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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tuesday IHN

“The first person you think of in the morning, or last person you think of at night, is either the cause of your happiness or your pain!"---True?

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As children growing up, there's this belief we have those days about people with insanity. We tend to believe it's either a repercussion for their evil deed or some sort of spell cast upon them diabolically by an enemy who doesn't want their progress. This is as a result of the kind of local movies we watched back then that usually centered on some fetish act.

While that may be true to an extent, it will be so necessary to say that, psychologically, most of the mental cases we see today in the society are either caused by sickness, depression, sexual abused, neglect/abandonment, stress, medical disorder, unfulfillment and lost of a loved one.

Sometime late 90's I had visited a friend who was sicked of Typhoid. Alone with him at the sitting room, while the mother was in the bedroom, I discovered he had started singing incoherently. At some point he stopped and smiled, then talking to an imaginary person. I called the mother's attention to it and after a while, I was told to leave. He was later taken to the hospital and treated for typhoid. He became sound and healthy. Today, he is married with kids and living very well.

There are some sicknesses that gets to the brain, that's capable of making one go insane. More also, lost of a loved one can cause a loss in memory as a result of the shock that comes with it. Another noticeable factor could be stress, disappointment, failures and unfulfillment in life. Neglect/ abandonment also could lead to insanity, mostly when a victim have lost all hope of living as a result of rejection.

Emotional traumas that arises from failed relationship, marriages and sexual abused is so strong that it could damage one's sense of reasoning. This is why it's so necessary we advice people to seek counseling and undergo some psychological therapy if need be.

So unfortunately, Nigeria don't have good management system in charge of handling mental cases in the society. Most mental cases could have been handled better and properly and the victims restored to sanity if truly there had been a working system.

So next time you see a mental challenged person at the hospital or street, don't be too quick to labelled them drug addicts, smokers or even reward for their evil deed.



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Why do I feel so downcast when I see suffering and worse when I can't help to alleviate it?

Why do certain songs and movies evoke such a strong emotion in me that sometimes the tears flow unwittingly without a sound but other times I just wail and bawl out of the sheer intensity of my feelings?

While most people are looking to give gifts (in cash or kind) to the pastor, my inner thoughts are the pastor has lesser responsibilities with all the children grown and married but the assistant pastor who still has growing kids will need the help more and giving to the latter will be more fulfilling for me.

When I come across a market woman who is grouchy and terse in her replies to questions from her customers, instead of walking away to the next stall to purchase what I need, I make excuses for her that perhaps life has dealt her a deft blow and hardened her but a little patience from me can thaw the iciness and make her treat others politely.

I can feel other people's pain and joy intensely; from the TTC woman sitting beside me who cries instead of praying to the young lady who rolls on the floor in praise. Though I try to keep a bland face right there but the feelings stay with me for days and sometimes my husband thinks it's something he has done but when I try to explain how I feel, he thinks I am being unreasonably emotional and asks me to snap out of it.

Is this a burden or a blessing ? Most people who judge me by my unsmiling face think I am tough and unfeeling, if only they know I am all mush inside and the way I look is just a facade to keep me from getting hurt unnecessarily.

*spontaneous writer*

*Na wah!!!!



Dear BVs and Stella, i am the lady that wrote last week that my fiance was on his way to my house while my family friend (male) is at my house. I saw all the comments and was lauging so hard, some said is possible i have something with my ff reason why i refused to inform my fiance. Some say sugar daddy and fiance, God you guys are just too funny. 

I read all the comments and decided to tell my ff to leave my house as my fiance is already on his way to my place. i called my ff that same day but he didnt pick my call so i send him an sms and what's app message that i am expecting my fiance and would not want him to meet him at my place. He responded after one hour or so that is alright. 

To cut the long story short everything went fine between me, ff and fiance. I have told myself never to accept any opposite s#x to my house to spend a night to avoid unncessary stress. Dont mind the erros ........

Good for you



My friend is dating a Yoruba guy and his mum came over to visit and stayed for a few weeks. When his mum was going she called my friend and told her that she observed she didnt kneel down to greet her, to serve her food, and she didnt come to check on her and greet her everyday. SHE asked my friend if this is how she is planning to do when gets married to the guy and if she will behave this way.

My friend is confused because she wasnt brought up to be kneeling down and the works. She felt she respected the woman enough. Her boyfriend is keeping mum about the whole issue. What advice would you give, bearing in mind that when a woman marries into a Yoruba family, everyone she meets there is her senior. She called her husbands brother by his first name while talking to him on phone and he hung up on her. Again, her boyfriend is not saying anything.

