Stella Dimoko Senator Remi Tinubu Begs Fashola For Employment Slots When Made Minister


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Monday, July 29, 2019

Senator Remi Tinubu Begs Fashola For Employment Slots When Made Minister

Senator Oluremi Tinubu representing Lagos Central Senatorial district on Monday, urged a ministerial nominee, Babatunde Raji Fashola, to accommodate Senators’ plea for employment slots to their constituents...

The female lawmaker remarked that she hadn’t asked for employment slots in Fashola’s Works and Power Ministry in the last administration, but said all Senators should be considered this time.

“Mr. nominee, all of us here have our Constituents back home looking for employment opportunities and I want you to consider our request when you get to office.
In your last administration, I did not look for employment slots for my Constituents, but this time, we all need you to consider us.”

For over an hour, the former Lagos governor and Minister for Works, Housing and Power in the last administration, was overwhelmed with questions bordering on his Ministry in the last administration.

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  1. They have started ooh.... This is how they won't allow competent hands to work but their own not minding if they are qualified for the job. Fashiola better do what's right, after all your husband almost frustrated him from becoming a minister.

  2. Shameless power grubber. One day you and your husband will no longer be there.
    Keep riding on everybody's head for now.

    1. Have some sense now
      She’s asking for employment for her people
      What’s wrong with that
      Is it only northerners that should get jobs

    2. Anonymous 16:48 She should be asking him to employ well qaulified applicant if giving ministerial post. But no,their selfishness will never allow them to think beyond their families and friends. GREEDY PEOPLE


  3. This is total gabbage. They want to legally bring their children and the children of their loyalist to fill vacancies meant for the common Nigerians..
    Is there any citizen of this country that doesn't belong to a constituency?
    This is criminal

    1. I am telling you. So shameful coming out from one who claimed to be a crusader of justice, equity and fairness. Tomorrow they will say, they are fighting corruption.

  4. Where will the rest of Nigerians get work? Madam take am easy o

  5. This is how qualified hands will just be submitting CVs that will end up in the trash can, in the hands of fries sellers and suya sellers. God will save us from greedy lots.

    Mr. Fashola, I pray God will touch your heart and that of others to do the right thing.

  6. That is nigeria for you!

  7. I did not see anything wrong in what she said.she was talking on behave of the senators that people in their constituency needs employment thereby asking for slot to be giving to each senator for there constituency...

    So it is now left for the senators to look for qualified and competent people to give the employment slot to in there constituency. Where we can start to talk and insult them is when the slot is being given and they end up giving it to there families or unqualified people.

    But asking for employment slot for there constituency isnt a bad thing.
    My opinion sha.

    1. Banty, did you actually read well? She was specific to Fashola. Didn't you read where she said in his first ministerial appointment, she didn't bother him but now she will. Go back and read again and understand that she wasn't speaking in general to all ministers to be but Fashola.

    2. Teejay,you are getting it all wrong, if she did not bother him in his first appointment isn't my point,the message here is that she said she wanted an employment slot for her and her colleagues constituency which isnt bad... I'm not concerned about if she did not ask or bother him for it in his first appointment,what I'm getting at is that for her asking for an employment slot for her constituency isnt a bad thing to do as a senator.

  8. We as people always misinterpret good intentions due to bottled anger and bitterness. I see nothing wrong with her quest for democratic dividends for her Constituents. We need to channel our grievances to the right places.


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