 @theokclothing20 June 2019 at 09:20

      Try Eden whitening body scrub, problem is getting original one in Abuja. I ve loads of fake products I bought and I had to stop using them, the last one was even from gateway mall. I bought original once from jabi mall but the price is x2 but I think that's better.

    2. Try fair and white scrub. That's what i use. My skin glows

  18. Good morning everyone, feels good to be alive & dropping a comment here.

    I haven't been able to meet up with posts recently & when I eventually get in here, the comments will have been sooo long, I'll just jejely read without dropping comments

    LOL... Does it happen to anyone else?

    Have a great day fam

  19. I want to loose some kg, used to be size twelve but right now, I'm no longer that. My stomach is getting big and it is frustrating. My thighs and my arms are now cellulite. Please bvs, what and what can I do; I'm addicted to soy milk, hope it doesn't make someone fat...

    I don't take soda and all this carbonated drinks any more. How about skipping at home, will it help? Cause I don't have the time to visit the gym right now. Bvs, I need una contributions. Thanks

    1. anonymous if you are looking for an easy way to loose weight,kuku just drink aju mbaise

    2. Celebrity party and cooperate first grade Ok gowns 07084714754 @theokclothing20 June 2019 at 09:24

      Add exercises targeted at reducing those areas to the skipping routine, download from YouTube.

  20. The American visa story is a sad one. May God bless our hustles here in Nigeria so that we can have enough money to live a comfortable life here. We have some people who are not bothered by what Trump is doing cos they are FINE in Nigeria.

    1. Amen. I pray Nigeria develops in such a way we will be the one that will be deporting people. That man that will make Nigeria great again will forever be remembered.

  21. I believe in God, I will always believe in God till the end of time. I have seen God at work more times than I can count. I have seen Him do the impossible, when I mean the impossible, I really mean the IMPOSSIBLE. So I know there is a God who watches over the affairs of men.

    But the bitter truth is that not everyone will believe that there is God. Even if He comes down now and show Himself physically, there are still people who would never believe and that’s the truth. God Himself knows that by giving man free will that man has a right to believe in Him or not to believe.

    We can’t force people to believe in our beliefs. If a man says I don’t believe in God and it’s working for him so be it. The only thing you can do for him if you want is to pray privately for God to show Himself to him. Let’s stop forcing and choking people with our beliefs. That’s not cool!

    Everyone has a right to believe or not to believe as long as the person that does not believe in God is not also forcing or trying to recruit me not to believe in God, that’s okay.

    1. Thank you jare. Live and let live. What happened to right to religion and belief?

  22. It’s Thursday and I’m awake this early 😑😑😑

    My plan was to wake up by 8:30am and leave. By 9:45.

    Have a great day y’all

  23. Good morning blog visitors..

    Up and grateful to God for life...

    Thursday 20 June 2019.


    Hide In The Right Place


    Have you ever watched children play hide and seek? They look for the place to hide in the house or yard and wait quietly for their friend to try and find them. It's a fun game for kids, but even as adults, we need a good place to hide from time to time. Sometimes, we need a place of refuge, we need a place of safety, and we need a place to rest when we feel overwhelmed by the circumstances of life, a place where the enemy of our soul can never find us.

    The good news is that God has the perfect hiding place for you! You don't have to hide in your job. You don't have to hide in relationships. You do t have to hide in food or addictions because God Himself promises to hide you! He freely offers you shelter from the storms of life any time you call upon His name.

    Remember, there's only one place the enemy cannot find you. There's only one place where opposition cannot steal from you. There's only one true place of safety and rest for your soul, and that is in the arms of Jesus. Know that He loves you, and He is ready to receive you when you call upon His name!

    Where you hide determines your vulnerability.

    Father, Thank You for hiding me in Your shelter and keeping me safe from the storms of life.

    Jer.40-42; Matt.27:27-50.

  25. Great family how can I cope or overlook his short coming? My guy will never tell you when he will be coming home for a visit, he cannot tell you when he is traveling, he disappear from his location to my location, to his family house or to see his friends. This attitude is killing me, he could travel days without telling anyone, till he returns he will give you gist. I have confronted him but he said for security reasons he cannot tell people about his plan. How do I get use to this aspect of him? I love him.

    1. He doesn’t trust u

    2. I think he just has a very distrustful nature. I am dating someone in the security line and he tells where he is going when it isn't on a need to know basis. He just might not say what is happening there

  26. Good morning people. Please, someone should send me the link of the recent BEP where Stella and BVs talked about books...

    Thought I saved the post but I can't find it anymore.

    1. This could be of help,check it out..

      The BEP you are talking about,what was the emphasis on regarding the book?


    2. Check this too:


  27. Good morning lovelies, two days academic holiday start today in Ogun State, enjoy the break all the ogun teachers in the house.