Na wah.........E no go easy for your friend oh



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Good day ma,

I had bumps on my vagina and i went to the doctor and i was told i have HPV and what i have on my vagina is genital wart caused by the virus... I am scared i am just 22, i can't even tell my parent and honestly ma i feel like my life is over.

I have never heard of HPV or genital wart not until last week Tuesday. I was given ciprofloxacin, flucozanole and asked to get veregen ointment but i could not find it.. I had to settle for podophyllin cream which i think is not working, i plan on getting apple cider vinegar soon... 

I have read a lot online about HPV and genital wart but they are not encouraging. I even tried reading experience of Nigerians with the virus but i found few and mostly male but i found one on the doctor in house section.
I plan on doing a pap smear test and i tried on finding out about HPV test but the lab scientist said there is no test for HPV but i can do dna analysis which is expensive. Ma i am scared of the c word i don't want to die. 

I will like to talk to others who have or had genital wart on this blog or doctors... I am confused i don't know what to do. Please help me ma.

Please if you can help and tlk her through this then contact me and i will forward her email to you....

Does anyone know what the C word is that is scarng her?



  1. IHN is here......friendly weather today.

    1. the c word she is scared of is cancer, i had it too when i was 21 it is a STD my then boyfriend gave it to me, my fear then was not been able to have children but now i have 1, then i was given 1 injection, antibiotics and i was told to buy 1 stuff like that it smelled like detol( it actually dried the wart out) but didn't take d HPV off my system. The doctor told me gradually my system will fight it out, it took days before d wart got dried i didn't go back for a checkup after the treatment(not advisable). i heard their is a vaccine for it now for those who haven't had it before. in summary there is nothing much to be scared of get ur complete treatment and have protected sex

    2. Hi,

      Please i need the link to one of the old IHN where someone advertises making of shirts. thank you

    3. I had genital warts when I was in school. I didn't even know how I got it. I was always thinking they were normal boild that they will go away on their own.
      One day, I went to see one bobo and he tried fingering, then he shouted and switched on d light. He said "u have warts" what are u doing about it? I told him I don't even know what warts are. When he traveled, he waybilled one liquid ointment to me that I should apply only on d affected area. I think the name of d medicine s pudhophin or so.

      But because of how sensitive the privates is, when I rub it, if I move around the liquid will be rubbing other parts of my laps n tt. It peeled my skin but it cleared the warts. Since then, I dey keep my self well ooo. If it was HIV now, e son kpari be that o....

    4. Thank u Stellalicious for the advert.i pray customers that wil buy my goods call me..Amen

  2. in house news is here to stay, i pray that God will grant each and everyone their heart desires. May customers fall on everyone selling things.

    1. Urgent help needed!
      21 pages I typed on ms word is corrupt. It has autosaved in bracket
      Google is not helping
      Bvs help

    2. so my husband is not a social media freak the picture he has on his FB and Instagram account are old pictures those days that he never chop bellefull, i told him to snap pictures and update he said he doesn't have time that if that is my new priority i should do it myself. so i took some pictures already i had plans to update them on his accounts on sunday(work free day) just as i was about to upload them my instinct just decided to ask me of what is missing that i am looking for, what if i upload d pictures and 1 babe start liking him, na so i change my mind o

    3. Please change your mind o. Even for security reason. Kidnapping is seriously on the rise don't expose your husband to bandits

  3. Your year is about to take a turn and the very thing you thought would take years to receive is about to happen within months.@RealTalkKim

  4. Afternoon fam,how una dey? Loving this cool weather like kilode

    1. Good afternoon my darling Dada Toyosi. How are you today?

    2. Stella, why don't you reply to emails. I sent you an advert almost a week ago, no response, I even told you I will pay for it. If you don't want it ok, this is not the first time of not replying email. This will be the 6th time. I know it was the right email from your contact information. Anyway na your blog, ur decision

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  5. Hey Guys!!!

    I just realized that the Africa Magic series HALITA has ended!!

    Please who knows where i can download it?? Please?? Youtube is giving me short clips and it's not enough.... Somebody help, please!!😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. They show it every morning by 6:30am,12:30am and Sundays by 1-4pm

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    Thank you Stella, thank you Beloved. I got the data. May God continue to increase you both.

