Stella Dimoko CAN Says Federal Govt Is Plotting New RUGA Strategy....


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Thursday, July 11, 2019

CAN Says Federal Govt Is Plotting New RUGA Strategy....

Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has cautioned Christians in the country, especially those in the Southern part of the country to remain vigilant even with the suspension of the controversial RUGA settlement for Fulani herdsmen.

The secretary of CAN in the 17 Southern States, Dr Joseph Ajujungwa gave the warning in a statement he made available to DAILY POST Wednesday.

Ajujungwa, who said the suspension of the programme by President Muhammadu Buhari may not be its end, said there was every indication “though it is claimed that it has been suspended, the underground work is still going on.”

He called on “every Southerner and Christians all over the country to be watchful”, stressing that, “even as we pray, we don’t need to keep quiet; they are experts in underground work.”

He added that, “We do not have land to give to anybody as a grazing field or colony and we call on the South East governors to maintain their stand that they do not have such a place. Do you know what it means to give 10 hectares of land to herdsmen? We say no to that.

“As CAN, we will preach it from our pulpit, every Imam should peach from the mosque and the traditionalists should stand against it; nobody should relent; no land should be given; any traditional ruler that does that should be dethroned.

“In the North, we have the largest hectares of land, very vast that nobody is occupying. Why are they not building the ranches, Ruga of whatever there? They can come here, take grass and go, and we buy cow in exchange, just like the governors said. We do not have such mass land required.”

“We are also calling on the Federal Government to be mindful of what they are doing because cattle rearing is a private farming business. Why should the government support individual cattle farmers against other farmers?” On the threat and ultimatum issued by a coalition of Northern Youths, Ajujungwa said “they should understand that nobody has the monopoly of violence.

As they are planning to attack, others are planning to defend themselves and we cannot run away.

“CAN is calling on all Christians, all law-abiding citizens of Southern Nigeria to please watch and pray. Watch means that you must open your eyes to see what is going on and therefore pray; do not relent.

“Anybody that is coming to buy land now, in the name of business, factory, and what have you, let us be cautious in dealing with the person because their plot is to turn such into colony”, the statement reads.
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  1. Everything to these religious bigots is all about Islamization and "defending the body of Christ". If you ask some of these people why they are screaming blue murder about this ruga they don't know. Most of them don't even know what it means but follow the bandwagon who give it a religious undertone and strive in that cause. SMH.

    1. What is this one saying??? Like they say if you do not have any comment to add shut it

    2. Idiot! Wait Fulani herdsmen will tell you the truth when they get to you.

    3. Yeah, in a country where cows matter more than human life to your people.
      They have started counting and keeping records of number of cows (private business) only God knows how much will be wasted on that. when was the last time human lives were counted for? (people who the president and those in power should be accountable for)

      Congrats to you and everyone that voted for Buhari.... Cheers!!!!!!

    4. May your ancestral land be overtaken by marauders who will give you ultimatum to give them space or face death you bloody religious bigot!
      Is only Christians you saw there? You didn't see Imams and traditionalists? Is only Christians that dwell in the South,East and west? You that know what knowledge are you claiming? Omo ale!
      Kidnappers and terrorists hiding under cattle rearing to perpetuate evil!
      Stella if you can post his antagonizing post, post mine to level the ground oh.

    5. You have shown yourself to be a religious bigot on this blog, you sense of reasoning is too poor.
      The north has enough land for rural, why make it a nation wide policy..
      Pls get some sense..akuya

    6. You're so correct. Most of them are just shouting but don't know what's all about.
      Do many people just follow bandwagon without asking questions or thinking for themselves.

    7. Christians will forever be your bane since you have refused to see the truth and say it. A little mention of Christian and your senses goes on an annual leave.
      Stella please stop posting his writings that clearly shows his hatred towards a particular religion, stop enabling this. It's not healthy! Imagine opening this post and this is what someone will read? Call him to order I beg you. He either sanitizes and tones down his hatred or go and look for a wholly Islamic blog to unleash his animosity.

    8. It's so funny but not strange to me on how educated people lack knowledge, that you are tempted to doubt and question the institutions that awarded such certificates to them in the first place. The clueless government have started census but this time around on cows not humans. Isn't Nnamdi Kanu right when he said Nigeria is a ZOO? Do you know there is a plan already to repeal the land use Act? The federal government are desperate to own up the lands owned by states so they can easily allocate it to whoever they want and to whatever purpose they deem fit.

