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Monday, July 15, 2019

Wordless Post


  1. Rant of a looting ant

  2. Talk is cheep. Why can't you returned Nigeria to community policing during your reign? You have suddenly become an emergency activist. Anyway, we are in it together.

    1. Yes talk is cheep

      Atiku it is cheep

      Why can't you returned Nigeria to community policing..

      *Grabing my boobs and hitting my chest*

      I don die for this blog today Stella but why is talk

    2. Anon 16.10, please shut that hole in your face up! Close it!
      When he was the vice president were there such wanton killings?
      Was the spate of killings this high?
      Was there no rule of law?
      Were there this much people above the law?
      Please, if you were too young to know what the country was like at that time, ask those who were already grown to school you...

    3. During Obasanjo regime, the OPC became deadly and uncontrollable and had factions, distabilizing the peace of all south-west region. I remember that Obasanjo ordered the police force and army to shoot anybody parading himself as OPC member at sight and even declared Gani Adams wanted without minding that this OpC were from his region. So I think Buhari should do the same thing to save himself from being accused of supporting this onslaught by his tribemen.

  3. How many citizens of Adamawa has he taken decisive efforts to protect their lives?


  4. God will help us. The people we've voted for can't.

  5. The devil I know is better than the angel I am yet to see. Mr President, please continue ruling this great nation.

  6. At age 10 around 9pm I trekked from igbosere Tru Catholic mission street down to the general hospital near the.i was alone n wasn't scared there were street lights. No cases of kidnapping or ritualist then

  7. Let it rain while it last, as the bronzed feet will soon emerge.

  8. This guys are just stupid to think we still mumu ooooo.. APC+PDP+EFCC+DSS= SAMEOLDSTORY

  9. You Nigerians can be your own worst enemies sometimes.
    Atiku hasn't said one wrong thing but because he's Atiku you criticize it. Even if you think he's just talking to make himself look good, why not jump on and increase the volume of his loud voice?

    Nigerians are being killed daily in all parts of the country but justice is only dished by tribe & religion of perpetrators.

    Imagine, the Nigerian what the Nigerian government has said in an effort to let Fulani murderers go scot free for raping and killing Nigerians:
    1. They're not Nigerians, their nomadic people from Niger crossing the border. (A foreigner coming into your country and killing your citizens en masse is an act of war and the army should be involved are army officers deployed to catch these "foreigners"? No. Instead they deployed to SE Nigeria for python dancing and Kaduna to kill Shiites.
    2. These herdsmen are our brothers and we should accommodate them. Never mind that it contradicts the statement that they're foreigners but what message does it send? When the herdsman kills his cow, does government tell them to give away the meat for free to accomodate their own brothers?

    If Fulani herdsmen/murderers were a band of Yoruba, Igbo, Tiv, Esan, Ijaw doing the same thing would this government's reaction be the same?

    And what has Buhari's policy to ignore the criminality of his tribesmen caused? Widespread insecurity in ALL regions of Nigeria. Kidnapping is allover the North, imagine "aboki" kidnappers? Who could have imagined it would get to this? Then the rising poverty and the number of children out of school. All of this is a recipe for disaster.

    I suggest Nigerians start sitting up a d adding their voices to those who speak out, no matter if their agenda is self serving. Talk until it entera international media because that's rhe only time Buhari does something.

    If you or your loved ones are in Nigeria, you're not safe or immune.


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