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  7. I stan Burna boy

    I stan Tacha

    proudly Rivers born


    1. Danny dear, where have y been? I missed you.

    2. Tacha is from cross river state

    3. IHN welcome.
      poster with the genital wart, i think it is contracted through sex. please dont have sex without protection so you wont spread it.
      poster with the situation of money. God will provide a good job so you can take care of your parents.

    4. IHN welcome.
      poster with the genital wart, i think it is contracted through sex. please dont have sex without protection so you wont spread it.
      poster with the situation of money. God will provide a good job so you can take care of your parents.

  8. Replies
    1. HPV causes cervical cancer, go for the PAP smear screening and if it is still pssible, take HPV vaccine/. It is well with you.

    2. Yes. Some strains of human papilloma virus are strongly linked to cervical cancers

    3. not the strain that causes warts though. use your podophyllin cream and listen to your doctor. dont date dirty in character boys. I ve never had an sti and I m 31 with a 6 body count

  9. Beautiful things here to sale..
    Good customers locate all the sellers in da house....

    Good afternoon blog visitors..

  10. the lady that her friend is dating a yoruba demon, just tell your friend to let the guy go cos if she cannot do what him and his mum want that marriage will have issues. Most yoruba people love respect as if their life depend on it.

    the lady that her family friend and fiance came visiting at the same time, next time never you allow your family friend to come sleeping at your place if you want a clean record.

    1. U guys won’t help because of man
      When you need help, you’ll go to the same marriage killers and start begging

    2. I'm Igbo, and I know yorubas cherish respect a lot. If the mil wants her to be kneeling down when greeting Her, and poster loves the fiance, then she better start learning how to kneel and even prostate when greeting her.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Good afternoon all God bless our day for us

  13. Poster, tell your friend to break off that relationship.
    As a man, you know your woman is not from your tribe, you teach her certain things, so when she meets your family, she can impress them.
    He is not saying anything, isn’t that a sign already?
    His brother was bold enough to hang up 😨
    That’s disrespectful.
    You have seen this first hand so don’t go into marriage with the mindset he’ll change.

    1. Small small na. She should just call it off like that.
      Matters of the heart is not as simple as it looks.

    2. It is not about being bold biko. What she did is a bad thing in their culture and he felt insulted. We should learn to respect others culture and not feel bad or complain when they meet us with same disrespect. You Don't associate with someone from another tribe and except them to stop their traditions because of you just to make you comfortable. This is why I don't date from other tribes , yes I make friends but when it comes to relationship I stick to my own. Make everyone dey their dey. Poster don't expect your boyfriend to take sides with you in his eyes also you are wrong.

    3. Do western boys in Nigeria say anything to their moms when they harass their
      wives, talk less of a girl that he is just using as s8x toy?
      Please hang it there. The girl has seen what she is spreading legs for.

    4. Exactly Slutty,you saved me from typing.Boyfriend is not saying anything cos he has no intention of marrying her and so no need to stress himself teaching her stuff.Let her leave already

    5. Exactly... She should call it off!! This one is too extreme biko

    6. I wish I could share a story kinda related to this. Infact, let me share it. Poster, don't start something u can't finish, I always say this!

      If u want me to respect your culture, why not also respect the fact that those things aren't my culture too.

      I remember when my then boyfriend now fiance mum came in 2015. Of course I spent some days with her as she wanted me to attend a wedding with her. When I greeted her, I knelt down (I grew up in yoruba land so I'd kinda gotten used to kneel while greeting ELDERS). Then she told me that I had to kneel to greet boo's male cousins that were more or less my age, saying they were my fathers. I smiled and did as I was told (even the guys felt awkward).

      What did I do afterwards ??

      I called my fiancΓ© and told him what happened and it was definitely not what I signed up for.

      He called his mum and asked why she'd ask me to do that. Mumsy shaperly him she was only joking because of his tone of voice.

      She still came back and with laughter told me I went to report her to her son ba??? Me sef, with laughter, I told her I only told him how my day went. We laughed over it and that was that.

      Till date, she has never asked me to do such again and believe me, we are best of friends despite that.

      But this one ur boo isn't even defending you says a lot and his family don't seem like considerate people, so maybe talk to ur boo first and have first knowledge about his stance on issues like that

    7. She should call it off! I can't even imagine kneeling before a mere mortal. God forbid!

    8. Slutty chic thank you.

      Like Joy said she should talk to her boo first to know his stance.

