Stella Dimoko Falana Tells President Buhari To Replace RUGA Settlement Scheme With Ranching...


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Thursday, July 04, 2019

Falana Tells President Buhari To Replace RUGA Settlement Scheme With Ranching...

Lawyer and activist, Femi Falana, has advised the federal government to replace the suspended Ruga settlement scheme with ranching.

Falana stated this, while reacting to the suspension of Ruga settlement by the federal government.

“As far back as 2016 the Buhari administration had opted for ranching.
To actualise the ranching policy 11 states had made available 55,000 hectares of land.
Ranching has also been adopted by the National Livestock Policy of the Buhari administration.
What is now left is for the immediate implementation of the ranching programme,” Falana said in a statement.

Falana believed Ruga was suddenly introduced from the blues, by some fifth columnists in the administration.

He added: “Ruga should not just be suspended but cancelled completely by the federal government. It should be replaced with ranching funded by state governments and individual stakeholders with the assistance of the federal government.

“However if the federal government is interested in establishing ranches in the states, it should apply for building approval from the state governments because the supreme court has held that physical planning is not in the exclusive legislative list.”
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  1. I think it's the same thing, Nigerians just don't think things through before making decisions sometimes. Everyone is condemning it but they didn't even know what it's all about since it has to do with cattle and herdsmen but anyone can operate it, it not all about the Fulanis or the herdsmen. .

    1. You must be another wasted Fulani sperm.

    2. No DON, they aren't the same thing. We all aren't daft not to understand the difference between ranching and Ruga. Should I explain both for you? If they are the same, why forgo the initial call by the people for ranching to introduced Ruga? Do you know Ruga means the same thing as colony? Is colony the same as ranching? Sorry DON, our education wasn't a waste.

    3. Anon and Teejay what did you expect from an olodo?

  2. Na Wa... O all what these people think about is cow.

  3. Na Wa... O all what these people think about is cow.

  4. I really don't understand these people. Last time I checked, cattle rearing is a personal business. Why bringing it to the FG? If you guys can not run your business very well, then CLOSE IT DOWN, period

  5. It's all the same thing. Anyways, whatever they want to do, they should keep it to the North

  6. Please we don't need ranching either.

  7. Why is cattle rearing now business of the federal government from nowhere?

  8. The Anon that said i should comment in yesterday's post.. ha ha ha... i must oh. Thank God Stellz posted. Why is Femi Falana asking for ranching? We are talking of private owned business here. Don't we have land in the north. Rivers, Baylesa and Delta states can make up 1 state in the North. If you are talking of job creation, lets start with trade by barter, My grass for your cow. Using job creation as an excuse to launch RUGA or Ranching wont work! The fulanis value their cows more than non fulanis, infact everyone is an infidel except them, that's why they rather straff their cows than have anything to do with non fulanis.
    Buahri should bloody leave this cow business, he has given them so much assurance they have started issuing threats about. This people withdrew N12b to start the implementation of this rubbish RUGA, meanwhile we dont have good hospitals, good roads, electricity and security. The likes of Eesah and Don are here supporting RUGA, give them your ancestral lands and become a vagabond na because the day you ask them not to defecate infront of your window, they will bring out dagger and turn you to suya or you think Buhari will you MON or OON. Misplaced priorities. They better start dipping hand into TSA and start acquiring and bribing people to build spare parts market in the 36states. Why is Buhari bothered with cows because he knows he will vacate Aso rock very soon and wants to establish his private business of rearing cows. I wonder when Nigerians will notice this is all about HIM and his selfishness. Why do you guys think his 150 cows didnt multiply? Of course they aren't impotent, he just doesn't have the business skills required and think grabbing people's land will make the 150 cows procreate. mmmtttssshhheeeww

    1. Nobody is exempted to do business genuinely in any part of Nigeria but my worries and concern is, why use your business to destroy other people's source of lively hood? As if that isn't enough, you killed and raped them at will. How then do you think and feel the locals and indigenous people will embrace and welcome you into their communities. What reasons exactly will they do that?

      If the Fulani's were peaceful people, no one will be afraid to live with them, but they are threats to peaceful existence and very dirty set of people that anywhere they inhabit always stink. They don't bath or take care of their surrounding. Worse of it, is having intercourse with the same cattle they sell to people *spits*. I just feel like stop eating cow meat for this rubbish. No wonder desease are rampant everywhere through things we eat as meat.

      All I will say is that, ranches should be sighted at the northern part of the country for them to curtail the destruction of people's farmland. They are free to transport their cows down to the south when it has been ordered or purchased by dealers here than to roam it here destructing lives and property.


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