Stella Dimoko Nigeran Govt Gets Court Order To Proscribe The Islamic Movement Of Nigeria....


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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Nigeran Govt Gets Court Order To Proscribe The Islamic Movement Of Nigeria....

The Nigerian government has secured a court order to proscribe the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN).

This follows a security meeting President Muhammadu Buhari had with security chiefs.
The court order for the proscription of the IMN group was issued by the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court on Friday.

Nkeonye Maha, the judge who presided over the court, made the order and directed that “no person or groups of persons should henceforth associate with the Shiites for any reasons.”

The court order was given following an ‘ex-parte’ application brought by the federal government.

To complete the process for the proscription of the group, the court ordered the Attorney-General of the Federation “to publish the order proscribing the respondent (Islamic Movement in Nigeria) in the official gazette and two national dailies”.

Protests by IMN members, popularly called Shiites, had turned violent in recent weeks.

The casualties included a senior police officer, a Channels Television journalist and over a dozen Shiites.

The protesters are demanding the release of their leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaki, who has been detained since 2015 after soldiers killed some of his followers.

*Whether they release or keep this man,this Narrative does not sound good at alll.....Lets pray the procription does not lead to more protests.


  1. If they can proscribe and call Biafrans a terrorist group then they certainly took long to read these ones the riot act. They should keep the same energy oh. Operation python dance should commence if they spill another innocent blood.

  2. Now they have used an Igbo ("Christian") Judge to proscribe Shia (their enemies). Now, the next sect is possibly a "Christian one".
    Whenever they in power want to do their dirty works, they pounce on and use an "Igbo Christian". Remember Kanu and Abacha's 5 million man march?

    1. Alternative Facts27 July 2019 at 23:59

      Didn’t Kanu collect money?

    2. @alternative
      Of course, they pay any one of them they use

    3. Don't Igbos have a mind of their own?, always playing victim

  3. If this will bring about peace, why not.

    1. It will not bring peace. In fact, this is like another bh in making.

      If you understand the politics of Sunni and Shite Muslims with both East/West interest, then you'll know that Nigeria is not handling this El Zakzaky issue properly at all.

    2. pls Anonymous 00:33, How do you suggest we handle it?

    3. @ SDK pls update yourself on National issues. More protests is better than Full blown boko haram-like crisis

    4. @Dauntless, Buhari should as Obj how he managed them when he was in power.

  4. So many issues come to my mind:

    First of all, the constitution allows for Freedom of Worship. Proscribing all members of an international religious sect because of the activities of a few amounts to a gross violation of their rights.
    For instance, what happens when an Iranian or Iraqi who practices the Shiite religion visits Nigeria? Will he be automatically labelled a terrorist because of his belief?

    Secondly, the religious group was categorized as terrorists via a motion exparte. Meaning there was no hearing on the other side. Another violation of the rights to fair hearing enshrined in the Constitution.

    Lastly, a country with 3 named terrorist groups : Boko Haram, IPOB and now Shiite, will definitely drive away foreign investors.

    Whereas Fulani herdsmen are still killing freely with the encouragement of the government.

    Does the government think about the image other countries will have of Nigeria.

    Las Las, na just to leave this country. I don tire


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