  14. Family friend and boyfriend's mom

    Why are you ladies cheapening yourselves by living in with a boy
    that has not paid your bride price?
    "I will not allow another male in my house..." but you are already inviting your boyfriend to stay?
    This is confusion. This is how "pregnancy and shoot off/dump" chronicles are made. "Stella, that beast "chopped' and dumped me in
    spite of everything I did for him -washed plates, cooked and even aborted
    for him..."
    And you know what? When dumped, you are looked upon as a huge whore by
    the observers.

    And that girlfriend who did not kneel down to greet boyfriend's mother, if you were not living in
    in that house, will anybody harass you like that?
    You made yourself available to be harassed and insulted.
    Will Naija girls every learn bikonu?

    1. Madam ANG!!!!!!

      SHE is not living with him! His mother expected her to come from her house to greet her everyday!

      The way you fly to conclusions ehn!...

      (thank you Stella for posting the comment)

    2. Hahaha jokes on you
      The mother accused of not visiting much because she doesn’t live there. Read wella
      GF call the mom and say mommy i’m Sorry I’m not Yoruba and no one told me what to do. The next time I see you I will make amends. For added effect, call on video call or if not video still let her know you’re on your knees during the call and Apollo. Some Yoruba people love that kneeling thing and no other amount of goodness will replace it. As for the brother, just don’t call him for now or use MR instead of brother or uncle. Remember once u marry the guy u can reduce the kneeling small small of you may even become very ok with it. Also talk to your man. If you’re willing and he really wants things to work, he should educate you on his family’s expectations of keeping quiet

    3. @14:26
      So ya friend does not fly to collect fork in that house?
      Talk about the way Naija girls jump into collecting stolen fork

    4. This is boyfriend o
      Not fiance
      The boy is just a fkboy and has not
      said he will marry her. Why is she throwing herself
      on their way?

  15. Madam HPV infection - HPV stands for Human Papiloma Virus. Its a group of over 100 virus that on its own doesnt cause issues however certain strains are known to cause certain conditions in the body For example, strains 13, 16, 18 and 31 (i think) cause certain types of Cervical cancer
    whilst other strains cause genital warts, some other strains cause cold sores (people who like to think cold sore is caused by Malaria- clap for yasef)

    Anyhoo, because its a viral infection, it has no cure, your body just has to fight the infection at the time however you may be given meds to help ease any symptoms present at the time.

    Now, it doesnt ever go away, it can appear several times in a lifetime, depending on how healthy you are as well as any other underlying conditions/circumstances......its generally contracted when you have contact with someone who has an ACTIVE INFECTION for eg, you kiss someone who has a coldsore/share cutleries with someone who has a coldsore or shag someone who has an active wart would increase your chances of been kiss the same person once the coldsore is completed healed and you would be 99% fine

    You may find it useful reading up PatientUK or NHSUK factsheets

    1. Stella, the C word is Cancer. HPV(Human papilloma virus) is one of the leading causes of cervical cancer. It can be spread through body fluids.
      Poster as bad as it sounds,you already have the virus. The best thing to do now is to live a completely healthy lifestyle. Eat and drink right,no smoking, no unprotected sex. You have to ensure that you do not do anything that will lower your body's immunity. Go for the pap smear FAST so you can rule out cervical cancer. Please see a qualified doctor and abide by the instructions you are given. Its not the end of the world

    2. In other words you didn’t get it because you’re a bad girl. Tell your parents if you wish but taking the drugs is enough for now. Keep your immune system strong by eating as well as possible.

    3. Anon 14:56 did she say in her write up that she didn't get it through sex or kissing or sucking?

    4. omeh it is not as deadly as u are describing it. her system will fight it out with time

    5. I think you are confusing this with the herpes virus. genital warts are sti in adults unless proven otherwise. apart from the unsightly warts,the strain for the warts is not dangerous.

      The cervical cancer strain is another thing entirely. luckily for us,it takes a long time to cause cancer. you are 21,not likely to have started transforming cells. do your pap smear...and follow your drs advice. Cheers

  16. The BV whose friend is dating a Yoruba guy, pls tell your friend to tell her boyfriend to give her an orientation on his family and stop acting like mute unless he has no plans of marrying her.