      Any state that allocate lands to this Fulani terrorist should be ready to see and accommodate the emirates that will be created in them with emirs that will drag authority with the governor of that state. They won't stop there, they will bring in sharia along side with them and influence the ancestral traditions of that state.

    9. Eesah, You will be humbled soon! See how you are foaming from your mouth because the first thing you saw there is Christian. Eesah and Don take on people who have read and is studying this RUGA crap, leave bandwagon. We are shouting Blue murder because that's what it is, murders clamoring for my land using a bloody muslim bigot calling himself a president, when its obvious he is an impostor.

      Fulanis cant have ANY settlement or COLONY in the NigerDelta.

  2. Have I not been saying it here, that the situation on ground have gone beyond kneeling down in prayer. How does prayer stops a man with gun and bomb from killing you? Haven't we see how worshippers were massacred in their places of worship? This is a time to activate the self defence mechanism, for these terrorist are already here with us.

    They have changed the RUGA scheme to National livestock rubbish in order to meet up the 30days ultimatum given to them by the terrorist they are sponsoring. Christians should be at alert and understand that the Islamization and fulanization agenda is real. These people aren't Nigerians, some are coming in from Niger, Mali, Senegal,Chad etc to collect our ancestral home. OBJ, Danjuma, Ooni, Soyinka, Gani Adams, FFK etc knows the information they got before speaking out.

    1. My brother these people raising their voices now, worked against jonathan and brought in that man. They are only scared now cos they know it will be easier to dominate them than the East.

      I put it to you if this matter was affecting only the east, the hate in them would have told Buhari how to deal with us like they did with Ipob, appointment and Election period. Even when FFK and fayosha tried to speak up against the injustice against the east, they worked against them for that.

      Let them keep running and shouting. They brought the wood with ants so they should think of how to keep the Lizards away.

      We in the East have always stood our ground and face the insults and humiliation from them so this won't be the first time. An Igbo man hardly sell land out con be when e hear say person want to take his fore father's land from am.

    2. Anon 08:56, I agree with you but should we because these persons worked against Jonathan keep mute before this destruction looming? I read a statement credited to one northern idiot that no RUGA no Igbo presidency. Do you now see this RUGA of a thing is targeted towards the East? Else such statement wouldn't have been made. What's Igbo presidency for? For over 59years Igbo haven't rule Nigeria, have we become less of a people? Are the northern Nigeria better than the East in development or infrastructure? I bet you, they are not good student of history, else they will understand that, these are people who were given just 20pounds after the war and their property confisticated but today have done better and are over them in development. What have they achieve with their endless rule? For once El Rufai spoke the truth that the north is backward and the south progressive. I really applaud him for that statement. This is the reason they want to come and destroy the south. They won't succeed. Even the colonial whites found it difficult subduing the Igbo race when they tried. We will all rather die together than allow rapist, killers and criminals take over our lands.

  3. Now they are talking! There's no land anywhere and nobody has a monopoly on violence. Do we look like sitting ducks to them?
    Go to the northern states, you can drive for more than 30mins passing vast lands laying waste with nothing on it. They have the largest land mass in the country yet they won't remove their eyes from down here.

  4. Why not go to sambisa must they come to the south, west or east?

  5. CAN should go and face the crisis and all sorts of shameful activities going on the church first..
    Useless set of people.

  6. If they are looking for water n grass, they should dig wells in their region..they have enof grass.


  8. This time, I will take the message bt the messanger na troway. CAN are hypocrites! When they were dinning n frolicking with d devil in the ROCK nko.

  9. What is Muhammed Buhari's own and the private business of cattle owners? What does he stand to gain? Its obvious dude is demonic. I repeat keep the herdsmen in the NORTH. We can't suffer crude oil spillage and fulani herdsmen. Anyway they should come. Those cows will drown or die mysteriously. There are plants you can plant round your land that are poisonous to cows, Do it NOW! They are trying to infiltrate the South and East, because once there's a strong unity,there will be a divided west and we will withstand the north and their rubbish born to rule mentality.

  10. Una come dey hala now, you didn't know this when you all were rushing to Aso Rock to go collect envelope from Buhari.


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