    Imagine my estranged husband asking who has been servicing my engine since December 2017 that I left his house, a cheat believes everybody is a cheat like him; this is the same man that cannot do without sex in a week claiming he has been celibate. Celibate my foot.

    1. Don't mind him. He is jealous that you are in a good place. Just be strong for yourself

    2. Don't mind him na you cookies dey hungry am

    3. Lmaoooo @ya 2nd paragraph. Dont mind them.

  28. A very goodmorning to everyone..

  29. Good morning everyone, have a blessed day.

  30. My data finished since few days ago, hubby has bonus data on his phone but refused to give me, told him i have not yet been paid last month salary but he refused to believe. He is still sleeping and I am secretly browsing with his phone now, if he catches me, wahala. This my new job and marriage are mistakes but unfortunately only one can be correctly, i can't leave my new marrige now, my mum will just die

    1. I dont really understand why some men act like this.... This person is your wife oooo like your partner wey you carry your body marry by yourself.
      Ordinary data this your hubby enh .

    2. Lol @ my mum would just die. Sadly most people cant leave their marriage cuz of the thought of what family would say

    3. Did i type this? Ordinary data or even 4naira airtime for text message,this man cannot share with me.
      May God remember us soon
      Hope its only stingy that he stingy? hope he is not a wife beater or womanizer too.

  31. may 6th tekena should be added to your playlist


    1. Danny how was ur night?
      How are you this fine morning??

  32. Good morning all, our today is blessed

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Olori Orente you are an amazing person.
    Thank you for the call yesterday it means a lot to me.
    The funniest part was it was just what I needed at that time.

    Thank you very much ma.

    1. Awwwwwww,you are welcome broπŸ‘Œ

  35. Good morning everyone.
    I pray fortune smile on us today

  36. Pls Martins how can i get dictionary on my samsung galaxy s5? i keep typing andd corecting like my life depends on it

    1. Hello,kindly go to your Google play store and search for "Oxford Dictionary" or "Dictionary"..

      You would see variety,then select anyone and install,that's all..


    2. Thanks Martins

  37. "Anonymous19 June 2019 at 15:18
    I'm really really pissed off right now. @Shooter gyal or whatever you call yourself how dare you mtcheeew at SDK? Is she your age mate? Someone you know pass you in all level,age wise,career, wealth etc just name it. How dare you? I wished you were closed to Me when you did that mtcheeew I swear I would have twisted your mouth like cherries. You're very rude,uncouth and mannerless. Stella lodged a complaints against you instead of you to apologize and turn a this morning....

    Anonymous keeping the blog sane aka Big mummy Dublin"

    You fool. You despicable fool. You miserable twonk. You're here again in your self delusion vending threats to people you know nothing about. The bitch you kept at home cannot obviously gag your overspilling buccal cavity because you are the husband. But I'll treat your fuck up today.

    In your last psychotic rambling, you said the bitch you kept at home threatened to track me down simply because I dropped a comment in a blogosphere. I waved it off as the shrill cries of a lunatic. It probably emboldened you to make a return to threaten Shooter gyal. That simpleton that threatened to track me should be ready to carry out the bitchy threat. The last time, you said you were against gays, but unfortunately, you're one of them. You're married to a woman. Your wife having a dick doesn't make 'her' a man because it's obvious you run the show. Imagine a "man" throwing up because 'she' read a simple reprimand online! She now decides to send the husband to come here to display crass psychosis. How dare you threaten to twist Shooter Gyal's mouth if she was close to you simply because she hissed at Stella? Should Stella be worshipped? So people cannot express their displeasure again because it is Stella? People bandy insults here and Stella laughs over it, she should be ready to take in some flak herself. Let me remind you something you airhead, everybody dropping comments here is a client. Stella is the service provider. People should be allowed to ventilate whenever they feel riled. When your bank doesn't live up to your expectation, they don't go around issuing you warnings when you vibrate. They endeavor to calm you. Moreover, Stella did not publish Gyal's post where she insulted her. We cannot take Stella's word as gospel. She isn't infallible. As a journalist, Stella should be ready to accept opposing views. She should be more weary of people like you that don't point out her mistakes. Everybody cannot be her fan.

    The problem with all of you is that problem most women have- jealousy. Gyal sounds like a chic with class, so e dey pain all of una for body. You all now pounced on her the moment Stella complained. Local girls.

    You're delirious to assume "Someone you know pass you in all level,age wise,career, wealth etc just name it...". How did you come about this? You know her age and career status huh, you local breed? You're also her account officer I believe. You miserable being, I will advice you conserve the energy you're wasting here issuing empty threats. Channel it towards self development. You write poorly. I could recommend some materials for you and your bitch. Get proper education.

    1. LMAOO. 🀣🀣🀣 Hollering!

      Ceaser made me laugh, pigs do fly.