  17. To tell you the truth, "girl to the yoruba boyfriend". It's only a lady from a Yoruba home who was brought up with such mannerisms that can honestly date or marry a yoruba man without being stressed. I am yoruba and I was brought up by my parents same way they were brought up by their own parent to kneel and prostrate.
    My mum even told me to stop recently that I shouldn't bother when she came to visit and I knelt for her at the gate. But I refused because to me it's not a chore and I love paying her homage and I won't stop till she us old and feeble. You didn't specify if the person you called his name is your boyfriend's elder or younger brother. If elderthen you have made a mistake because even your boyfriend, I am sure wouldn't have tried that with his own brother. My elder brother is just two years older but I dare not call him by his name.
    If you can't adjust please don't marry into that family else you will be really stressed since you are not used to the customs. Marry from your side.

    1. Lol! Na wa for all these customs and cultures. However I don't think the boyfriend's mother or brother would have expected the girl to do all that if she was white. Talk about double standards. To the poster it is either you adjust or get out of that relationship now. A war against culture and traditions cannot be easily won especially now that your guy has lost his voice. Ire o!

    2. 15:46 Abi na!! Na real nawa since it is not your culture and custom. Same way it looks weird to you, is the same way yours looks weird to others. Who doesn't have one thing or the other in their culture that they are known for? It will shock you to know that even the so called abroad people have their own culture. Tell me, all over the world who doesn't have?.

      In Japan when greeting superior or someone older than you, you give a deeper and longer bow with your head almost touching your feet compare to when you greet your friends with a hand shake or slight bow. In turkey you don't address someone older than you same when you address your mate. They have a different language for it. Just like yoruba use "o" for someone younger and "e" for someone older. They use "sin" and "sen". In the middle east you don't use your left hand to take something from someone older than you.In America, standing with hands on the hips before a superior may suggest power or pride, but in Argentina, it may suggest anger or a challenge.

      Cultural differences are everywhere,So no need mocking other's culture...She should leave the relationship if she isn't okay with it instead of trying to paint their culture bad with her pretend cluelessness. I say Pretend cluelessness, because who doesn't know yoruba people value respect an their way..respect it or change lane.

    3. How can you marry someone that is defending you. that is not teaching you the culture of his people knowing fully well that you don't know it. Don't walk into fire oh.

  18. Those wigs look really nice. Are they virgin hair?

    1. Is that how much your friends buy their virgin hair? Cos you obviously don't know anything about virgin hair for you to ask such a question. Go and ask your friends how much virgin hair is being sold

    2. 15:56, take am easy na πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. Anon 15:56, there's no shame in being mentally unstable. The world is evolving, seek help and get medication that works. You'll be fine.
      Sending e-hugs your way.

    4. Anon otiyawere πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Bathory, you can google the price. No need to ask your friends 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  19. Who is that Mummytwins, i take God beg you, choose another blog name stop impersonating me.I don't beg on social media and will never as the lord liveth.

    1. Make your blog Id official by getting a Google Id.
      This one is a fake blog Id, anyone can copy it

  20. @comment section, your friend should know that culture and family background differs. How a family treat a wife will be different from how others will, irrespective of the tribe.

    I call my fiancΓ©'s younger ones by their first names( even in the presence of their parents) and nobody has challenged me so far. That doesn't mean that I don't respect them. I kneel to greet my MIL and FIL if I'm seeing them for the first time after a long period of time. Butc I just bend my head or genuflects slightly for consequent greetings. I see no big deal in it cos that's how I greet my own parents & grandmum too. What I don't know about nor do is serving them on my knees.

    Your friend should have a talk with her guy. He should know how to handle the situation. If she wants to marry him, she doesn't have a choice but to embrace how her future in-laws embrace the Yoruba culture. If she can't cope, it's better she let go.

    @Teejay, you are right! Good luck to the sellers.

    1. Hmn, my dear sister, this genuflecting for subsequent greetings is seen as an insult by my hubby and his family o. Especially the father. If you like see them everyday you must kneel with both knees, I'm damn tired! And I'm Yoruba o but my parents don't make an issue outta it. Just bend your knees a bit, prolly cos they're educated. My PIL aren't and I'm guessing the poster's friend's MIL isn't either. To them its a big ish o. If she knows she won't be able to do so, now is the time to quit cos its not gonna get better.

  21. Spontaneous writer, I'm exactly like you, down to the "no smiling face". You're an empath. We're the natural born "healers" of the world, I believe. However, you have to know that you cannot heal everybody and learn how to protect yourself so you're not constantly burned out by other people's emotions/energies/auras. If you don't do this you'd keep finding yourself at odds with the people in your life. You'd find a lot of material about this on Google.

