Stella Dimoko Iya Ibeji Series - The Wedding Programme...


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Saturday, August 03, 2019

Iya Ibeji Series - The Wedding Programme...

Sometimes if you look well at weddings and ignore monitoring the trays of hot Jollof rice being served,you might see so many strange/crazy things....

For me it was a wedding program, yes a wedding program with just the bride's picture alone.

I attended a wedding some months ago, I missed the church service so I went straight to the reception. On my table I overheard lots of murmurings and got irritated cos I thought I was seated amongst gossips.

While waiting for the couple to arrive I picked up the wedding program,and was shocked.... this program had just the face of the bride maybe it's ...... I looked at it very well, it was the wedding program. Why in the world would they print a weddng programme like that? I immediately understood the murmurings as almost everyone in the hall was talking about the program.

After the wedding I visited the couple and when I had time alone with the bride I expressed my shock at their wedding program.

IYA BEJI: Babe you fall hand, why will you do such a wedding program? If you and your husband couldn't agree on a picture to use why not forget about using one? Or use pictures of rings, why give people the opportunity to start gossipping about you on your wedding day. Babe come and see side talk.

FRIEND;(To my surprise she started weeping) Iya Beji since the day I saw the program I have been crying. I asked my husband if he was ashamed of me? Why make it look llike I am getting married to myself. 

(The husband was in charge of printing the program)

I heard all the gossip, see how people turned the whole thing on my head. They said I put only my own picture there because I was the one paying for the wedding. (It's a known fact that she is richer than her husband). Wetin I no hear? But I leave all to God.

IYA BEJI: But since you saw it before the wedding day you shouldn't have used it.

FRIEND: When my pastor saw it he told us he won't allow us to use it that we should print another one, my husband started begging that it was an honest mistake and there was no money to print another one.
This marriage has been a mistake, I wanted to get married so bad I ignored a lot of things.

My friend is almost 50 years old and felt she was lucky to have gotten married at that age but in just a few months,things have fallen apart.....


  1. The husband is a bad person, he should have just printed the program without pictures instead he made the woman look bad.

  2. Sad, it's not easy but we should try not to ignore red flags. I suspect the man may already have a a family somewhere and is trying to keep things quiet.

  3. Its obvious the Man is not proud of her and he is actually getting married to her probably because she is rich.

  4. How possible could this be? Sounds so strange as I am just reading this for the first time.

  5. When the broke nigga won't be submissive.

    1. Lolllzzz you Cray.. it is true if your wife is the bread winner then you should be 'submissive' but will the men ever agree?!

  6. Not nice of the husband.

    My church doesn't even allow pictures on wedding programme.

    1. I didn't even ask why. I had no plans to put picture in mine that was why I didn't bother to ask

    2. Same church said no pictures

  7. Hmmm. This wedding of a thing and it's planning is draining. My paternal grandma called me ysday morning around 7 and started praying for my wedding coming up in two weeks time.

    She then later told me that she wants to come but doesn't have a means again since she's in her early 90s. She later requested I give d phone to my mum. Mum said she can't talk to dad about it since they're divorced and she expected dad to make that arrangement. She told grandma that his daughter "I" will talk to my dad. Grandma said she also told dad and since he said he doesn't have a car anymore and mama can't enter public transport again cos of old age.

    The issue is mama was the first person dad informed about the occasion and dad wants her to be there. Dad used to be rich with cars cos he had once financed three weddings of his younger ones and spear headed mamas past birthday parties. But things are tight for him now as he is just picking up after years of joblessness.

    So I think dad is expecting his siblings to fall in for him by sending car to the village (as they always do if they want to bring her to cities from the village) but I don't know why all of them are coming up with excuses.

    I called dad immediately mama dropped the call and he said that I should not come into the matter and that it is not my business as to how he will bring his mother. He told me to not bother cos the event will go as planned. I was shocked oh and I told him that mama was the one that called me herself. Mum called her elder SIL and she said that mama should stay since no one wants to bear the cost of bringing her and returning her. These people have money oh and cars sef. Mum later called uncle and he said he will see what he can do about it. Mum has been making snide remarks that since my papa no be better person so that's why his siblings are not pitying him. But I told her that I have seen my papa give these people money and supported their events in the past.

    I don't want to be caught in the middle of family rivals,blad blood, hatred and competition. That is why I face my hustle and I don't go about begging rich uncles and aunts for money and favours

    1. 13:28 your last paragraph is the truth

  8. Then they shouldn't have shared the programme booklet. Let only the pastor and the M.C hold the booklet.

  9. the husband was trying to avoid people saying she obviously looks older than him from the pictures. That means he won't also be able to walk with her or go out together. Why then did he accept to marry her

  10. I did not read about a marriage there o
    I read about a wedding of two separate adults
    that do not want to be "one" but co-living adults
    All these "my money, his money...richer than him..."
    they are not married, they are not one. The woman
    just out of desperation got entangled in a mess.
    That dude has a wicked agenda up his sleeves.

  11. That man is simply wicked!!!!!!

  12. I'm noticing that this is becoming a pattern for many women getting married from their 30s and above. It's like they end up making the same mistakes we expect they'll avoid as they are older because we expect they'll be wiser but it doesn't seem to be the case. Women should start learning to be comfortable being alone.

    1. Loneliness
      Manipulative gold diggers

      Several reasons why
      May GOD help His Children


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