Stella Dimoko Judge Dissolves 15 Year Old Marriage After Couple Slam Each Other In Court....


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Saturday, July 06, 2019

Judge Dissolves 15 Year Old Marriage After Couple Slam Each Other In Court....

What an annoying and Irritating story!!!

The 15-year-old wedlock between a man, Banji Adeyemo and his wife, Suliat Adeyemo has been dissolved by Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Banji who dragged his wife to court, sought for the dissolution of their union on the accounts of alleged stubbornness, violence and waywardness by the latter.

The plaintiff further appealed to the court if his prayer was answered to grant him custody of their four children.

Suliat despite alleging that her husband was diabolic refused to agree to divorce.

Giving his evidence, Banji stated that:”My lord, I’m tired of a woman whose main preoccupation is to fight. She fights like a jackal and turns our home and compound upside down. She fights me and our neighbours almost on a daily basis.

“Suliat never listens to me or takes any advice I give her. She’s disobedient and flouts my orders at will.

“My wife is also violent. She gets angry easily and fights me with whatever is within her reach. She’s used to fighting me with dangerous objects.
She once fought me and stabbed me with broken bottles. I bled and almost fainted.”

My wife is wayward, ”the plaintiff further added. I don’t want her to send me to my early grave. She has slept with about four pastors in her church. She moved out of my house when we had a misunderstanding and moved in with her lover, a co-landlord who lives three houses to mine.

“My lord, Suliat has poisoned our children’s mind against me. She attended a radio programme with our first child and there she soiled my name. She lied that I scraped off our son’s hair and used it for money ritual.

My lord, a woman who can go to such an extent can kill. I, therefore, pray that you separate us, “Banji stated.

Suliat in her response denied all that her husband had said and refused divorce.

She stated thus:”My lord, all my husband said are lies. His aim is to paint me black in order to get the court’s favour.

“I’m not ready to leave my husband because any woman who does so in his family will be visited with tragedy. She will lose all her children.”

The plaintiff, speaking further told the court, “We had a blissful marriage until we relocated after he built a house and we started living among his family members.
His family members, his paternal uncle especially, started controlling and directing him on how to run his home.

“My husband suddenly started misbehaving. He would leave home for days without leaving any clue as to where he was. Only his uncle would know his whereabouts. He beats me anytime I complain.
He’s a successful farmer and also sells vehicle engines but he would always complain of paucity of fund. We lived like paupers despite his flourishing business, “she said.

“My lord, my husband is diabolic and threatens me with charms.
I went to his sister to borrow money on Easter day when we had nothing to eat. She lent me N2, 000 and as I returned home to prepare lunch with the money, I bumped into him at the door. He was holding charms and calling my name while making incantations.

“I pushed him, he staggered and hit his back on the glass window which unfortunately cut him.

He got up and pounced on me. He beat me blue black and bit me on my breasts. The following day, he prostrated and begged to forgive him.
He has a book he wrote down some incantations. He once took my pictures and cut a part of the cloth I use for my period for diabolic means.

“My lord, it’s true I went with my son to the radio station but I didn’t accuse Banji of doing money ritual. I was feeling mentally imbalanced and I knew it was the handiwork of my husband. Our son helped me to the radio station so that I could bear out my heart to listeners of the programme so that they could help me out.

“Since the rift in the relationship between my husband and I widened, I sought help from one of my pastors to aid our reconciliation.
He instructed me to stand naked in the middle of my room by 1:00 a.m. and rub a N20 note all over my body. He asked me to bring the money to him which I did.
Unfortunately, our relationship fell more and more apart.
My husband started monitoring my movements and accused me of sleeping with my pastors.

“I moved out of his house with our children and kept most of my belongings in an uncompleted building in our neoghbourhood. My children and I slept wherever there was space to lay our heads until a pastor and his family took us in. This couple stay miles away contrary to what my husband said.
Banji went about telling who ever cares to listen that I am sleeping with this pastor,” she concluded.

The court president, Chief Ademola Odunade after hearing the evidence of both parties stated that it was imperative that an end be put to their union since it involved violence.

Ruling, Odunade dissolved their marriage and gave custody of their children to the defendant.

Banji was asked to pay the sum of N15, 000 monthly through the court as their children’s feeding allowance. He was also mandated to be in charge of their education, health and general welfare.
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  1. Let them go their separate ways.

  2. Boys Thinking Deep..6 July 2019 at 11:04

    marraige again...

  3. Married people should never stay in the same house with extended family members.

  4. Man and woman wahala. It is well with them

  5. 15,000 monthly upkeep for 4 children?
    It's high time our courts did better!

    1. This Judge did good. What of those Judges that give 5.000 Naira?

    2. This Judge did good. What of those Judges that give 5.000 Naira?



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