  22. The spontaneous writer are u a cancer? I mean the "zodiac."

  23. Kids have not spent even one week out of their 6weeks holiday and I am tired of shouting already.God help me.

    1. Heaven help us o! I am patiently waiting for the summer school to start. My LO gets cranky if he doesn't go out or go to school. So summer school to the rescue!

  24. Haaa those hairs make sense oohh!!

  25. Alternative Facts30 July 2019 at 14:26

    That friend that’s dating a Yoruba guy. It’s her boyfriend’s responsibility to educate her on their culture and how to relate with his people. I suggest she gets have a talk with her boyfriend about it.

  26. For the person that wants to know how to make ur dstv now work outside Nigeria. You need to tweak ur WiFi settings.

    Pls send mail so I can give u the details I worked with

    1. Hi Eka joy, I need this too. I need DSTV now to work but your email isnt enabled on your profile. Help a sister out biko

  27. Thanks StellzπŸ’•πŸ’•

    Teejay you are correct.
    I know of a friend who was terribly sick, the family took him to a white garment church instead of hospital.

    They tied him to tree while flogging him morning and evening to cure him of the sickness.
    It got to a point when he talks to himself and laugh aloud at noon.
    His friends couldn't take it anymore, they raised fund and took him to a specialist hospital.
    He is better now.

  28. I think the 'C' word she is afraid of is Cancer..I also think she needs to talk to a trusted adult

  29. Please can anyone mention a really nice place I can do my nails in Abuja?
    I just tire for all this kwaja kwaja places offering rubbish and charging exorbitant rates.

  30. this kind rain for Benin, me I no understand. for 3 days back to back non stop

    1. As in... the thing tire person Chike

  31. Cancer of the gini ka a ga-akpozi this one? Hah

  32. For the lady dating a yoruba guy, why do ya'all keep starting what you cannot finish? These people are known for taking the respect thing very very seriouly! Why start at all? For the lady with vaginal ish plz doctors in the house and those with useful info plz reach out to her. She sounds so scared. Praying for u sis. Hope everyone else is having a good day.The sun came out a bit today.

  33. I'm Yoruba married to a Yoruba man, I call my hubby's younger brother by his name no brother or anything, the mother frown at it but I no send, I told her, the guy is like a younger brother to me , I'm older with 5 years, I can't bro him, waiting for the wife to give birth by God's grace,so I can use their kids names to call him, but for now both him and his wife na name, and they call me aunty, I no be their mate

    1. As long as it's not the elder brother it's fine. The poster didn't specify which brother it was

    2. My hubby's younger bro calls me by my name and I'm cool with it. I'm older than him. I call the elder sis by her name and nobody Don die.
      Yoruba people own too much

    3. @swag lafresh,igbos have been known to not have respect for people nd its fine but saying yoruba people own too much dont make u a better person..traditions differ in different places,how the poster related it may not have been how the scenerio played out and notwithstanding,if she cant cope then she should leave but dont come here and try to belittle some people because of yheir traditions..Look around nd read also,different countries have their culture,nd they cherish it..U dont have to say its too much

  34. This is to say a big THANK YOU to Stella for the 1 GB data received.

    God bless you real good.

    Thank you Beloved as well for a job well done.


  35. @Why Am I the way I am Poster,

    Such things that affect you that way means you have a calling in that direction, To be a solution to those people.

    Please go to God in prayers and ask HIM to direct you in the path He wants you to take to fulfill HIS mandate.


  36. Since sch. Close,i just de feel very bored.

  37. Poster with a friend who has Yoruba in-laws to be
    Pls tell your friend to leave that guy.
    If he cannot talk now, is it after marriage that he will talk? His wife will see fire in that marriage. That is how he will keep quiet and let his family members to trample on her. Pls any man that cannot be a man and put a balance between his woman and his people is not man enough to marry.
    At least, he should tell them to bear with her that she is still learning. He should scold his brother for dropping the call on her. He should treat her with respect whenever his people are around her and always defend her when they complain.

