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Monday, July 08, 2019

Social Media And How It Affects Society -Your View

Social media is a powerful tool............

This photo I find OK,the one that gives me cold sweat is when i see photos of people worshiping in Church and they have their phones turned towards them making videos......WHAT!!!..ARE YOU OK?


  1. Yaba left escapee8 July 2019 at 16:35

    You find the above photo OK? Did i read that correctly?

    1. Read to understand!��

  2. What I have come to realize is that Social media is a leveller of sort, you see people insulting those on a normal day they won't dare approach.

    1. Yes oo. We go insult Trump and nothing dey happen. So, nobody is spared

  3. Social media has its positive and negative but it is important to note that social media doesn't change behavior, it only highlights it.

    It just magnifies who people really are.

    Back in the day, that image up there would have been him pretending to care for the needy in front of his peers or a girl he's tryna impress. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    Though social media is incredibly toxic and the effects are damaging, I still think people will continue to be toxic even if the entire internet went away today.

  4. Social media has it's good and bad, but it's upto you if you to decide which to follow

  5. you're very correct! On social media everybody is equal and everybody has a voice. People you won't dare talk to face to face, you talk to them on SM.

    The good side is if you are challenging or talking to those contructively or pointing out their mistakes or evil they have committed.

    For those making videos or snapping and posting while church service is going on,you dont need to be told the kind of people they are.

  6. What about those that go to concertd or shows and are busy filming, instead of enjoying thr show?

    I usee to do it, till I realised, all the videos I take I rarely watch.

    So now, when I am on the bus, or train, I consciously keep my phone in my bag.

  7. Social media has its advantages and disadvantages! A lot of marriages and relationships broken! It has become a voice! Which could bring laughter, pain or sorrow! Some people are depressed because of social media! Some make a buck out of it! While some keep away from it! I know a girl who is not on any network and still lives her life!

  8. It's affects those who allow themselves to get affected.

    Its healthy to take a social media break every once in a while. Go off the net and let those who care call you or send you messages.

    Also, what is see on someone's social media is only their highlight reel. It's the best moment for them, it's not their every minute life. You don't know what goes on behind the scenes.

  9. Should I reply in Eesay, term paper or thesis format

  10. To me social media is informative,Educative and Entertaining all put in one place.
    just as the name implies ....SOCIAL MEDIA:it's a place where the real socialization takes place, a platform where the voiceless regain there voices.
    a lot i never knew concerning the world and its revolution was made known to me through this means.
    in a nutshell, Eveything has it's own merits and demerits that's why i will continue to make good use of my existence anytime i found myself in any social media platform.
    I employ everyone to do the
    same so as to create a better society

  11. I decided to consciously cut my time on social media because the distraction and noise are just too much, not to talk of the toxicity!


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