Stella Dimoko Medical Council Grants 412 Foreign-Trained Doctors Licence To Practice In Nigeria


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Friday, July 19, 2019

Medical Council Grants 412 Foreign-Trained Doctors Licence To Practice In Nigeria

The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) has granted 412 foreign-trained Nigerian doctors the nod to practice medicine.

The breakdown shows 407 medical doctors and five dentists.

893 foreign-trained medical and dental students appeared for the examination while the 412 inducted were successful. The overall percentage pass is 46 percent.

The doctors, who had to undergo another training and examination on returning to the country, were inducted on Thursday.

From the nation

Deos this mean we have an influx of Doctors in Nigeria?Is this good news?


  1. Foreign trained medical practitioners are in Nigeria? It will be those medical students from Ukraine and other European countries. Because the ones from UK, US and Canada will not return home to practice anything.

    1. You kinda made sense Babyoku. 46% seems too small, no?

    2. You are right, most of them are from Russia, budapest and their quality of education and medical practice is low standard compared to Nigerian medical colleges.

    3. Our Ukraine, British Caribbean island, Guyana, Hungarian doctors. Una welcome ooo.

  2. Dr Bisi. I hope you feel fulfilled making a comment. You've never been to any of these countries for study & all you guys keep spreading is what "A said or B said". "We hear,they say". Sorry to burst your bubble madam ,there are so many universities with better standard of education & training compared to Nigeria in the countries you mentioned including Ukraine & Russia.
    Nigerians love to glorify hardship & yes; this has been a long time battle between foreign trained doctors & local trained(Nigeria trained).You all (Nigeria Trained) believe they know nothing (FTD). There's nobody that's an island of "know it all". We all learn & unlearn. Medicine is also about that. Stop putting your colleagues down because they schooled in a place that's considered more conducive than yours.
    To those that believe it's only doctors from Russian,carribean etc that do return back to Nigeria. Sorry aunties& uncles, anyone can return to Nigeria & yes doctors from UK ,USA do return too.
    For the pass rate Stella, it's low but this isn't even news to most foreign trained doctors as this low pass rate started in 2017. It was a big issue but it has improved recently & hopefully it gets much better.

  3. @anonymous 10:13 I am a trained UK Dr practising in Nigeria and I have seen and observed the practise from Drs who trained in Ukraine, Budapest etc It has nothing to do with being in conducive environment or glorifying hardship. Nigerians who went through same school with me were too brainy and excellently above average.

    1. No mind the opolo.

      The truth dey pain am.
      Ukraine and Russia steady churning out half baked things. Even by Nigerian standards. So you can imagine.
      They know the doctors won't practice in their country, so they pass them like there is no tomorrow

    2. Dr. Bisi, if you trained in the UK, you woUldale have had to undergo the mdcn exam. Medicine is very wild and why foreign medical graduates need to undergo this is because, tropical medicine that is prevalent in Africa isn't taught to them deeply. Don't be ignorant please.

  4. You trained in the UK but you instantly entered the system right? Unless you're like 40-60 years old Dr Bisi.
    Didn't you go through trainings in some local hospitals? Did you jump from the plane to the wards when you returned? If that's the case then; no problem.
    Even if you schooled in Sudan, you will still go through trainings even though it's also a tropical country. Plus other doctors that returned back to Nigeria from countries like Ghana, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus Malaysia,Cyprus,USA & every other medical schools from UK asides the one you finished from to practice in Nigeria aren't dumb either. Stop putting your colleagues down & learn to lift people up. Bye👋.

  5. @anonymous 13.00 you sound so bitter and it seems you are one of those Drs that trained in Ukraine, Budapest. You shouldn't have inferiority complex, what is said is based on observation and that those Drs have low standards in practice.

    1. Looking at your post from 08:53 . Uncle or aunty , you just lied stating you schooled in England. You probably schooled somewhere in Nigeria & for inferiority complex .. Lol. Inferiority complex for schooling & paying in hard currencies & becoming a doctor ?
      You're the bitter one because you basically know nothing about how foreign trained doctors procedures operate in Nigeria from your ramblings.
      So you know ; I didn't even school in either of the countries you mentioned.
      My only point is "stop belittling other people's efforts because of circumstances different from yours".
      So rest. Drink water & tell the new inductees "congrats" & let's move on.

  6. Do they understand that we do not have constant electricity supply and nepa will take light while they are in theatre and hospital management will not on gen because no money for diesel.


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