    I shared some of my experiences here on how my husband was always standing up for me in their family house as I am not Yoruba too. At a point, they said I am controlling him, they said he allowed his wife to 'see them finish'.
    He doesn't give room for anyone, even his mum to treat me anyhow. He taught me to bend my knees and greet his parents, also told me to look for pet names to call his younger siblings but I willingly called them 'aunty' and 'brother'. Reason being that I also understand Yoruba and we all speak it. That does not give them right to talk to me anyhow, they feared my husband because they know he doesn't joke with me.
    His mum once said I don't run to meet his dad halfway when he is coming back home and greet him and collect his bag, as ridiculous as it sounded, my husband did not pick offence, he casually told her that I am not Yoruba and that I should even be praised for adapting to some of their cultural practices, that he has always told them to take me as I am cos he saw me and chose me with all my flaws, they should do same.
    So pls talk to your friend. Let her make hay while the sun shines

  38. In house is here, 😘😘 just came to mark register πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. If only you could send me some of your tasty dishes right now

  39. Poster that cries for other people, I am like you. I will be inside bus and see beggars with newborn babies in the hot sun and I will hide my face as the tears will just be flowing. I will see a nursing mum or pregnant woman around me suffering and I will start giving them food. If I hear that accident happened anywhere I will run very far from the place if not, I will be crying for days as images of the injuries and blood will keep flashing in my head. My child will be sick and I will be crying with him or her. The one that people even said I should stop is giving hungry children food. They said its dangerous but me I am still doing it.
    There is this old woman that sells corn on our street. There is a little girl With her like 6 or 7yrs old probably her grandchild. The girl looks very thin and malnourished, she will sit beside the road there and be crying, the mama will give her one small corn. I normally have tears in my eyes when I see this. Now I am planning to go talk to the woman to allow her girl come to me and collect food every morning.

    1. In as much as you have good intentions for the little girl.i believe u can give d grandma little money from time to time hoping she will use it to get food for d girl.bcos of our society now so that ur good deeds will not backfire if any negative thing happens to the little girl.

  40. Hello BV's
    Please who can kindly link me up with the contact of the guy who makes shirts. Saved his advert from one of IHN but can't find it anymore. Thank you

    1. Google it with the key words like shirtmaker, and add in house news on stella dimoko korkus blog to it

  41. Thanks Stella and blog pa. I got the data. God bless you.

  42. Poster whose friend is dating a Yoruba guy that is always keeping quiet, I doubt that family will be friendly and kind if she eventually marry that guy.

  43. The lady with HPV issue.insert garlic into your vagina,if possible put it on the wart,always change the garlic i mean everyday. within a week the wart will disappear. Trust me it works but keep away from unprotected sex

  44. BV that has boil on the vagina. Please go for pap smear immediately at a gynaecology unit and a good hospital that knows what they are doing preferably government hospital, so that you can be treated of HPV. It is very dangerous and is got through sex. Men are the carriers, but it doesn't affect them. It only affects women and when it stays in the vagina for some time, it leads to cervical cancer. I pray it has not lead to it and may God heal you fast.

  45. The BV that has boil on her vagina can read this up and I copied it from the Facebook group page AsktheGynaecologist.
    ♨️Pls Dr., is there any cure for genital warts and what's the cause?

    #atgwarts #GENITAL WART

    Case Presentation by Dr Chudi Godsons

    What drugs can effectively eradicate and cure genital wart?


    First off. Genital wart can only be managed, it is not curable! !

    ♧♧The primary reason for treating genital warts is the amelioration ( make better) of symptoms (including relieving cosmetic concerns) and ultimately, removal of the warts. ( Removal of the growth itself)

    ♧♧ Study showed that in most patients, treatment can induce wart-free periods . However if left untreated, visible genital warts can resolve on their own, remain unchanged, or increase in size or number.

    ♧♧Available therapies for genital warts likely reduce, but probably do not eradicate, HPV infectivity.

    ♧♧Whether the reduction in HPV viral load resulting from treatment reduces future transmission remains unclear. ( We do not know yet )

    ♧♧ The good news is , currently no, evidence indicates that the presence of genital warts or their treatment is associated with the development of cervical cancer.

    ♧♧Treatment of genital warts should be guided by the preference of the patient, available resources, and the experience of the health-care provider.

    ♧♧ No definitive evidence suggests that any of the available treatments are superior to any other, and no single treatment is ideal for all patients or all warts.

    ♧♧ Factors that influence selection of treatment include :

    1. Wart size,

    2. Wart number,

    3. Anatomic site of the wart ( where it is located)

    4. Wart morphology ( how the wart looks)

    5. Patient preference

    6. Cost of treatment,
    7.Convenience, adverse effects, and provider experience

    Thank you.





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