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Sunday, July 07, 2019

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Good day Stella and bvs..

Please I need advice o...... I Am 25 years old, been single for a year now. 3 months ago, I met a guy on twitter, we exchanged dms and I like him very much. we have been communicating and I think he likes me too.. I saw him yesterday for the first time, and we really had a great time, enjoyed each other's company and all. 

He's 34 years old. like 9 years older than I Am,plus he hasn't asked me out and I don't even know if he's in a relationship or anything. I really want to ask him if he has a girlfriend but I don't want to be too forward. how do I go about this please?

*If he likes you and hes already dating,he might not admit it oh,you know how some men are?He will deny it so asking him doesnt mean anything..You might be side chick loading or he might even be Married!......Just crack a harmless joke when you are discussing or chatting with him and add ''hope your girlfriend wont mind oh''....He will know you are using style to ask but at least he will give you an answer!!!


  1. My dear go and read Steve Harvey's book think like a man act like a lady. All the answers are there. Good luck lady.

    1. Women whahala, if he rush you go say he they rush you, if he no rush you go say what does he want? What Does a man want with a woman? Na space code, he is a spy.thats what he wants OK!! What rubbish? He is taking his time, he knows you as a beautiful girl, now he wants to know you deep before he asks you out, to avoid all those woman talk of he used and trashed me, even those with dirty character self follow abuse men for a bad relationship. Good thing that men are getting wiser, that's samething I do. I don't rush it,girls always feel. Entitled,so guys keep them at a distance,because as soon as you say hello to a girl the first thing that comes to. Her entitled mind his he wants sex or he most marry me o! So he has to start taking care of me and bla bla bla. Even the bla bla black sheep of them too.

    2. Women have suffered. Anon 16:19, even you with this kind of heart breaking English has the nerve to insult?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Even if he has, if his plans are negative towards the relationship he would say no. Just keep your cool and don't act all out yet. Subsequent dates you would know his mission and if he is guarding himself against it just ask him to define what he really wants.

  4. He isn't asking because he has someone. He knows he is supposed to, like why are you both hanging out before nau? But he isn't because he is probably committed to someone. Has he asked if you are single? Well if he knows you are single and he still hasn't made any move yet then you have your answer. But don't bother asking he will lie to you. I asked someone before he lied and this was someone who was engaged to be married. I found out through other means and ran away. Just like this guy he didn't ask me out but we were just hanging out. Give yourself brain ooo.
    On a second note he might be single but not interested in you like "that" or he has someone else he thinks is better in mind other than you. But all in all this bobo doesn't seem to want you biko. Three months is enough to ask a lady out nau.

    1. So a man cant take his time to study a woman again before asking her out officially? This desperado poster just want to jump into a relationship with someone she barely knows.... all she knows is what he tells her.

    2. anon 15:46
      I'm not a desperado okay? I didn't lie up there and this wasn't even meant to be a chronicle.
      thanks anyway

  5. Lol...dem go agree?😂😂😂

  6. Anyway on my own, I assume u are taken n play along, time will tell 😀😀😀 I make sure I enjoy wella, anyhow it turns our, I won't feel cheated.

  7. Love develops and grows with time. If you love someone and it is mutual, he
    will reciprocate. The moment you jump to
    "girlfriend" questions, you open the door to be pounded silly and dumped.
    Woman, you are a treasure if you know
    your worth. But if you have been living
    a worthless life, you won't appreciate this. Worthwhile life is only lived in Christ and he is the
    one to guide you to a life partner
    that will honor you, your body and of
    course him.
    Besides, don't understand this una chant about "dating" versus "asking out".
    My experience like I shared is that
    Jesus showed me the one and only one
    six years earlier and I waited for him to call the spade by name.
    Make una cool down o before we begin
    read chop and dump and shoot off

  8. Stella, he might just laugh along with her. And avoid the question totally:
    Poster, slow down. Put yourself and feelings in check for now and watch him closely. If he hasn’t asked you, you shouldn’t ask him. If it turns out he has one, yuh will be so mad at yourself and t could spoil your friendship.
    Just play along. If after sometime he isn’t asking you out and you still like him, start avoiding and ignoring him.
    Even if he doesn’t have a girlfriend, what makes yuh think he wants you as a gf. Some men just like to ease tension with the opposite sex. Just chill and have fun(without sex o)
    And pray along. Yes! Pray! The evils that have been averted by prayers ehn. Mouth can say it all.

  9. Ask him straight up if he has a girlfriend or married.
    From the way you sound, you already like him. Spare yourself all that heart ache by asking him before you invest your feelings.

  10. poster I don't have advise for you

  11. it's a free world.
    Go ahead and make the first move; To me it doesn't matter:even thou this part of the world frown at that.
    But if I were you, I will pray over it first, seek God's will on that, tell him my innocent feeling and
    I pray God will lead you alright, for with him there's nothing like mistake(s).
    I wish you Goodluck.

  12. Did he ask you out? No. Why have you started dating him in your head? See as you will cause problems for yourself now. Tomorrow, he will tell you to help him deliver cake to his fiancee's workplace cos he sees you as his sister and you will faint.

    I don't understand how people can get so carried away by their imagination. Someone cannot be nice and have conversations again with a member of the opposite sex without them planning wedding with you in their heads.

