Stella Dimoko Actresses Wumi Toriola And Kemi Afolabi Respond To Film Producer Who Responded To Their Rape Allegations By Calling Them 'Dead Dog' And 'Drug Addict'


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Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Actresses Wumi Toriola And Kemi Afolabi Respond To Film Producer Who Responded To Their Rape Allegations By Calling Them 'Dead Dog' And 'Drug Addict'

Movie Producer Laide Olabanji was called out actresses Wumi Toriola and Kemi Afolabi...They accused him of being a rapist and he posted a video response calling them ''dead dog'' and ''drug addict'' respectively..
This is the response of the two actresses.....................

Will he respond again?Lets wait and see!!!


  1. This rape thing will not die down soon. It has broken records just within a week

  2. More rape cases will still come up

  3. I believe this man is a rapist!
    side eyes at Wumi and kemi🧐

    1. You are an idiot. You do not believe busola because you are sleeping wiht biodun, but you believe this one is. Has your destiny not being swapped for sagem phone like this?

  4. Choi!!!!
    Make una shame them one after the other!!
    See his face 😏😏

  5. People should learn how to speak up, yes it is not easy but please speak up when you are rapped or abused. The earlier the better.

  6. The pig really looks like a rapist. Take a very close look at his face.

  7. This man is guilty AF! It’s common of rapist to trash talk about their victims and shaming them. Uncle, did you or did you not rape her and every other female actress ?? Answer the damn question and no one cares about what they do with their personal lives.

  8. Yes o,every rapist is a liar.

  9. Kemi Afolabi is mouthed

    Mr Man answer the simple question.

  10. Mr Man for ur own sake just don't reply else ur case will turn to what you do not expect.

    Guilty ones a re quick to react.

  11. He looks like a bull dog😂😂😂 Dirty looking man. #Saynotorape

  12. Mr producer, are u guilty or not of trying to rape "autresses"? Make we judge ur matter 1st in the court of SM and public opinions before dem invite you for Alagbon, panti or lion building...
    Shame to rapist and perpetuators of violence against women

  13. My question still remains, did you do it or not?

  14. Uncle come and answer yes or no. It is a simple question

  15. They said attempted to not already raped,uhhm my own stake is God knows the truth


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