    2. Love ya but you insult too much.😜

    3. Ceaser, I think no human deserved to be worshipped like you said, but we owe people that respect and decorum by acting nicely most especially in a public space. Shooter Gyal may have been provoked by her numerous comment been flagged by Stella but that wasn't a good ground to hissed at Stella. That alone doesn't show respect. Remember, she isn't the only person that has received such backlash from bvs, Lady Bug as well and some other persons.

      What I frown at that yesterday was the hissing part. It wasn't necessary if truth be told. There are better ways one can express their grievances.

      It will also surprise you that most of the people who hid understand anonymous saying she is rude and all that could be even worse and terrible. Some weren't even bold to comment with their IDs though I wasn't surprised at that, it has always been their style.

    4. When a person like Ceaser is supporting someone - shooter gal in this case, it says a lot about that someone. Tufiakwa

      Ceaser, are you saying Stella is lying? Have you not seen shooter's rude comments to several ppl here? Anyway, your matter can never surprise me.

    5. Caesar abi na scissors ur comment this morning is electric hahahaha. Is shooter gyal ur bae??

    6. Damn Teejay!!! You don't always have to comment...... Kai!!

      Sometimes, mind your business brah😏😏😏😏😏

    7. This Teejay ehn, forever stirring the pot of strife. Be a man for once and stop all this pettiness. How does it affect you what people do with their IDs or otherwise? Is it your id or your anon?

    8. cookie are you minding your business now?

    9. Cookie, you have been coming to me lately and I have been avoiding you. Why can't you respect yourself and face your NYSC? Or are you through? Are you the one to tell me when to comment or stop? People won't see this your constant attack on me now and caution you but the day I will lose my cool, they will all come out from their hiding to castigate me for exchanging words with a woman who has refuse to be reasonable. I won't tolerate this stupidity and arrant nonsense from you again next time. You have been warned.

    10. Thank you Caesar for putting that miserable bitch that calls herself mama dub-whatever in her place. Stupid low life that thinks she can come on here to spit rubbish and insult people anyhow. Ekwensu odu ogologo keeping the blog insane.

    11. RIP in advance to the recipient of these insults

    12. shut that thing you call mouth and do not refer to me in any of your stinking comments again....

    13. In all these, ayam worried about the ozband. I pray he doesnt choke after reading this, chai!!

    14. Bitch? So Castle you are truly this uncouth. Character is like smoke, it comes out eventually.

      Ceaser and Shooter, birds of the same feathers. It's no surprise they are in the same camp - rude mannerless frustrated human beings.

    15. Your bank has an obligation to provide you a service they charge for (bank charges etc) but Stella is not obliged to you in any way. In actual fact, she does lots of people here a favour by posting free adverts etc. Don't get it twisted.

      You are NOT a client and it is not a must you comment on this blog.

    16. Ceaser.... There's something called TAKE A WALK, She isnt the only one her comments are being swallowed. If she doesn't like it, she should move on and stop insulting Stella.

      Nobody is worshiping Stella! And NOBODY is jealous of UNKNOWN people here. Just saying it the way it is. As for your grouse with Mama Dublin na una know!

      Peace Out!

    17. Castle Castle last last we get to see the real you behind the mask. BTW I'm not surprised don't know of other bvs as for Caesar he's in a frustrated difficult place seems people refuse to understand him, Nigeria frustrates people his opinion about shooter gyal is right though except for the many insults. Don't worship Stella for anything shooter gyal ok?
      then again. Don't insult her!!

  38. Stella they still gave some visa. Out of 4 people I know that did drop box since March and April, they gave 3 but their passport spent like 2months there.

  39. feeling bad right now so I met this guy from the last single and mingle post he is everything I ever prayed for in a man our in into was suppose to be this August na so we go do genotype and blood group he was As and me too As blood group A Rhesus D positive is own was O Rhesus D positive am so confused and sad

    1. Sad but Pls dont go ahead because of the danger ahead will be extremely traumatizing.
      Knowing that I am AS, I stylishly ask my dates genotype from the very beginning to avoid going far and later result to story that touch.

    2. It so sad, you will have to move on Noni, plz don't force it o... You will be fine

  40. Please house, who knows of any good android phone that has a good camera n enough space that d price is around 70-80 thousand.

    Martins pls if u can be of help I will appreciate it.
    I need a bright clean camera phone for my business

    1. I heard huawei A9 s good. Please google it and read the reviews about it

    2. Okay thanks amanda

  41. Celebrity party and cooperate first grade Ok gowns 07084714754 @theokclothing20 June 2019 at 09:28

    Its a beautiful day to be happy, so stay happy. BE IN CONTROL

  42. Good morning beautiful people.Please what can I use to stop or reduce excessive saliva in pregnancy,I spit alot.

    1. Always have a piece of ginger in your mouth

  43. Americans will still vote trump cos they love him like that, disregard what we see on CNN, that is just a propaganda.

    Good morning neighbors

  44. i was given also.

  45. Thank you Jesus for life.....E karo gbogbo ile o.


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