  13. Yaba left escapee7 July 2019 at 15:38

    Poster, you need to learn to take things slow and drink Krest.

    Have you ever encountered these available boxes to tick when filling a form?
    Relationship status:

    ⬜ Babymama somewhere.
    ⬜ Girlfriend.
    ⬜ Lord of the rings.
    ⬜ Boyfriend.
    ⬜ Rebound things.
    ⬜ Sidechick.
    ⬜ Fuck buddies....

    If No, then we're all in the market till we're married, some items are just not worth pricing or buying.

  14. I second what Stella said. Once a guy is on your matter it doesn't consyn him if he has a partner or not. He can even give you one hurried sad story like he is in a long distance relationship and the chemistry is beginning to fizzle out. Na lie, e don already pay bride price and fix date.
    You will just wait for an opportunity to present itself and then look him dead serious in the eye and ask unexpectedly. For example, he says something like "I like women who are (clean, religious, business
    minded, etc)", then you will just ask, how he supports his girlfriend in her business if she has one. Most men will not give a straight answer even if they are single. You will now ask follow up questions like, "well it depends on her customers bla bla bla. Is she based in Lagos"? He will either answer yes or no. If he answers yes, just continue the conversation like " that's cool, that kind of business can only get high demand in Lagos". Start from a general question to a specific question that will make him talk about her.
    If you ask a straight "do you have a girlfriend" question, he knows that you have interest in him and will find a way to get something out of you.
    If his answer is no, just make a playful remark like "are you sure"?. Then, proceed to ask him what he likes in a woman. If you're slim and dark and he starts describing something that looks like Nkechi Blessing or Stella Dimoko, just know that he MAY be looking to just play around with you.
    Also, be ready to answer any of these questions he will want to ask you back.
    Whatever answer you get, attempt to increase your "finess" by dressing better and going out more. Don't play hard to get too much for him. Even a man who has a girlfriend will be acting jealous and always wants to know what you're up to. Be welcoming but still mysterious until the relationship is defined.

    1. Yimu.
      Guy man that has been in the game for years, you think he would fumble? He knows tge right approach.

    2. Must she ask?
      Why all these tricky questions?
      I can bet its not up to a month they started chatting, no patience in todays youth, when theyre expected to be ahead of themselves, you see them "snailing".... maybe the guy is just looking for a friend to hangout with, no strings attached, and ure here thinking of a relationship.

  15. Poster, you like him already. Force yourself to slow down. If he wants a relationship, he'll ask you.
    The way you're going, you might settle for a fwb situation before you know it. If you're okay with that, then there's no problem.

  16. Poster..... You have to be patient and don't bother asking him such things please..

    In everything u do,, please give it TIME..

    You claim u love someone.. Give it TIME

    My friend can't do without me.. give it TIME

    Mum will never make me cry.. Give it TIME.

    He is everything I want.. Give it TIME

    I think he is liking me.. Give it TIME

  17. abeg who sang the song "desperate chick" can't remember if it's Mandela or Obasanjo , or is it Reno omokri?


  18. Some people meet someone new sometimes and feel this connection, like you've known them all your life. Some reach a level of understanding in months that may take others years... To the issue on ground, the length of time you've known him may not be too short for you to already feel something for him,on the other hand, it may feel too early for him as he may just be enjoying friendship with you first... but pause and be objective/real with the situation. A man of that age knows what he wants. Make no mistake, he has read your body language, that you don't mind going to the next step of exclusivity with him, he knows you enjoy(ed) his company, the question is, is the feeling mutual? and if it is mutual self is he free to be exclusive? If he has not "asked you out" or made moves in that regard, or made insinuations to a female in his life when conversing with you,follow the matter up with sense and don't push it. To discover his relationship status, you can start by discussing about past relationships, the ex talk, as the conversation flows listen to hear not to reply. Listen to what he is saying and not saying . Be wise, trip with your heart but analyse with your brain. Remember that song, "some of them want to use you, some of them want to be used by you..." Cheers!

  19. Stop giving him too attention.if he asks u will tell him straight up you don't know what u people are doing.
    Friendship or relationship???
    Any man who wants u will go for what he wants and not waste ur time.

  20. I don’t understand the chronicle. If his acting like a friend do same, if his acting as a boyfriend, act same. That’s if you have energy. Everything mustn’t lead to relationship sha.

  21. Sex means too much to Nigerians....shiooor

  22. You see why you need to attend love, dating and marriage by pastor Kingsley Okonkwo...or look for his messages and listen to it. There's nothing wrong in asking him what he wants from you, if its friendship, relationship, fuck or marriage. There no need of wasting time and thinking you guys are dating while his isn't in a relationship with you. Your not desperate, it's either you take one step at a time and wait forever for him to ask you out or ask him what he really wants from you. It's that simple

  23. Poster, you met someone on twitter and have gone off to fairytale land of happily ever after!
    Have you ever thought he might be A CRIMINAL with ULTERIOR MOTIVE???!
    How do some people do this, with all the horror stories out there? Jeez!!!

    1. 🤝🏽🤝🏽🤝🏽🤝🏽🤝🏽🤝🏽🤝🏽

  24. If the guy wants friendship from you so be it don't force yourself looking for relationship. You can never tell your being friends with him can lead to the altar. So take it one step at a time.

  25. dont push it dont force it let it happen naturally, love will surely happen if love was meant to be....


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