Stella Dimoko Actor Somadina Adinma Says Alleged EX Regina Daniels Is Just His Close Friend And She Did Not Dump Him To Marry Ned Nwoko


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Saturday, August 03, 2019

Actor Somadina Adinma Says Alleged EX Regina Daniels Is Just His Close Friend And She Did Not Dump Him To Marry Ned Nwoko

Sweet looking Nollywood actor Somadina Adinma scatters the table in this interview and says that people should learn to mind their business and keep their opinion to themselves when it concerns other peoples private lives........

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Somadina Adinma. I am from Anambra State. I am the last child of my family. My dad is late and I have just my mom and a sibling.

What’s it like combining education and acting?

It was very hard. I studied Theatre Arts and Film, so combining acting and schooling was very tough. I wasn’t getting jobs frequently and it was after my graduation that I started getting roles.

What kind of student were you in school?

Of course, I was like every other student. The only difference was that they treated me a bit special. But then, in Theatre Arts, everybody was a star. They knew I was an actor but everybody in my department was a star, including the lecturers.

What was your motivation?

The love of the craft was my motivation. This was something I started as a child. Then, it was like a plaything. But it started making sense for me to want to study Theatre Arts and Film in the university.

Did life as a kid actor rob you of your childhood?

No, it didn’t. Life as a kid actor didn’t take anything away from me. I had time to play with every other child in school and at any other places.

How were you discovered as a kid actor?

There was this day I came out into my street and I met some people filming. It was actually Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki and Paw Paw) doing the filming. So, I walked up to one of the cast, he was an actor too, and said I wanted to be like these ‘kids’. He looked at me and smiled. He said ‘those are not kids, they are adults, but if you are really sure you want to act, I can meet your parents to get the go ahead’. 

They eventually came, but they wanted to take my brother instead of me. And I was like ‘who does that?’ Then I was very small, I was like seven or eight years old. But the edge I had over others was that I could read and understand the words, and they had to tell other kids to say ‘this and that’ before they could say so. That was how it started for me. I think my first movie was actually a scene, the tittle was ‘Charge and Bail’, and I did it with Osita Iheme.

Which movie brought you back into the spotlight?

I did two movies ‘Love and Oil’ directed by Ifeogwu. It starred acts like Yul Edochie, Nuella Njubuigbo and so many others. The second was ‘Miss Teacher’, a Chika Ike’s movie, which was about child’s right. I was one of the main characters in the movie, and then ‘Mr China’s, ‘Eliza the Village Lover’ and others. Those were the movies that people saw and started calling me for jobs again.

Now that you are back, has it been easy for you?

It wasn’t easy to stage a comeback. But now that I am back as an adult actor and a graduate, I think it will be easier.

Which is your most favourite movie?

Wow, do I have a favourite movie? I think all of them are cool, but the movies that took me everywhere was the ones I did with Regina (Daniels). I think that’s ‘the woman I love’.

What was the chemistry like between you and Regina?

We met at a location, we were both young and we bonded. We were meant to be friends and when you are cool with the characters on set, interpretation of the story becomes normal. So, it just happened. It’s like when Genevieve (Nnaji) and Ramsey (Nouah) were doing their thing. Yeah, we were able to connect.

Looking at the whole scenario, would you say meeting Regina Daniels added a kind of vibe to your career?

Yes, it did. But I was the vibe before I met her. Then, she added more vibe and that’s it. After the movies, we became friends, colleagues and close friends.

What do you have to say about the reports that she dumped you for another man and you became angry?

No, no, no, I got angry because people were coming to say stuff they didn’t know anything about. They were trolling me. All I know is that people need to mind their business. It’s not everything you inquire about. At times, people should just be like ‘this is none of my business, let me just allow this slide’. Regina and I were very close friends. She didn’t dump me for anybody. Nobody dumped anybody. Nobody is feeling bad about anything.

What’s your take on her marriage to Ned Nwoko?

I don’t have a take on someone’s personal life. Whatever anyone has chosen to do with his or her life, that’s his or her personal life. My opinion is not even needed. My stand won’t change anything.

Many people thought that though you felt sad, you’ve moved on

But why should people feel like that. When you are not ready to marry, would you tell the other person not to marry because you are not ready? That’s wickedness. Even when you are ready, you may decide not to marry the person. I am not saying that’s the case, but Regina and I were close friends.

So, you didn’t feel bad about the whole thing?

No, not at all.

Are you in a relationship now?

Yes, I have always been in a relationship.

Who’s the lucky girl?

My mom, my brother, my friends; all these people love me and I love them too. Is that not enough?

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  1. I never believed they were dated. I personally think Ned is her first.

    I didn’t read this interview. Where is the strength?😩

    1. 1st ke!..Regina the pimp!

    2. You are right; she never dated Somadina but Pa Ned is not her first! He might be her first romantic relationship but as for runs, she's a master of the art!

    3. Then you know nothing about Regina. She's a pimp for her age group in Asaba, baby chic is wild for days worse being that her wild mom introduced her to the act

    4. I think he is also her first with the way he is showering her all the goodies

    5. He isn't her first Iphie

  2. God bless you fine boy. It's wickedness to tell someone not to marry when you are not ready.

    If am you though, I will use this opportunity to get enough money and connection from Regina

  3. love the way he answered straight to the point not beating about the bush..interviewers can sqeeze talk out of one's mouth sha

  4. OK they were friends with benefits

  5. Even if she dumb you what is there? Na private jet you no get, you no kill person


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